CoolSculpting vs Cryolipolysis

CoolSculpting vs Cryolipolysis: Fat Freezing Treatments Explained

If you’ve heard about the benefits of fat freezing treatments, you’ve probably wondered what the difference between CoolSculpting vs cryolipolysis is. Cryolipolysis is the scientific term for fat freezing techniques that have been popularised under the brand names such as CoolSculpting and CoolLipo. Fat freezing procedures are ideal for ‘stubborn’ areas of fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Because of this, the treatment has a high success and satisfaction rate.

What is CoolSculpting vs Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a fat freezing procedure performed to eliminate subcutaneous fat cells (adipocytes). Your body stores different types of fat that perform different functions. Subcutaneous fat is the fat that sits below your skin. Cryolipolysis is a gradual process of eliminating this layer of fat that takes place over two to four months after your treatment.

The word ‘lipolysis’ refers to breaking down fats and other lipids, through a process of hydrolysis. ‘Cryo’ is the use of cold temperatures to achieve this breakdown. While there are a number of non-invasive fat reduction treatments available commercially, cryolipolysis has been in use for the longest period of time and is supported by a well-documented body of research, including a number of clinical trials

What Happens When You ‘lose Weight’?

Typically when you lose or gain weight through diet and exercise, your fat cells shrink or enlarge – and contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually lose the fat. When you ‘lose weight’, you are simply burning through the fat inside the fat cell, which makes it smaller.

What makes cryolipolysis treatments like CoolSculpting and CoolLipo different is that they eliminate fat cells by killing them off. Some sources call this dissolving or crystallising the fat. It’s a selective and controlled procedure for fat loss, that enables you to target those areas that are typically considered unresponsive to other fat-loss efforts. Currently, the only alternative for fat removal is liposuction, which is a surgical procedure, and which carries a number of risks, complications, and potential side effects.

How Does CoolSculpting and Cryolipolysis Work?

Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures than other body cells. Cold temperatures cause injuries to the fat cells, which causes an inflammatory response, killing the fat cells. Macrophages (which are types of white blood cells that are part of your immune system), work to eliminate the dead cells from your body. This makes treatments like CoolLipo and Coolsculpting effective and permanent methods to lose fat.

Even if you exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet, if you can’t reduce the layer of fat that covers your muscles, you may never see them – and you may not feel satisfied with your body sculpting efforts. Believe it or not, a fat cell is an endocrine organ, which means it secretes hormones as well as other molecules that impact your other tissues.

Essentially, as endocrine organs, fat cells synthesise biologically active compounds to maintain weight loss homeostasis. That means, it can become increasingly difficult to reduce fat through diet and exercise routines, leading to what is commonly referred to as a ‘plateau’ and you may not feel (or look) as though you are making progress. The longer you have had a certain percentage of adipose fat, the more your body considers this to be ‘normal’ and wants to maintain it.

What Areas Of The Body Can Coolsculpting vs Cryolipolysis Target?

Treatments like CoolLipo and CoolSculpting are approved for fat reduction in

  • The abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Chin
  • Upper arms
  • Upper and lower back
  • The area below the buttocks

Who Is CoolSculpting vs Cryolipolysis Best Suited To?

Cryolipolysis treatments like CoolSculpting and CoolLipo are ideal for clients who are close to their ideal weight or a few kilograms overweight. Not to be confused with weight loss, the fat reduction results you can expect from a CoolSculpting or CoolLipo treatment may not translate into a difference in kilos on your bathroom scale. What you can expect is a visible reduction of fat deposits and, if you’ve continued to exercise, a more sculpted and defined physique. 

What Kind Of Fat Loss Results Can You Expect?

On average, studies show clients experience a fat reduction of between 15 and 28% four months post-treatment but you may notice results as early as three weeks post-treatment. On average, our clients enjoy a fat loss of around 20%. Of course, it’s worth remembering that everyone is different and individual results vary. This is one of the reasons we recommend a pre-treatment consultation, to help you manage your expectations.

What To Expect During A Fat Freezing Procedure

Each session is approximately 60 minutes long. The procedure is performed while you are awake and it doesn’t require any anaesthesia or sedation. We find that our clients tolerate the procedure surprisingly well. 

  1. First, the area you want to treat will be marked and a protective pad is placed over your skin. The treatment area is suctioned into an opening in the device.
  2. You may feel light pressure as the device applies suction. It takes approximately five to 10 minutes for the cold to gradually numb the treatment area. During this time you might feel sensations like aching, tingling, or contractions but once your skin goes numb, you should not feel any sensation. 
  3. At the end of your session, your specialist physician may massage your skin for two to three minutes, which helps to accelerate the break-down of the fat cells.

