EmSculpt: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Fat-Reduction Hit

Tried and tested. Emsculpt is the most recent device to join the family of non-invasive, fat-reduction, and body contouring treatments. The device is becoming extremely popular around the world and is quickly rising to the status of other devices in the industry, such as fat-melting lasers like SculpSure and fat-freezing devices like CoolLipo Sculpting

The Mini MRI Machine

Emsculpt is unique in a way that it is the first device to utilise magnetic fields therapeutically. The non-invasive high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology induces 20.000 supramaximal muscle contractions in the 30-minute period, activating 100 percent of the muscle area. In comparison, when a person crunches or squats, he/she is activating only around 50 percent of every muscle group in a period of three to five seconds. In other words, the device contracts muscles beyond what is possible through physical training, yielding better muscle tone, and enhanced fat metabolism. For this reason, Emsculpt is nicknamed the mini MRI machine.

How Does Emsculpt Work?

Unlike other devices and treatments that target the fat directly, Emsculpt dramatically increases the metabolic rate of the area around the muscle. Using the high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy EmSculpt induces a hypercontraction to the muscles which could never be achieved naturally. During these intense pulses, the muscles release chemicals which signals fat cells in the area to break down their contents and release them as free fatty acids. When these fatty acids overwhelm the fat cells, they cause malfunction, and the body naturally excretes them as waste. 

Because this fat-burning process is more of a residual effect from what the device is doing to your muscles, EmSculpt also helps with muscle building. With the device’s energy affecting the entire sheath of abdominals, from rib cage to groin, the muscles undergo cellular changes, thickening, and strengthening in the process. Due to its fat-burning and muscle building properties, it is safe to say that EmSculpt is a device where athletic meets aesthetic.

The Emsculpt Procedure

Emsculpt is a non-invasive and completely safe treatment with no downtime. It is authorised and approved by relevant health institutions in countries all over the world. Patients that undergo the treatment are usually women between 30 and 50 years of age. Because of its muscle tightening properties, it is an especially popular treatment for women after the pregnancy. The actual procedure is relatively painless, but some patients may experience slight discomfort. 

The treatment starts with the device being strapped on the desired area. The patient then undergoes a 30-minute session, which is done through three cycles. The first cycle begins at lower power, inducing around hundred contractions per second. The power is increased during the second cycle, inducing around thousand contractions per second. It is extremely important that the treatment is done by a experienced clinician, as too much power could hyperstress the muscle. The third cycle induces deliberate contractions that are designed to flush out any toxins or lactic acid unleashed by muscles. The procedure is designed specifically so that there is no build-up or dangers of over-exercising. 

The Emsculpt Sessions

This treatment is gaining popularity due to its immediately visible effect. Some EmSculpt reviews have reported, even after a single visit, you will notice the targeted area feeling better. However, the more sessions you do, the more power your muscles can take, making them more effective in reducing body fat. For maximum results, it is recommended that patients undergo treatments twice a week for two weeks, for a total of four sessions. The results will be fully visible two to four weeks after the final appointment. Afterward, one treatment in three to six months is required to maintain the results.

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