Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose Vein Treatment – What are Your Options?

The day you run a hand over your leg or ankle and feel a protruding, throbbing vein is never a good one. If you do not feel your varicose veins, you may first discover them by seeing them in the mirror while wearing a short skirt, shorts, bathing suit or underwear. If the veins are located on the backside of your legs, someone else may notice the condition first.

In most cases, these veins may be a sign that you are getting older. Just as your face starts to develop fine lines and wrinkles as the years go by, your veins start to weaken and the valves that allow the blood to flow back to the heart become less effective. There is nothing you can do to stop your body from ageing, but there are some things you can do to naturally prevent the development of varicose veins.

Right now is the time to take action if you are starting to notice that your veins are protruding or appear darker than normal. You may still be able to correct the problem before your condition worsens. There are some cosmetic procedures that a professional can use to help you treat the problem. This guide will introduce you to your treatment options, both naturally and surgically.

Get Up and Go

An active lifestyle that limits excessive standing or sitting is one of the best ways to prevent and treat varicose veins. When you remain motionless for an extended period of time, blood flow slows down through your legs and increases your chances of developing varicose veins.

You can easily keep the blood flowing efficiently through your veins by working short bursts of movement into your day. If you sit at a desk during the day for work, you can make a point of standing up and doing simple exercises at your desk every hour or two. You may also choose to deliver letters or go talk to your colleagues in person rather than sending emails during the day.

It is also important to add formal exercise into your life. From Zumba to yoga, Pilates and boot camp, there are endless ways to add exercise into your schedule. You may also start taking a walk or going for a jog in the evenings or first thing in the mornings. This may not guarantee that you never suffer from varicose veins and it may not eliminate those that you already suffer, but exercise can help tremendously.

Watch What You Eat

What you eat is just as important as how often you move. Healthy foods will nourish your veins while helping you control your body weight. If you carry excess weight on your body, you will naturally put more pressure on your veins as they try to pump blood through your body efficiently. This is why overweight and obese people are far more likely to need varicose vein treatment than people who maintain healthy body weights throughout their lives.

Keep Your Hormones in Check

One of the primary causes of varicose veins is hormonal change. You can help treat the varicose veins that have already developed and prevent the future varicose veins by having your hormone levels checked regularly. If you become pregnant, a condition which is associated with lots of hormonal change, monitor your veins and consider using graduated compression stockings.

Compression Treatment

One way to treat varicose veins is to apply consistent pressure to the troubled veins throughout the day. As pressure is applied around your leg, the veins are constricted and improve efficiency as they pump blood throughout your body. This can help relieve some of the discomfort caused by your veins and will make living with this condition a bit more comfortable.

Beyond Natural Varicose Vein Treatments

If you suffer from a severe case of varicose veins that interfere with your daily life or you simply want to correct the problem due to the unattractive appearance of the veins, there are some additional varicose vein treatments to consider. Only a professional trained to treat varicose veins can determine which of these treatments applies best to your situation, but it is a good idea to understand all of your options.

1. Laser Procedures

Handheld devices are used to spray light over the affected veins. The light will decrease the appearance of the veins by causing them to collapse so that blood no longer passes through them. These procedures can be performed in very little time and require little to no downtime. Lasers offer the least painful method of treatment for your varicose veins. Laser treatment works best on small varicose veins, so it may not be ideal if you suffer from a more severe condition.

2. Sclerotherapy

This form of varicose vein treatment involves injecting a solution into the veins in order to close them off so that blood stops flowing through them. This is a simple in-office procedure that will typically deliver results within days or weeks. You may need to go in for repeat injections before you completely eliminate the appearance of the veins. This is a fast, low pain procedure that is completed with no recovery time required.

3. Catheter Treatments

If you suffer from more severe varicose veins that are too large for laser treatment or sclerotherapy, you may need this more invasive option. A catheter is injected into the vein and then heated up. When the catheter comes out of the vein, it causes the vein to collapse. Once collapsed, the vein will close off so that blood is no longer able to flow through.

4. Surgical Removal

If you have larger varicose veins, surgery may be the best, most permanent option. A vascular surgeon must first determine that you are an ideal candidate for this procedure, and then you must be prepared for a more substantial recovery period.

Ambulatory phlebectomy involves a series of punctures which may leave some scarring, and endoscopic surgery employs an internal camera to identify problem veins so that they can be removed. These procedures are typically performed as outpatient services, but they are still more substantial than your standard laser treatment or other options listed above.

Notice that most of these treatment options are designed to prevent blood from passing through the veins that are currently giving you problems. Your blood will continue to flow, but it will travel through other veins instead.

It is important to live an active lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, and avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time even after you treat the veins currently giving you a problem. Preventative measures can never ensure that you will not develop new varicose veins, but they can reduce your chances significantly.

Not Ready for Treatment?

