Thermage Sydney

Thermage Sydney is a revolutionary non-surgical skin treatment procedure by which one can reverse the visible signs of ageing. It is an FDA and TGA approved treatment for facelifts and body laxity and used frequently in Sydney.  The face, eyelids, back of the hands, the neck and the body are the areas where Thermage is known to work effectively. One question that is frequently asked is: does Thermage work? Thermage is a non-surgical procedure by which radio frequency is focused on your skin to energise the body’s natural renewal process. Thermage uses a combination of heat energy and cooling effects to protect the skin and keep the patient comfortable through the procedure. The latest technology includes Comfort Pulse Technology, known as Thermage CPT, which sends cooling effects in between gentle vibrations to make the treatment more comfortable. In spite of all the precautions and comfort, we need to keep in mind the fact that not all of us are the same, and thus we all respond differently to treatment.

So does Thermage Sydney treatment really work?

People impacted by the effects of ageing want the benefits of a facelift but many prefer a non-invasive, non-scarring and a non-surgical method. Before we answer the question, “does Thermage work?” we will first take a look at how Thermage works. With age, the natural collagen fibre, which gives the skin its shape and elasticity, wears out. A number of factors like sun damage, exposure to environmental toxins, and pollution, and smoking accelerate this process. As a result, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Thermage applies captive radio frequency, which penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. It primarily uses mono polar radio frequency devices, which reach the subcutaneous layer which is made up of fat and collagen. The frequency waves are then converted into heat energy that stimulates the existing collagen and signals the skin fibroblasts to increase the production of new collagen. This process shows immediate results by tightening and rejuvenating the skin. The heat also increases blood flow, resulting in an increase in the metabolism of the fatty layer. The result of all of these processes is younger looking face, with skin that appears tighter, has less face and neck sagging, and fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

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How does Thermage work?

Thermage has shown impressive results on the face. However, in addition to its use for non-surgical facelifts, Thermage can also be used to tighten and tone the skin around the abdomen, the eyes, and other body parts like buttocks and thighs. After pregnancy, many women want to get rid of the stretched out skin around the abdomen. Thermage is effective for the midsection in this group of patients. It can also be used in the case of patients who have lost a lot of weight. With age, the skin around the eyes begins to droop and puffiness and bags start forming beneath the eyes. This problem can be addressed with Thermage as it can tighten the drooping eyelids.

Does Thermage work for patients who are not good candidates for a surgery?

Yes. Thermage is an effective way to get younger looking skin for those who are not good candidates for surgery or those who do not require a complete face lift. Some of the results that can be achieved using this treatment include:

•                Tighter skin with a smooth tone
•                Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
•                Less jowls
•                Fewer lines on the forehead
•                Smoothed out crows’ feet
•                A tighter jaw line
•                Smoothed out scowl lines between the eyebrows
•                Eyebrow lift
•                Reduced hooding of the eyelid
•                Reduced vertical lines above the lips
•                Improvement in the appearance of acne scars
•                Tightening of the skin around the arms, thighs and buttocks
•                A radiant complexion

The Thermage Procedure

Most medical clinics in Sydney that provide Thermage have similar steps to the treatment process. The procedure begins with the removal of your make up with a gentle cleanser. Next, a rubber-grounding pad is placed on your abdomen. Then the treatment really begins – pulse by pulse, one side of your face is treated at a time. You will see immediate results after one side of your face is done. You may be even be offered a look in the mirror. However, it takes four to six months to see full benefits of Thermage. The process of producing new collagen will continue for a couple of years after the treatment. A big advantage of this process over other laser skin tightening treatments is that it does not require repeated sessions to maintain the texture and tone of the skin. Some laser treatments suggest ten or more sessions to get the full effect. Even with its higher per session price tag, Thermage treatment is more cost effective than laser treatment. Thermage is not painful and thus does not require anaesthesia before your treatment. However, mild pain medication can be given for patient comfort or as a precaution. Most patients only feel a brief sensation of heat every time the Thermage is pulsed into your skin. The Thermage device releases cooling cryogen spray to keep a check on the temperature of the skin. Precautions are taken by the physician to reduce the chances of burning. The temperature on the surface of the skin is maintained at around 40 degrees Celsius whereas the temperature ranges between 65-75 degrees Celsius in the deeper tissues. The treatment is quick and could last for one or two hours, depending on the size of the target area. Preparation for the treatment and administration of any local anaesthetic or sedative could add to the time. It does not require any particular patient preparation apart from removing make up and cleansing the skin – even this is sometimes done by clinic staff, depending on individual office procedures.