What To Expect After A CoolSculpting or CoolLipo Treatment

Everyone reacts differently to the inflammatory response that fat-freezing procedures causes. Some clients report temporary after-effects following a cryolipolysis treatment:

  • Redness (this may occur immediately after your treatment but should resolve within a few minutes)
  • Mild swelling or bruising
  • Itchiness
  • Tingly sensations

These side effects are generally mild and will resolve as you return to your day-to-day routine.

What Are The Benefits Of CoolSculpting vs Crolipolysis For Fat Loss?

  • There is no surgery so there is no infection risk
  • There’s no downtime and no recovery period so you can continue to exercise afterwards
  • No serious side effects have been reported
  • No anaesthesia is required
  • You can target more than one area in a single treatment session
  • Fat freezing has a very high client satisfaction rate
  • It is suitable for all ages
  • The procedure doesn’t damage your skin, muscles, or blood vessels
  • The results are long-lasting
  • When compared to liposuction, CoolLipo doesn’t cause any textural irregularities like lumps and bumps under your skin. 

Preparing For Your Cryolipolysis Treatment

Book a complimentary pre-treatment consultation so you can make sure you are an ideal candidate for fat freezing, and that your expectations will be met.

We recommend taking some photos of the body areas you would like to target, so you can compare your fat loss results post-treatment.

FAQs About CoolSculpting vs Cryolipolysis

Will it work for me?

If you lead a relatively healthy lifestyle and follow a wholesome diet with regular exercise, and would like to reduce localised fat deposits in ‘stubborn’ areas, fat-freezing treatments like CoolLipo and CoolSculpting are likely to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

How do I know if it is safe?

Fat-freezing procedures like CoolLipo do not cause any damage to your skin, blood vessels, or tissues. CoolSculpting was FDA-approved in 2009 and has been used safely with high client satisfaction rates ever since.

How long will the results last?

Unless you gain a substantial amount of weight and drastically change your lifestyle, the results of cryolipolysis are pretty permanent. According to clinical studies, six to nine years is a good estimate.

How many treatments will I need?

This is highly dependent on your starting point and the number of body areas you want to target. When you consult with one of our specialist physicians, you will be given a customised treatment plan so you know exactly what to expect.

Are you ready to find out more about the benefits of Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing for fat loss? Please contact us so we can schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our friendly clinicians at one of our 4 locations: Sydney City, Bondi Junction, Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

PRP vs. PRF for Hair Loss

PRP vs. PRF: Which is Better for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common issue that affects millions of people around the world. There are many different treatments available to help with hair loss, including PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) treatments. In this article, we will compare these two treatments to help you decide which one may be right for you.

What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a treatment that uses the patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth. To create the PRP, a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a centrifuge, which separates the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma, which is rich in platelets and growth factors, is then injected into the scalp. The growth factors in the plasma help to stimulate the hair follicles, leading to increased hair growth.

What is PRF?

PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, is similar to PRP but is created using a different process. Instead of separating the plasma from the red blood cells, the whole blood is placed in a special tube that is spun in a centrifuge. This process creates a gel-like substance that contains both plasma and fibrin, which is then injected into the scalp. The fibrin helps to create a scaffold that supports the growth of new cells, including hair follicles.


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How do PRP and PRF compare?

There are several key differences between PRP and PRF treatments for hair loss. One of the main differences is the way the treatments are created. As mentioned above, PRP is created by separating the plasma from the red blood cells, while PRF is created using the whole blood.

Another difference is the concentration of platelets in the treatments. Because PRP is created using only the plasma, it has a higher concentration of platelets than PRF. This means that PRP may be more effective at stimulating hair growth than PRF.

However, PRF has the added benefit of containing fibrin, which provides a scaffold for new cell growth. This may make PRF more effective at supporting the growth of new hair follicles.

Which treatment is right for me?

Deciding which treatment is right for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a treatment that has a high concentration of platelets and is effective at stimulating hair growth, PRP may be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for a treatment that also provides support for new cell growth, PRF may be a better option.

It’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before starting any treatment for hair loss. They can help you determine which treatment is best for you and provide guidance on how to get the most out of your chosen treatment.

What do the clinical studies show?

Several clinical studies have shown that PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is effective in promoting hair growth in people with androgenetic alopecia (AGA), also known as male or female pattern hair loss. These studies have generally found that PRP treatments result in an increase in hair density and thickness, as well as a decrease in hair loss. 

PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) has also been studied for its potential use in the treatment of hair loss, but there is much less evidence available on its effectiveness. One small study found that PRF injections may be effective in promoting hair growth in people with AGA, but the results were not statistically significant and more research is needed to confirm these findings.

At Advanced Dermatology, we have a long history of providing plasma hair restoration treatments to patients in Australia. With over 17 years of experience and over 67,000 treatments performed, we are a leading provider of this innovative technique. Our team of qualified registered nurses is dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality care in a medical facility setting. We are proud to have established ourselves as one of the most experienced and trusted clinics in the field of plasma hair restoration.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, PRP and PRF are both effective treatments for hair loss. PRP has a higher concentration of platelets and is effective at stimulating hair growth, while PRF contains fibrin, which provides support for new cell growth. Which treatment is right for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. It’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before starting any treatment for hair loss.

Your healthcare provider will be able to advise on the best treatment plan for you, as well as any potential side effects and possible outcomes. They can also provide personalized advice on how to get the most out of your chosen treatment and support you throughout the process.

Discover how treatments like PRP or PRF can help you to stop hair loss, speak to one of our specialist clinicians about your treatment options. Please contact us on 1300 788 800 or book in for a free consultation at our Sydney, Bondi, Brisbane or Gold Coast clinic.


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PRF Treatment for Hair

Everyone wants healthy hair. However, due to several reasons, such as genetics, ageing and stress, healthy hair might seem far-fetched. A bad hair day can have you feeling insecure for the entire day. Now, what do we say about a bad hair year? 

Hair thinning, hair falling out, receding hairlines that have you dreading front-faced selfies. No matter how you style it and the type of hair products you stuff up, it does not grow out right. You don’t have to “wig it” to win it for the rest of your life. You might not know it, but there are helpful and effective procedures to get that hair in control and right back in shape!

In the rest of this article, we will explore the PRF treatment for Hair Loss, its meaning, how it works, its effectiveness, and common question about the procedure. 

What is PRF Treatment for Hair?

PRF for Hair Loss is a revolutionary hair restoration procedure that has been gaining popularity among women and men alike. PRF stands for platelet-rich fibrin, a biomaterial that is extracted from the patient’s own blood. This material is then injected into the scalp, where it helps to stimulate hair growth via wound healing technology. 

It utilises cell growth factors to restore and treat hair loss, focusing much on tissue regeneration and healing. Not only does PRF prevent hair loss and aid the hair growth process, but it also prevents hair thinning, giving new, thicker, healthier hair.

How Does PRF Treatment for Hair Loss Work?

Although PRF Treatment for Hair is a non-surgical procedure, it involves drawing blood. Blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a centrifuge. It is drawn in the same way and from the same places as one would for a regular blood test. Once the blood has been drawn and placed into a centrifuge, a separation takes place. 

Here the blood is separated, and the needed sections are drawn out as serum. While this separation is going on, the patient’s scalp is prepared for the procedure. 

What Makes It a Different Hair Treatment Option? 

The separation process of platelet-rich fibrin has been proven to be effective in delivering enhanced healing and regenerating effects. It involves spinning the sample at a low speed, which prevents distinct separation. The resultant serum, rich in platelets and white blood cells, is then extracted from the top layer.

Research has shown that this combination of platelet-rich cells and concentrated white blood cells is more beneficial for healing and regeneration when compared to other non-surgical hair regrowth treatments such as Laser Therapy or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

Is The Preparation Process Painful?

PRF for hair loss is a painless procedure, and intentionally so. The patient’s scalp is prepared for the procedure while the blood separation occurs. A topical anaesthetic cream can be applied to the scalp to to ensure a smooth, painless procedure. 

Once this is done and separation is complete, the serum is injected into the scalp, particularly areas that have experienced hair loss or thinning. 

PRF Treatment for Hair Loss: Safety and Side Effects

In general, PRF Hair Treatment is a safe and effective procedure. However, as with any medical procedure, there is a risk of side effects, including mild redness, swelling, and irritation at the site of injection. In rare occasions there may be some bruising and potential of scarring. 

What are the benefits of PRF Treatment for Hair Loss?

1. Stimulates hair growth: PRF hair treatment encourages the growth of new hair follicles as it triggers the healing process and stimulates cell growth in the treated area.

2. Natural results: PRF treatment for hair is a natural alternative to other hair restoration procedures that can cause a variety of side effects.

3. Minimally invasive: PRF treatment for Hair Loss is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require general anesthesia, scalpels, stitches, or long recovery times.

