Build Muscle and Contour Your Body Shape With TeslaFormer

If you want to increase the density, strength, and volume of your muscles, TeslaFormer is a non-invasive device that can sculpt and tone your body. Using functional magnetic stimulation (FMS), TeslaFormer targets the peripheral nerves of the muscles being targeted, so they achieve 100% of their capacity. This effect is known as supramaximal muscle contraction and causes your muscles to surpass what can be achieved in a gym workout.

TeslaFormer is part of a new wave of body sculpting and contouring treatments that are non-invasive and do not result in downtime after treatment. Clinical studies and Teslaformer reviews indicate a very high patient satisfaction rate with the results post-treatment and no reported adverse effects.

Electrical magnetic stimulation has been used for body shaping since the 1980s, however functional magnetic stimulation reaches a deeper layer of muscle than EMS, without stimulating the pain receptors in the skin’s upper layers. It’s interesting to note that regular exercise only stimulates your muscles to 40% of their capacity, indicating that TeslaFormer can achieve body contouring results that traditional exercise can’t. 

Body Sculpting and Toning with TeslaFormer | How it Works

During a treatment session, TeslaFormer delivers magnetic pulses to your major muscle groups. This effect triggers the motor neurons to contract the muscles, similar to high-intensity exercise. You can expect 72 000 to 50 000 contractions in one 30-minute session, equivalent to doing 50 000 crunches if you’re training your core. 

FMS generates a pulsed magnetic field, which means that the density of the magnetic field changes over time. When your muscles are exposed to magnetic energy, it generates electrical potential in the tissues being targeted. The effect is one second of activity or muscular contraction, followed by one second of rest.

During your treatment session, the intensity of the magnetic pulses is increased gradually, until you reach the limit you can tolerate comfortably. 

Devices like TeslaFormer are considered to be an effective way to build your inner core, glutes, triceps, and hamstrings. Ultimately, body sculpting and toning with TeslaFormer builds muscle strength and size. It is a safe and effective way to enhance your exercise routine, and it can even be used safely by clients who are primarily sedentary.

The Benefits of Muscle Toning with TeslaFormer

  • TeslaFormer is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require surgery or anaesthesia. That means there’s no downtime after your session
  • Treatment sessions only last for 30-minutes, which means you can build them into your lunch break 
  • There are no major side effects and the treatment is safe
  • You can target specific muscle groups that may not respond to dietary changes or exercise, contouring your body and helping you to achieve your desired body shape
  • Stronger muscles benefit your body posture 
  • TeslaFormer can be used for muscle strengthening during recovery after injury or surgery
  • It can be used by any age group and by both men and women
  • This body sculpting treatment complements other weight loss programmes, exercise routines, and dietary plans.

What To Expect During A TeslaFormer Body Contouring Session

Each Tesla Former body contouring session lasts for 30 minutes. Functional magnetic stimulation can be done through your clothing, and all you need to do is sit back and relax. While the treatment is not painful, most patients report feeling an intense stretch as their muscles are targeted. You may experience some muscle soreness for a day or two after your treatment.

While many patients report a visible difference after a single session in Teslaformer reviews, the recommended treatment plan consists of four to eight sessions.

Discover how devices like TeslaFormer can help you to achieve your desired body shape, and speak to one of our specialist clinicians about your treatment options. Please contact us on 1300 788 800 or book in for a free consultation at our Sydney, Brisbane or Gold Coast clinic.

This article forms part of a series on Body Toning treatments by our medical experts, including: Emsculpt, CoolTone, StimSure and Embrace Body Toning. Learn more by visiting these article, voicing your opinions in the comment sections below or contacting us on directly.

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