If you decide not to treat your varicose veins immediately, make sure you watch for ulcers around your ankles or excessive swelling in your legs and ankles. Excessive swelling is often a sign of a blood clot which could develop due to restricted blood flow throughout your veins. You must treat blood clots immediately so that they do not put your life in danger. If you are suffering from serious varicose veins, it is a good idea to at least consult a professional to discuss your treatment options. You will know what to do in the future if you decide it is necessary to move beyond the natural treatment and prevention methods featured in this guide.

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  1. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    Varicose veins can be tricky and they can be more than just a beauty thing. My mother and my grandmother had the same problem as I did, so I blame it on the genetics. If somebody has it in your family, it’s more likely that you will have it to. Although my mother and grandma suffered their whole lives with painful veins, they never go treated. Those were different times. Articles like this showed me that I don’t have to struggle and suffer.
    I do have a real problem, because no diet or exercise helps me. Compression didn’t help either although I tried. I am now 40 years old, and I get pain from my veins. Varicose vein removal can be painful in some way, so I opted for surgery. I figure it’s going to be the best way to remove it, efficient, and once it’s done, it’s done.

  2. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    My name is Shannon. I had the laser varicose vein treatment. It’s really not troubling at all and you recuperate really fast. At times, you might feel some pressure of some sort, but it’s not anything to be alarmed about. The varicose vein treatment cost is worth every penny, at least if you ask me about the laser treatment. It’s modern, it’s innovative and it’s all you can get from the 21st century.

    I live in a town near Melbourne so I had varicose vein treatment in Melbourne. My veins aren’t large and they don’t hurt, they are just not pretty to look at. So without any restraint or fear, I went for the laser surgery and I’m happy with the results, and I want to recommend it to people of all ages!

  3. sclerotherapy treatment
    sclerotherapy treatment says:

    From all these varicose vein treatments, I can only vouch for the one I had done. I had the sclerotherapy, which is not that uncomfortable and scary as it sounds. Although it does involve the doctor puncturing your veins with a needle, it’s really not that bad. And you do get really fast results. The veins just dissolve in the form of scar tissue. I am happy with the first results I got! You can do the Sclerotherapy varicose vein treatment in Sydney, there are so many places to try.

  4. Kayla Darwin
    Kayla Darwin says:

    Wow… didn’t really know there were so many varicose vein treatment options these days. When I was younger, I had no options. What I did was lift my feet up, and compress my legs with bandages. I had troubles with veins even in my twenties. I was so embarrassed, I felt like an old lady at that time. But I had to struggle with it. Nowadays, I don’t have to. And, even though I am not that young anymore I choose not to suffer anymore. I scheduled a laser varicose vein treatment, and I have enough in my savings to have a couple of sessions if needed. I am not scared of the pain… I would just like a more normal lifestyle.

  5. Liza
    Liza says:

    Can anyone say what the cost of a varicose vein treatment is? If you can tell me each of these options stated here, it would be wonderful. I don’t want to go around phoning every clinic and doctor in Sydney, asking around for every single procedure, that’s just exhausting and costly. I am more interested in the varicose vein laser treatment, so that’s a priority to know. Share if you know for sure!

  6. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    I am a nature lover, and an advocate of home remedies and natural treatments. There can be many new varicose vein treatments available out there, and it can be superior technology, but for all I know it can be damaging or addictive. In the sense that, you don’t really get long-term results, you just have to schedule more and more treatments as you live your life.

    I believe that there is a natural varicose vein treatment, through compression, proper resting and walking, elevating your legs, and homemade ointments. There is no need for harsh surgery, or puncture wounds or anything like that. That seems more damaging than helpful. Everyone has a choice, and their own right to choose a treatment, but think about what it does to your body.

  7. Giovanna
    Giovanna says:

    My vascular surgeon said that I have no need for varicose vein surgery just because the veins aren’t that big and prominent, and when he said that I realised that it really wasn’t an issue of prominence. Their appearance bothered me more, so it was a beauty thing you know. I like wearing skirts, but the vein on my legs would repel any man, although I do have long and sculpted legs. I read about the laser varicose vein treatment, and that’s why I scheduled a consultation with a varicose vein specialist. He really knew what the deal was, and he recommended the laser treatment indeed. I am going for my first try this week, in hopes that the claims are not too far-fetched.

  8. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I have had a problem with varicose veins since my teens, made worse with each(3) pregnancy. It is a genetic problem from my mother’s family…..grandmother mother Aunts daughter and cousins. I had my veins stripped In my forties because of the aching and swollen legs. Over the years they have come back worse than ever despite wearing support stockings and walking a lot( I don’t drive). Recently I have seen a vein specialist and am having laser treatment on one leg next month. I require 3 visits at a cost of nearly $4000 with only about $800. Back from Medicare, nothing from medical benefits. I hope it works

  9. Leviticus Bennett
    Leviticus Bennett says:

    I had no idea that obesity was related to varicose veins. My family has a history of varicose veins and I’m hoping to not get them. I’m make sure to keep in mind the things that you mentioned and to stay at a healthy weight.


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