Potential Risks or Side Effects with Thermage

Thermage is has been approved by most national regulatory agencies and has many built-in safety measures to reduce risks and unwanted changes. Like any other medical treatment, Thermage does have a few potential side effects, which are temporary and minor. Newer devices like ThermaCool (TC), ThermaCool (TC-3), ThermaCool (NXT) and ThermaCool Comfort Pulse Technology (Thermage CPT) help reduce the occurrence of side effects.

The side effects may include:

  • Redness
  • Blisters
  • Bups
  • Swelling
  • Crusting/scabbing of the skin
  • Herpes eruption (for those with the virus)
  • Numbless
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne, and
  • Skin surface irregularities

None of these unwanted side effects are permanent and they will heal within a very short period of time. Swelling and redness dissolve within a couple of hours. Only in rare cases will they persist for up to a few weeks. Some individuals may experience soreness, tingling or a burning sensation for a few days. Some rare risks of Thermage are bruising, soreness and surface irregularities of the treatment area. These symptoms generally disappear in a couple of days without any specific treatment. This means that there is literally zero downtime required with Thermage treatment. Patients can immediately return to work or their regular activities of daily living the same day. Recently, Thermage device manufacturers have released even better technology. The third generation Thermage has doubled the size of the tips giving more options for the number of pulses, and thus speeding up treatment to larger areas. The added cooling element on the tip makes the procedure virtually painless and much more comfortable. Repeatedly, Thermage patients have reported that they chose the Thermage treatment option over other alternative because of its zero downtime.

Is Thermage safe for everyone?

Anyone who has a pacemaker, an internal cardiac defibrillator, a skin infection in the target area or a female who is pregnant should NOT undergo Thermage. Obese patients will not see good results from this treatment. Patients with a metal implant of any kind should not have Thermage done on those areas. The procedure involves breaking or wounding of collagen and requires your body to have a healthy healing system to produce new collagen; therefore, patients with a condition that impairs wound healing should not have it done. For a Thermage treatment around the eyes, patients who have had recent corneal or lasik surgery should let their eyes recover first. Most importantly, before undergoing the treatment, ensure that you discuss your medical history with the treating physician and be sure you understand the potential risks involved in the procedure.

Are results from Thermage immediate?

Immediate results following a Thermage treatment are visible, but subtle and sometimes less obvious to others around you. Your skin will appear more youthful with a tighter and firmer texture within days or weeks. Your skin will feel smooth and supple, with a radiant glow. It is important to reiterate that the results of Thermage vary from person to person depending on the condition of the skin and the network of collagen fibre under the skin. Striking results have been reported in patients with healthy skin, though a marked improvement can be seen in everyone undergoing this treatment. The most remarkable part of this process is the cumulative and continued improvement over time after the initiation of treatment. The body’s natural process is enhanced and stimulated after Thermage treatments making your skin continue to “act” younger. Instead of using artificial material to make your skin appear more youthful, your body’s natural system is stimulated to produce the desired effects.

Does Thermage Work for Individuals Who Have Had a Prior Traditional Facelift?

Patients who have previously undergone a surgical facelift and are now experiencing a sagging, flaccid look to the skin and recurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, are a good candidate for Thermage treatment. It has been shown that Thermage is a safe method for all skin types. It is most effective for individuals between the ages of 35 and 69. Although physicians are making continuous progress in anti-ageing technology, after a certain age, skin becomes too elastic for Thermage to be effective.

How much does Thermage cost?