4. Long-lasting results: Unlike other hair treatments, PRF treatment for hair can provide long-lasting results.

5. Cost-effective: Compared to other hair restoration treatments, PRF hair treatment is relatively affordable.

 What Results can I expect from the PRF Treatment for Hair Loss?

Most patients who undergo Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Hair Treatment observe a noticeable enhancement in their hair growth within a few weeks. The effects of the procedure can be sustained for up to two years, contingent upon the individual’s lifestyle and genetic makeup. n addition, regular maintenance treatments can help to maintain the results and extend the duration of the benefits. It is important to follow the instructions of your practitioner and take proper care of your hair to ensure the best results.

PRF Treatment Downtime and Recovery

PRF Treatment for Hair requires limited recovery time and no downtime. After your treatment, you can return to your everyday activities. To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to avoid long exposure to direct sunlight and abstain from washing and styling your hair for 24 hours. In rare cases, mild swelling, redness, itching, and/or tingling around the injection sites may occur; however, these symptoms will typically subside within a few days.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a non-invasive solution to restore your hair to its full potential, the PRF Treatment for Hair is a viable option. Upon completion of the treatment, the affected areas will be revitalised, enabling the growth of stronger and thicker hair than before. Positive results can be expected shortly after the first session; however, it is recommended to undergo a series of 5 treatments for the best results. Visible signs of improvement can be observed within 3-6 months as the hair gradually regrows.

If you would like to discuss treatment options that can help with your hair loss including PRF, please contact us on 1300 788 800 or book in for a free consultation at our Sydney, Bondi, Brisbane or Gold Coast clinic.


Build Muscle and Contour Your Body Shape With TeslaFormer

If you want to increase the density, strength, and volume of your muscles, TeslaFormer is a non-invasive device that can sculpt and tone your body. Using functional magnetic stimulation (FMS), TeslaFormer targets the peripheral nerves of the muscles being targeted, so they achieve 100% of their capacity. This effect is known as supramaximal muscle contraction and causes your muscles to surpass what can be achieved in a gym workout.

TeslaFormer is part of a new wave of body sculpting and contouring treatments that are non-invasive and do not result in downtime after treatment. Clinical studies and Teslaformer reviews indicate a very high patient satisfaction rate with the results post-treatment and no reported adverse effects.

Electrical magnetic stimulation has been used for body shaping since the 1980s, however functional magnetic stimulation reaches a deeper layer of muscle than EMS, without stimulating the pain receptors in the skin’s upper layers. It’s interesting to note that regular exercise only stimulates your muscles to 40% of their capacity, indicating that TeslaFormer can achieve body contouring results that traditional exercise can’t. 

Body Sculpting and Toning with TeslaFormer | How it Works

During a treatment session, TeslaFormer delivers magnetic pulses to your major muscle groups. This effect triggers the motor neurons to contract the muscles, similar to high-intensity exercise. You can expect 72 000 to 50 000 contractions in one 30-minute session, equivalent to doing 50 000 crunches if you’re training your core. 

FMS generates a pulsed magnetic field, which means that the density of the magnetic field changes over time. When your muscles are exposed to magnetic energy, it generates electrical potential in the tissues being targeted. The effect is one second of activity or muscular contraction, followed by one second of rest.

During your treatment session, the intensity of the magnetic pulses is increased gradually, until you reach the limit you can tolerate comfortably. 

Devices like TeslaFormer are considered to be an effective way to build your inner core, glutes, triceps, and hamstrings. Ultimately, body sculpting and toning with TeslaFormer builds muscle strength and size. It is a safe and effective way to enhance your exercise routine, and it can even be used safely by clients who are primarily sedentary.

The Benefits of Muscle Toning with TeslaFormer

  • TeslaFormer is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require surgery or anaesthesia. That means there’s no downtime after your session
  • Treatment sessions only last for 30-minutes, which means you can build them into your lunch break 
  • There are no major side effects and the treatment is safe
  • You can target specific muscle groups that may not respond to dietary changes or exercise, contouring your body and helping you to achieve your desired body shape
  • Stronger muscles benefit your body posture 
  • TeslaFormer can be used for muscle strengthening during recovery after injury or surgery
  • It can be used by any age group and by both men and women
  • This body sculpting treatment complements other weight loss programmes, exercise routines, and dietary plans.

What To Expect During A TeslaFormer Body Contouring Session

Each Tesla Former body contouring session lasts for 30 minutes. Functional magnetic stimulation can be done through your clothing, and all you need to do is sit back and relax. While the treatment is not painful, most patients report feeling an intense stretch as their muscles are targeted. You may experience some muscle soreness for a day or two after your treatment.

