ThermiVa: Treatment Overview

ThermiVa is a treatment to help improve vaginal tissue. This type of therapy helps with a variety of issues pertaining to the vaginal area. Mainly it involves tightening of the vagina in a non-surgical way, with radiofrequency or electrocoagulation. The reason a woman would need this is due to normal life circumstances, such as multiple occurrences of childbirth or natural ageing. Cells just don’t regenerate themselves as quickly as the years pass by. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about and is becoming more popular as exploring options to fight ageing is more common, even in the vaginal area. Here are some key points to note about ThermiVa if you are considering having this procedure done yourself. As always talk to your doctor before you have any procedure done in the vaginal area.

How The Procedure Works Technology-Wise

The ThermiVa procedure works by targeting the internal and external vaginal tissue in tandem for total health. The radio waves of the electrofrequency are able to promote new collagen production for tighter vaginal tissue. Collagen is the building structure of healthy tissue in the body. Keeping it able to renew itself even as the years go on is what ThermiVa aims to do.

This can make years of degeneration a thing of the past. It creates newer vaginal tissue for renewed vitality in this sensitive area, by making the labial laxity much better. By increasing the blood flow and improving muscle strength in the pelvic area it can also help with bladder incontinence. Tighter, stronger, and reinvigorated is what ThermiVa is all about.

The Way ThermiVa Is Performed

ThermiVa is an outpatient procedure that only takes about 30 minutes. It doesn’t require any anesthesia or needles, which makes it very tolerable. You won’t be uncomfortable from pain, because it’s essentially painless, even when the device is inserted in the vaginal canal. There might be a little warmth from the device or small probe. Some patients even say it feels like a warm massage that is pleasant in nature. Three treatments are recommended for the best results over a few months. Then once yearly treatments will be needed to maintain the benefits of ThermiVa.

After the procedure is over, you might have a little soreness or redness in the area. It will be gone after 24-48 hours. You can go right back to your regular activities right away, even sex isn’t off the table.

Benefits To The Outer And Inner Vaginal Area

When you talk about the outer vaginal area, the ThermiVa procedure is able to firm up sagging skin that has lost elasticity over time and from childbirth. This can also make sexual functioning better because your sensitivity in the outer area is greatly improved. Your nerve density is going to be more on par with how it used to be when you were younger.

Inside the vaginal canal, you’ll be able to get lubricated more easily to enjoy sexual activity much better. Sexual satisfaction can help both your mental and physical outlook on life.

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