Based on our review the average cost of a Thermage treatment in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is approximately $3,000, with the newer Thermage CPT often being only slightly more expensive. The cost of a Thermage treatment session in most capital cities of Australia could range anywhere from $2000 to about $5000, depending on the target area. Some clinics and cosmetic services centres offer a discount if you book future sessions in advance. The price may seem daunting in spite of it being a more cost effective treatment when compared to other available alternatives. The process is expensive for several reasons. For the purposes of sterility, the tip of the device used is disposable. Other supplies used such as the coolant, the coupling fluid, and the grounding pad also add to the expense. Training and technology are also factors that contribute to the cost. Overall, Thermage in Sydney is still less expensive than a surgical facelift or the number of laser treatments required to achieve and maintain results. Many doctors provide financing options and offer payment plans to manage the cost of the treatment. Make sure you consult with your physician and his or her staff about the details.

Will Thermage Work for Me?

While one should never consider Thermage a replacement for a facelift surgery, it can be a viable alternative in many cases, especially in younger patients who are displeased with their appearance even in the earliest phases of ageing.

Watch the Results Develop over Time

After a Thermage treatment, it is important to be patient. Enjoy waking up each day looking a little younger. While you may not observe immediate results, they will happen. Past Thermage patients have seen remarkable changes in their skin. Within a matter of four to six weeks after an initial treatment, jaw lines become more defined, puffiness around the eyes is dramatically reduced, the brow line is smoothed out, and fine lines and wrinkles become softer and less apparent. Most patients do not experience any side effects and may even get back to work within a couple of hours or sometimes even immediately after treatment. Visit your skin care physician to learn more about Thermage treatment.

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27 replies
  1. Jodie
    Jodie says:

    I have had many sessions of Thermage and it works great for my skin. It has helped with my skin’s general appearance and health. It’s much cheaper than other skin tightening treatments and has no side effects unlike co2 laser or Fraxel and some other skin tightening treatments. Thermage is my #1 choice!

  2. Maggie
    Maggie says:

    This is indeed the best treatment you can have to remove fine lines, skin sagginess and ageing skin in general! I will do anything to maintain my skin and to keep it looking the best possible so I have had many laser treatments, including the refirme treatment. I was introducted to termage by accident when I was doing some research on the latest laser facelift technology available. I read a lot of thermage reviews and they seemed to be very positive. The Thermage cost may be slightly higher than ultherapy and refine but it is certainly worth the price.

    Duration of the treatment is about 45-60 minutes, depending on how fast and experienced your nurse is, I had a topical anaesthetic cream applied on my face and neck prior to the treatment (I think it is optional), the treatment is relatively painless. After the treatment I did have some redness and a little swelling which should be expected but within a day that was all gone. Results were visible the very next day. There is no downtime, you can pretty much come in and go out and continue your day. To see full results it is recommended to have 3 treatments or more depending on how much of a result you want I guess. I had three treatments and within a week or two after the third treatment when the results started completely showing my skin looked 3 to 5 years younger, the results were outstanding! After 6 months from the last treatment my skin looks even better.. the results are more noticeable than ever before.

    Up until I had this treatment I was considering wrinkle injections for my fine lines and to tighten my skin but Thermage face lift has replaced them.

    It has been well over a year since I had a series of three treatments for skin tightening. I can proudly say to date the results are nothing short of astounding. My skin still looks amazing even after all this time, it is interesting because the results you get from this skin tightening treatment are very different from the results you would get from injectables, there is no puffy face or a frozen look. Instead of that you look natural, like your natural self just in the best possible version. The treatment leaves you with a subtle younger look. Even my friends could not point out that I had a treatment done, you simply look really healthy, no fine lines, more vibrant you just look like your younger self. Amazing effect.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    My skin has started showing signs of ageing and It’s making me feel very old.
    I’ve read a lot about the thermage cpt procedure it seems like all sites are rating it as the best treatment for skin tightening and reducing the signs of ageing. I was wondering if there are any other skin tightening treatments that work better? How does the thermage cost compare to the cost of fraxel? I’ve heard of Fraxel treatments but they seem to be much more harsh on the skin and not sure if they are ideal for skin tightening.