While many patients report a visible difference after a single session in Teslaformer reviews, the recommended treatment plan consists of four to eight sessions.

Discover how devices like TeslaFormer can help you to achieve your desired body shape, and speak to one of our specialist clinicians about your treatment options. Please contact us on 1300 788 800 or book in for a free consultation at our Sydney, Brisbane or Gold Coast clinic.

This article forms part of a series on Body Toning treatments by our medical experts, including: Emsculpt, CoolTone, StimSure and Embrace Body Toning. Learn more by visiting these article, voicing your opinions in the comment sections below or contacting us on directly.


Shape And Sculpt Your Body With CoolTone

Approved for use in 2019, CoolTone treatments make use of magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to strengthen, firm and tone your muscles. CoolTone is an FDA-cleared device for shaping and contouring the glutes, abdominal muscles and thighs. It is a non-surgical, minimally invasive aesthetic treatment designed to help you achieve your ideal body shape and complement regular exercise and a healthy diet.

When you’re doing conventional strength training in the gym, your brain sends electrical signals to your muscles, causing them to contract. When you engage in intense strength-building workouts you damage your muscle fibres. This stimulates a repair process as your body rebuilds and strengthens the damaged tissues.

In order to gain lean muscle mass in the gym you have to increase the demand on your muscles consistently, either by doing more reps or lifting heavier weights. This is often why so many people don’t achieve their desired results with exercise alone.

How Does CoolTone Sculpt and Shape Your Muscles?

CoolTone works in a similar way to strength training, delivering electromagnetic energy to your muscles and causing those muscular contractions. It’s the same effect your muscles are exposed to when you exercise, except that CoolTone amplifies the results by delivering intense magnetic pulses. One 30-minute session with the CoolTone device delivers up to 20 000 muscle contractions, the equivalent of doing 20 000 technically correct squats, which you couldn’t achieve in the gym, in the same timeframe.

CoolTone Body Contouring Benefits

Enhancing your fitness routine with CoolTone offers benefits like

  • Strengthening and toning your abs, thighs and glutes;
  • More confidence and higher body satisfaction;
  • It’s non-invasive so there’s no recovery period;
  • It’s suitable for men and women;
  • You can treat more than one area in a session.

What To Expect During A CoolTone Treatment Session

Each CoolTone body sculpting session lasts for 30 minutes. You will be asked to remove any magnetic accessories (jewellery, belts, or clips) prior to your session. Despite its name, a CoolTone treatment isn’t cold to experience.

The treatment isn’t painful but you should feel light muscular contractions as your muscles are stimulated. You may experience mild muscle ache in the treated area afterwards )as you would after an intense workout) but this usually resolves within 24-hours.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Most clients will have four to eight treatment sessions across a two to four-week period but many of them report visible results after a single session. It’s best to consult with a specialist physician who can customise your treatment plan for optimal results. 

Does CoolTone Really Work?

CoolTone is clinically proven to improve muscle tone. It’s backed by clinical studies that show how it improves muscle size, volume, and strength to produce more visible results in a shorter time frame than going to the gym alone. 

CoolTone shouldn’t be thought of as a substitute for regular exercise. What’s interesting to note is the clinical studies reveal a very high body satisfaction index by clients who tried it. Not only did study participants feel stronger and more confident, they were highly motivated to exercise and maintain their results post-treatment.

How Long Do The Results Last?

With regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can maintain your results for a long time. Without exercise, you can expect the results of your CoolTone treatment to last for three to six months.

The ideal candidate for CoolTone body shaping is close to their ideal weight, does regular exercise and follows a healthy diet. If you’d like to find out how body shaping can sculpt and tone your body, we recommend speaking to one of our specialist physicians. Please contact us on 1300 788 800 or book in for a free consultation at our Sydney, Brisbane or Gold Coast clinic.

This article forms part of a series on Body Toning treatments by our medical experts, including: EmsculptTeslaFormer, StimSure and Embrace Body Toning. Learn more by visiting these article, voicing your opinions in the comment sections below or contacting us on directly.

Medical Grade Skincare vs Over-The-Counter Skincare

Medical Grade Skincare vs Over-The-Counter Skincare

Cosmeceutical is a big word nowadays. Do you know what this means in relation to skincare? Basically it means medical grade skincare that is doctor recommended. Over-the-counter skincare is the opposite because it’s anything you can buy at a pharmacy, department store, or specialised beauty store, like Sephora or Mecca Cosmetica. When you are talking about a true cosmeceutical skincare line, such as Advanced Dermatology it’s a whole different ballgame. This is medical grade skincare with a variety of benefits that you aren’t going to experience using basic over-the-counter skincare. When you use high quality skincare the results you are going to experience are going to be much better than over-the-counter skincare. That’s just a simple fact of how skincare works.

