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PLEASE NOTE: Advanced Dermatology does not provide tattoo removal treatments. This article is for education and information purposes only.

PicoSure is a tattoo removal laser treatment that is quick and effective. This FDA approved treatment successfully removes difficult ink colours, such as blue and green, faster than any other method. Pulses are created that target the ink in the skin and shatters it. These pulses last one trillionth of a second and are 100 times faster than a nanosecond laser. The shattered ink will then be able to be eliminated by the body. Tattoos of a wide variety and ink colours can be removed using this technology, with black, red, and dark blue colours being the easiest to remove. Picosure can also remove portions of tattoos, as this treatment can precisely target very small areas of skin without effecting surrounding skin.

What areas can PicoSure treat? How many treatments will an individual need?

PicoSure can be used to treat the chest, the face, the decollete, hands, legs and other body parts. Each individual will need a different number of treatments, as this will be based off how big the tattoo is, what colours were used for the tattoo, how deep the ink is, and if any previous treatments have been done before. Generally speaking, for most individuals, this will be about 3 to 6 treatments. Some individuals will be able to see a difference in just after one treatment, however, for others, it may take a few treatments to notice any difference. It will generally take about 6 weeks for the body to begin breaking down the tattoo ink. The treatments should not be done sooner than 6 weeks, as even though the treated skin looks healed, it is not, and this will not make the tattoo be removed any sooner. In fact it could make the skin scar if treated sooner than 6 weeks.

Treatments are done in a quick fashion. For small tattoos, a single treatment takes about 10 to 15 minutes, medium sized tattoos will take about 15 to 25 minutes, and large tattoos will take 25 to 35 minutes.

Does PicoSure hurt? Will there be limitations after having the procedure done?

PicoSure treatments do not have much pain associated with them. Often times the tattoo is numbed or chilled with cold air. The pain felt is often comparable to the snapping of a rubber band. Others have compared it to getting a tattoo. Most will tolerate the pain quite well. Each session generally lasts about 15 minutes, but may be longer depending on how big the tattoo is.

An individual should limit any physical activity 24 to 48 hours after having a PicoSure treatment. Sun exposure should also be avoided during the treatments until the skin is completely healed.

What will the area treated look like after a treatment session of PicoSure?

After a treatment of PicoSure, the skin may appear to be red and swollen. There is also the possibility of some bleeding of the skin. Some will even experience small blisters on the skin. Typically the skin will stay red and swollen for only a few hours but could last for a few days. The skin will feel like it has a mild sunburn. Should scabs form on the area, it is important to not pick at them. If blisters do pop on their own, it is suggested that the skin be covered after applying a healing ointment to help protect against infections and scarring. Rarely is there any damage done to the skin using PicoSure.

What are the benefits to using PicorSure for tattoo removal? Are there any disadvantages?

Typically, using PicoSure to remove tattoos does not leave any scars. One of the disadvantages and a very rare occurrence is that some individuals may develop keloids, which are abnormal scars.

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  1. Little Rebel
    Little Rebel says:

    I got my first tattoo as soon as I turned 18. What a mistake. I did not fully think about what I wanted and just went and got one. I decided on a trend that was popular then, but these days, the tattoo is not trendy and really means nothing to me. So then, after a few years, I really regretted it. Fast forward twenty years and then I hated the tattoo. And it was not in a spot that I could conceal very well. Right on my lower leg, so wearing shorts, capris or skirts only showed the tattoo. Well I decided to do Picosure after my dermatologist suggested it. The whole process only took about ten minutes each time I was scheduled for the procedure as the tattoo was not huge. It did not hurt any more than getting the tattoo. If you can get a tattoo, then you can definitely have Picosure done. I had five sessions done, and the tattoo is completely removed now. I feel better about myself to say the least. I am not sure how well Picosure has worked for others but it really worked well for me.

  2. Kim
    Kim says:

    I love tattoos, and have six all together. However, the last one that I got I am not pleased with. I got it three months ago, and wonder already about having it removed. How long does one have to wait from getting a tattoo to have it removed? I was not sure if there was a waiting period from the time an individual got the tattoo to the time that it could be removed. I assume that there would have to be a waiting time, as I know that the tattoo and the skin around it would need to be fully healed. Can anyone give me this time frame? Would I be safe to make an appointment with a dermatologist to see about having a procedure such as Picosure done?

  3. Bernadeth
    Bernadeth says:

    I am interested in learning more about Picosure and tattoo removal. I have a tattoo around my belly button that I got when I was on Spring break when I was in college. Never thought about how my body would change once I had children. After three kids and gaining weight and losing weight, the tattoo is pretty messed up. Not that I go around wearing clothing to show off this area of my body anymore, but I still know that it is there and am not pleased with it. I will have to do more research on tattoo removal and see if any treatment will be effective for me.

  4. Regen
    Regen says:

    All I can say is that before getting a tattoo, you really need to think it through. My husband’s father got a tattoo of a naked lady on his arm. Of course it is very, very noticeable, and over time, has not only faded but looked pretty rough due to aging skin. Well, needless to say a few years ago he decided to remove it. He did not use this method of tattoo removal, but another procedure. This procedure that he used did not work very well and pretty much only faded the tattoo, so one can still see it. I have never heard of the Picosure removal, but I am going to be sure to tell him about it. He hates the tattoo now, but states that when he was younger, it was cool to have such a tattoo. I guess when you are young you only think of what you want at that moment.


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