  4. Theremage CPT
    Theremage CPT says:

    Thermage cpt worked wonders for me. My main concern was my skin laxity and dark circles around eyes which in times results in puffiness around my eyes. I have been looking at ways on how to get rid of bags under the eyes I have tried getting more sleep, I have tried different skin care including an eye cream for dark circles. I read that skin tightening treatments would help me with my dark circles problems. I am half way through my series of 4 treatments and have one coming up in 2 weeks, I did expect some more dramatic change but nonetheless I am seeing a nice result. The dark circles and puffiness around my eyes has pretty much disappeared and if it just works for that I’ll be a happy girl!

  5. Sonia M
    Sonia M says:

    What motivated me to have a treatment was my appearance, especially after noticing I have a turkey neck under my chin. I also found that I had sagging jowls and I had sun damaged skin. I needed a skin resurfacing or skin rejuvenation treatment. I had a mini facelift about 5 or 6 years ago now and it was great but it the results were clearly fading away. I wasn’t prepared for another facelift procedure and was not prepared for the financial burden that follows such procedure so I was recommended the Thermage face lift. At the start I was very skeptical and was wondering does thermage work, am I wasting money but after some treatment research, read a lot of thermage reviews and it seemed pretty good. I was told by the clinician that it would take up to 3 treatments to see the full results but I started seeing some real results from the first treatment. I was really pleased with the results. Thank you for the information you’ve provided here.

  6. Mary
    Mary says:

    I’m 56. I have been reading a lot about Thermage. I’m a little bit afraid of surgery, even the mini facelift and s-facelifts are not not too appetising for me. I consulted Doctor Warwick Nettle at Silkwood medical who does facelift procedures and non-surgical facelift options like Refirme as well. I wish I had read this first because it’s very informative and the comments here are helpful too. I’m at Bondi Junction would like to come in for a consultation. I’ve now read your Thermage vs Ultherapy vs Thermage vs Refirme articles too, and I’m a lot more savvy then I was before I did that so thank you.

  7. Adriana
    Adriana says:

    Before I read this, I was wondering what is thermage exactly. The term never even popped up to me anywhere, so I was quite unfamiliar with it. This article helped me a lot, I understood the basics, and it will definitely come in handy with my research about the anti-ageing products and treatments. So far, I’ve noticed that there is a tendency for women to choose more natural treatments, such as this one. Thermage clearly works on certain areas of the body, if you need skin tightening or anything to make your skin look fresher and not that loose. The procedure influences our skin cells and tries to get them working more efficient, like they did in the youth. The increased blood flow actually makes the skin produce more collagen and rejuvenate itself. I quite like the entire process, and will definitely give it a go, soon – the sooner the better.

  8. Elizabeth Creswell
    Elizabeth Creswell says:

    I am almost in my sixties, and I think this treatment is more effective for the younger people. You know, people of my age don’t have wrinkles, they have huge and deep lines, that I can’t even call wrinkles. A non surgical face lift is just not enough, at least for me. The lines on my forehead, oh, and the crow’s feet… Not to mention the lines around my mouth, you know the one’s you get from laughing too much. Guess my life caught up with me. The thermage treatment in Sydney is a bit pricey for me, since I don’t really get a lot of results from it. But, I don’t really claim it’s useless… Just that my skin really shows severe aging signs… Guess I am more of a candidate for a real face lift. This would be better for someone who is just starting to notice the age on their face, or someone who already treated their skin with certain procedures. My skin has suffered much so I don’t think it works for me.

  9. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    I googled what is thermage, and found this article to be the most realistic and concise one. Understandable as well. I don’t like to read articles crammed up with medical terms I don’t understand anyways. Thanks to this, I decided to try the thermage treatment. I decided to treat my flappy arms. My friends teased me lately and called me flappy bird. That’s how bad it is. But with the treatments, and exercise I am beginning to see the results. I don’t know how it is succeeding in sculpting my arms, but it looks like it’s doing a great job. This is the first treatment, and I already see changes… That’s how fast it works, and I can say that I didn’t feel pain at all. I didn’t cry, or anything… Doesn’t really create that kind of pain, it creates just slight discomfort!