Medical Grade Skincare Is Higher In Active Ingredients

Advanaced Dermatology is a powerful skincare system focused and delivered through 6 products. They are direct from the doctor’s office to you with dermatological innovation that surpasses anything you can find in a regular store. The reason for their higher activity is the increased quantity of active ingredients. There are less fillers and ingredients that just bulk up with product without actually doing anything for your skin.

Some of these active ingredients that provide powerful anti-ageing properties are antioxidant based serums like the Super Youth Serum that fight free radical damage in the skin. Or the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment is super infused with the plant stem cell extract PhytoCellTec™. This patented ingredient is exclusive to our treatment based product.

That’s not to say that over-the-counter products don’t have effective ingredients, they just aren’t as high in effectiveness because they aren’t using enough. There are much bigger quantities of active ingredients in medical grade skincare. This advanced skincare uses the right amounts of powerful ingredients to provide the results of better skin that you want to see for yourself.

Better Quality Ingredients Made With Care

The ingredients in medical grade skincare are also better quality. You can trust that they have been sourced from the right places to make sure that you are getting the absolute best in quality. They are proven formula created by doctors that know the layers of the skin inside and out, to create a vastly superior product to drugstore brands that are created in labs for mass production.

Doctor Recommended From Our Physician

Doctors at Advanced Dermatology, stand behind the full Advanced Dermatology skincare line. They believe that this is the right course of optimal grade treatment to make real improvements to your skin. This includes reducing uneven texture and tone, minimising the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles, and overall making your skin appear luminous and glowing with health. Isn’t that what you want with effective skin care that goes far beyond ordinary products? You definitely don’t want to pay all that money for standard store based skincare that isn’t really making a big difference in your skin. Invest in optimal grade skincare for real results that far surpass the ordinary. Cosmeceutical skincare is extraordinary in every way.


ThermiVa: Treatment Overview

ThermiVa is a treatment to help improve vaginal tissue. This type of therapy helps with a variety of issues pertaining to the vaginal area. Mainly it involves tightening of the vagina in a non-surgical way, with radiofrequency or electrocoagulation. The reason a woman would need this is due to normal life circumstances, such as multiple occurrences of childbirth or natural ageing. Cells just don’t regenerate themselves as quickly as the years pass by. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about and is becoming more popular as exploring options to fight ageing is more common, even in the vaginal area. Here are some key points to note about ThermiVa if you are considering having this procedure done yourself. As always talk to your doctor before you have any procedure done in the vaginal area.

How The Procedure Works Technology-Wise

The ThermiVa procedure works by targeting the internal and external vaginal tissue in tandem for total health. The radio waves of the electrofrequency are able to promote new collagen production for tighter vaginal tissue. Collagen is the building structure of healthy tissue in the body. Keeping it able to renew itself even as the years go on is what ThermiVa aims to do.

This can make years of degeneration a thing of the past. It creates newer vaginal tissue for renewed vitality in this sensitive area, by making the labial laxity much better. By increasing the blood flow and improving muscle strength in the pelvic area it can also help with bladder incontinence. Tighter, stronger, and reinvigorated is what ThermiVa is all about.

The Way ThermiVa Is Performed

ThermiVa is an outpatient procedure that only takes about 30 minutes. It doesn’t require any anesthesia or needles, which makes it very tolerable. You won’t be uncomfortable from pain, because it’s essentially painless, even when the device is inserted in the vaginal canal. There might be a little warmth from the device or small probe. Some patients even say it feels like a warm massage that is pleasant in nature. Three treatments are recommended for the best results over a few months. Then once yearly treatments will be needed to maintain the benefits of ThermiVa.

After the procedure is over, you might have a little soreness or redness in the area. It will be gone after 24-48 hours. You can go right back to your regular activities right away, even sex isn’t off the table.

Benefits To The Outer And Inner Vaginal Area

When you talk about the outer vaginal area, the ThermiVa procedure is able to firm up sagging skin that has lost elasticity over time and from childbirth. This can also make sexual functioning better because your sensitivity in the outer area is greatly improved. Your nerve density is going to be more on par with how it used to be when you were younger.

Inside the vaginal canal, you’ll be able to get lubricated more easily to enjoy sexual activity much better. Sexual satisfaction can help both your mental and physical outlook on life.

Lids by Design

Lids by Design: A new approach to Non-Surgical Eyelifts

Lids by Design are among the latest non-surgical resources available these days on the cosmetic market. For several decades, those who wanted to achieve a more youthful appearance had few choices, most of which consisted in costly, highly invasive procedures. In fact, according to many aestheticians, practices like cosmetic surgeries or the use of anti-wrinkle injections are being overused in some cases.

What are they?

Lids by Design is the name given to a non-surgical correcting strips that have been developed to correct the appearance of the eyelids. Sticker-like in usage, but medically-developed in quality, the lids are a bit less than an inch long and three or four mm wide. However, this is just the average measurement as there are several featured sizes to choose from that range from 3mm to 8 mm (slight, subtle, casual, moderate, dramatic and maximum).

The concept is actually very simple; users place the strips on their eyelids according to instructions and personal needs. Once placed, these lids work instantly to redesign and reshape eyelids by lifting, correcting and enhancing them. Created by Contours Rx, a company known for its high-quality products, Lids by Design has come to revolutionise the world of non-surgical eyelifts.

Since the eyes are a major part of the overall human expression, this simple eyelid-correcting method contributes to rejuvenating the entire face in only a few minutes. The strips can be easily applied just by following the step-by-step instructions, available on video. However, the public should not regard Lids by Design only as another cosmetic product, since it is more of a medical grade, high-quality one.

Who is Lids by Design for?

The strips are optimal for dealing with loose sagging skin hanging over people’s lashes, for cases in which eye asymmetry is more evident, for heavy lids that are not only unbecoming, but also impair vision and for tired eyes, especially in those cases in which eyeglass wear has caused the eyes to look smaller than they really are. In addition, some reviewers claim to have corrected some bad expression habits, such as squinting.

Cost and Durability

Few other anti-ageing cosmetic products are as affordable as these novel correction strips. Lids by Design can be bought online quickly and 100% hassle-free. Once the lids have been stuck, their durability will depend largely on the process of placing them. Users should follow the instructions carefully, especially as far as preparation is concerned. The area should be carefully cleaned so that the skin is absolutely oil-free. Besides, using the tiny tweezers that come together with the kit is vital to place the adhesives in the right position.

Advantages of Lids by Design

Simple and Non-invasive

These stickers are a simple and efficient solution to the common issue of eye contour. Excess skin can be reshaped almost instantly without the need of surgeries or any invasive treatments. Made of the best quality latex-free material, Lids by Design are hypoallergenic.

Practical and Maintenance Free

These lids have been made to be placed on the crease of the eyelid. Once placed, users can wear make-up over the bands, thus contributing to a more natural look.

Downsides of Lids by Design

Proper Placing

Using these lids for the first time may turn out to be a challenge since these half-moons are somewhat tricky to handle and each face structure is unique. So it may take some time until mastery is achieved.

A Final Comment

This may be a quick and effective solution to the problem of sagging eyelids and tired look. However, potential shoppers should acknowledge the fact that the results provided by Lids by Design are neither permanent nor therapeutic

Collagen Cream

Collagen Cream: What is it and how does it work?

Collagen creams have been around for many years with the purpose of fighting the sigs of ageing. The collagen cream was designed to reduce wrinkles in the skin and therefore leaving a more youthful appearing complexion. Before we get into how collagen creams work, it’s useful to first understand what is collagen and how it’s lost in the first place.

Collagen is lost in the skin as an individual ages, which will result in wrinkles, crow’s feet and the inevitable sagging skin. About 30% of collagen is lost during the ageing process. A collagen cream can help to eliminate these dreadful side effects of ageing.

Various factors play a part in an individual loosing collagen. A poor diet can cause a person to loose collagen faster, as can the sun. Genetic factors play the biggest part.

Why should an individual use a collagen cream?

An individual may wish to use a collagen cream to help prevent the ageing process as well as slow it down. A collagen cream may help individuals that have been plagued with dry skin that has been damaged. The collagen cream will usually not only help to reduce dryness in the skin, but also reduce any redness that skin has. The skin will appear to feel softer to the touch when a collagen cream is used. A collagen cream can also help give the skin a youthful glow. A collagen cream will help to slow down the water lost from the skin, which will help to keep the skin supple. The skin will appear to be tighter.

A collagen cream may also help the skin with age spots and other damage from the sun. The sun has a tendency to discolour the skin, giving it an uneven appearance in colour. Collagen cream can help undo this damage by lightening the spots on the skin. Collagen cream will need to be applied twice per day to notice results. The skin will be exfoliated from the collagen cream, plus it will fully moisturize the skin.