  10. Simone
    Simone says:

    I was always a frequent visitor of beauty clinics, because I want to keep my beauty. Just because I have to age, doesn’t mean I have to show it, and I certainly don’t want to show it. I wanted people to look at me and say ‘Wow, you are so youthful and gorgeous’… A facial rejuvenation clinic in Sydney made that possible, when they introduced me to their amazing treatment. I read a lot about difference kind of skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

    The clinician I found there who I am very happy with, and I made a deal to try out thermage. As far as thermage Sydney is a great place to get it, it’s not that unavailable. Now the only thing is the price, but I loved it so much, and it helped reduce my wrinkles, so I kept going. What I loved the most is that, for real, there is no need to go ten times… It kind of motivates your skin to continue working and improving itself through time, so you get continuously radiant skin…

    It’s different when you see less deep wrinkles and lines… It makes a huge difference, and I have thermage to thank for that… Go for it!

  11. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I had great experiences with Thermage. It works great. I chose to see it as an age defying partner. The thermage face lift is possible, that’s what my doctor pointed out, but I wanted to be less drastic and just do one treatment to freshen up my face. Let it live a little, feel young again. Look radiant like I just came out of the spa… And if you are wondering does thermage work, the answer is positive. It really does work. I can’t even imagine what it could do if I had chosen to do more treatments. Or on any part of the body. It’s amazing, a miracle worker. You name it, and thermage can do it. Everyone is the right candidate for this treatment, as long as you know what you want, and how persistent you are at getting it.

  12. Lana
    Lana says:

    I have a couple of questions in mind, is it good for wrinkles only, or does it cover up acne scars as good as lessen signs of aging? If not, then I’d rather go with the fraxel Sydney has many clinics that have the fraxel laser. I am more for covering up imperfections and adding that extra glow to the skin, on the cheeks especially, without using an illuminator of course, and as for skin tightening Sydney has other treatments. This just confused me, not sure what thermage specializes in. Might be just me.

  13. Mila
    Mila says:

    My sister and I love it, you know, like, thermage is so great for your entire body. Whatever you need, thermage is there for you. And we would have never know about it, if it wasn’t for this advertised Sydney laser clinic, that was talking on and on about it, suggesting it to everyone.
    And then, at a beauty con we met this doctor, a famous dermatologist Sydney has and he told us that it’s really the best thing you can choose if you are looking for something more subtle that can benefit your entire body, not just your face, but also your neck, stomach, thighs, arms…
    He was right, it’s unbelievably, any girl who takes care of herself, should do this, because you will look fabulous. We can’t put a price on it, it’s definitely worth every pennie.
    Oh, and my sister is a crybaby, and if she passed through every treatment, without letting a tear out, then I can safely recommend it to others…

  14. Britney
    Britney says:

    Be careful when you visit a facial rejuvenation clinic, not every single one does a professional service that is described here. Some doctors pretend to be too good, but they are actually money grabbing charlatans. I love thermage, but the first treatment I had was a complete disaster, and my skin had to heal for two weeks after it, which is not supposed to happen at all. And why that happened? Because of a bad doctor… So check your info and make sure the doctors have a good rep, and are not just trying to get the job done. You can also recognize a great doctor when he is willing to talk to you, not chit chat and all that stuff, but answer your questions and provide quality feedback.
    That’s all extremely important, so be aware of that kind of people… otherwise it’s a great procedure, so much, I wouldn’t even call it a procedure, seems to strict.

  15. Ten
    Ten says:

    People are so ignorant these days, how can anyone ever compare laser resurfacing with thermage? It’s not even the same thing, and it’s not intended to give same results!

  16. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    So, it seems like in Sydney thermage is awesomely popular. How come? To me, when it comes to skin rejuvenation, or skin tightening there are far more efficient and advanced procedures. Not to mention more affordable. How can anyone fall for this, when the pricing is so outrageous. No doubt there might be some benefits, but when you compare the price with some other treatments, like the fraxel laser treatment, or IPL treatments, or even something like Refirme, Thermage will fall way down the line… It’s too slow, it is barely even noticeable by others, so what’s the point of paying all that money for it?

  17. Olenna
    Olenna says:

    It’s not really new, thermage has been around for some time. Personally, I explore other areas, and other treatments like Refirme for example. Have no proof that thermage works on anyone… But thumbs up for Sydney dermatology, because they have gone out of their way to offer so many treatment for all kinds of people… Skin is sensitive so it’s great that they still offer you a variety of procedures…

  18. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Just wanted to help someone out there who is thinking about getting thermage Sydney prices are sky high, and I mean so expensive, you will need a second mortgage… And all for flattening a couple of wrinkles that are part of aging… Silly

  19. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    What a great article on thermage. I have been looking into having this skin treatment done. My best friend has had the procedure done last year and she looks amazing. She once had sagging eyebrows that just made her look much older then she really was. We are the same age, yet she always looked a few years older. Well she opted to have the Thermage treatment done, and now I am the older looking one. I guess that this tells me that I need to have this skin treatment done. She was very impressed with the results, as was I. What I really like is there are no special preparations that need to be done prior to having this done. I also feel it is important that it is not as uncomfortable as other procedures are. I can handle some discomfort, but do not care much for any harsh pain. My friend said it was not too terrible and said that she would recommend it to me. So I guess I will be getting in contact with the dermatologist that did hers as he did an amazing job.

  20. Mandy
    Mandy says:

    Just wanted to leave a review after having my Thermage laser treatment a month ago. I sadly haven’t seen the results I expected. I know I should have more than one treatment but the clinician did assure me I would see results after my first treatment.. yet I see none. I did my research and read a dozen Thermage reviews but clearly I read all the overly positive reviews.

  21. Not worth it
    Not worth it says:

    I don’t think its worth the money. I was told 1 treatment would be enough then was told to have an additional treatment to see “greater effect” as one wasn’t enough for my skin type. Ridiculous!

  22. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I’ve been reading into this treatment for some time and i’d like to ask if you have the Thermage treatment available on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I can’t seem to find any clinics that offer it and the one or two that I did find are very costly and too far away from me.

  23. Ian
    Ian says:

    The benefits of Thermage is that you need 1 treatment and you are done for a year or so. The downside is the high price.. and you still need maintenance treatments which makes it a costly investment. I’ve had Thermage done in a clinic in Sydney but since moving away 2 years ago I haven’t had one but my skin is still firm and looking good.

  24. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I found that the Ulthera treatment worked better for my skin than Thermage. I noticed instant results where as the Thermage required more time and the results didn’t seem as drastic. Pick the treatment that is right for you skin.

  25. Mandy
    Mandy says:

    I’ve had the thermage treatment done at Advanced Dermatology and I’ve seen great results. The staff there are super friendly and actually care about you and your skin concerns rather than just trying to sell you another treatment that doesn’t work. Thank you so much!

  26. Mila 'The Beauty Chick'
    Mila 'The Beauty Chick' says:

    I had my Thermage treatment a couple months ago, the procedure took about 45mins, little to no pain, a warm sensation at the worst. Following the treatment there was a bit of redness but nothing to be too concerned about (despite the scary reviews Ive read about having the treatment). There was a slight feeling of tightness immediately after the treatment, a few days later that feeling went away as did the slight redness. It’s now been 3 months following my Thermage treatment and my verdict? Well… I did see some results, some tightness but I wouldn’t say its worth the $2,000 I paid (this included consultation with a doctor, pre and after care). I have been back for a follow-up and it was recommended to have another Thermage treatment which was offered for half price but I couldn’t justify paying that much again. It may work better for some, for me it didn’t work as well as I was hoping.


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