What ingredients can be found in a collagen cream? What are the best ingredients in a collagen cream?

Collagen is the main ingredient found in a collagen cream. Collagen is a fibrous protein that is found naturally in the skin in the connective tissues. A collagen cream may contain keratin, which is responsible for helping the body produce collagen on its own. Elastin is often found in a collagen cream, which will help tissues keep their shape after they have stretched out. Other ingredients that are often added to a collagen cream are hydroxy acid, water, linoleic acid, copper peptides, mineral oil, glycerin, retinol, cetearyl alcohol, extracts, and fragrance.

Some of the best ingredients that are very effective at treating ageing skin in a collagen cream include wrinkle fighting peptides, antioxidants, firming growth factors, and collagen boosting stem cells. These ingredients will help the body rebuild collagen naturally. Not all collagen creams are created equally, so it is important to note the ingredients before starting to use a collagen cream. Collagen based formulas will not help the skin as the collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin.

How effective is a collagen cream? Is a collagen cream safe to use?

A collagen cream can be very effective when adding it to a facial regimen. The collagen cream will be absorbed into the skin, helping to rebuild collagen that has been lost due to the ageing process. The collagen cream will work to plump up the skin, which will make fine lines and wrinkles bounce back and be much less visible.

A collagen face cream is very safe to use. However, individuals may have an allergic reaction to a collagen cream. To avoid this, the collagen cream should be tested on a small patch of skin before applying to the face to see how the cream reacts to the skin. It is often a good idea to consult with a skin specialist before staring any collagen cream to ensure it will be effective on the skin.


PicoSure Review

PLEASE NOTE: Advanced Dermatology does not provide tattoo removal treatments. This article is for education and information purposes only.

PicoSure is a tattoo removal laser treatment that is quick and effective. This FDA approved treatment successfully removes difficult ink colours, such as blue and green, faster than any other method. Pulses are created that target the ink in the skin and shatters it. These pulses last one trillionth of a second and are 100 times faster than a nanosecond laser. The shattered ink will then be able to be eliminated by the body. Tattoos of a wide variety and ink colours can be removed using this technology, with black, red, and dark blue colours being the easiest to remove. Picosure can also remove portions of tattoos, as this treatment can precisely target very small areas of skin without effecting surrounding skin.

What areas can PicoSure treat? How many treatments will an individual need?

PicoSure can be used to treat the chest, the face, the decollete, hands, legs and other body parts. Each individual will need a different number of treatments, as this will be based off how big the tattoo is, what colours were used for the tattoo, how deep the ink is, and if any previous treatments have been done before. Generally speaking, for most individuals, this will be about 3 to 6 treatments. Some individuals will be able to see a difference in just after one treatment, however, for others, it may take a few treatments to notice any difference. It will generally take about 6 weeks for the body to begin breaking down the tattoo ink. The treatments should not be done sooner than 6 weeks, as even though the treated skin looks healed, it is not, and this will not make the tattoo be removed any sooner. In fact it could make the skin scar if treated sooner than 6 weeks.

Treatments are done in a quick fashion. For small tattoos, a single treatment takes about 10 to 15 minutes, medium sized tattoos will take about 15 to 25 minutes, and large tattoos will take 25 to 35 minutes.

Does PicoSure hurt? Will there be limitations after having the procedure done?

PicoSure treatments do not have much pain associated with them. Often times the tattoo is numbed or chilled with cold air. The pain felt is often comparable to the snapping of a rubber band. Others have compared it to getting a tattoo. Most will tolerate the pain quite well. Each session generally lasts about 15 minutes, but may be longer depending on how big the tattoo is.

An individual should limit any physical activity 24 to 48 hours after having a PicoSure treatment. Sun exposure should also be avoided during the treatments until the skin is completely healed.

What will the area treated look like after a treatment session of PicoSure?

After a treatment of PicoSure, the skin may appear to be red and swollen. There is also the possibility of some bleeding of the skin. Some will even experience small blisters on the skin. Typically the skin will stay red and swollen for only a few hours but could last for a few days. The skin will feel like it has a mild sunburn. Should scabs form on the area, it is important to not pick at them. If blisters do pop on their own, it is suggested that the skin be covered after applying a healing ointment to help protect against infections and scarring. Rarely is there any damage done to the skin using PicoSure.

What are the benefits to using PicorSure for tattoo removal? Are there any disadvantages?

Typically, using PicoSure to remove tattoos does not leave any scars. One of the disadvantages and a very rare occurrence is that some individuals may develop keloids, which are abnormal scars.