Excessive Sweating Treatment Sydney

Hyperhidrosis: Is There a Solution to Excessive Sweating?

Did you know that excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a medical condition? It’s a problem that’s more common than you may think. Do you recognise a scenario like this one? It’s a breezy spring day. You leave your home, fresh and crisp from the shower. Before you even get to your destination, you feel the sweat dripping down your back and your shirt shows dark wet patches under the arms. Or perhaps you recognise this one: You and your buddy are working out at the gym lifting weights. Your buddy occasionally uses a towel to wipe his brow, but you are constantly using your towel to mop up the sweat pooling on the bench after your set. If these situations or ones like them are familiar, you may suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Rest easy, there are a number of excessive sweating treatment options available and we discuss the most popular one below.

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What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Rest easy, there are a number of solutions. It is specifically defined as a condition wherein the body sweats beyond its temperature regulation needs. Hyperhidrosis generally runs in families and thus is considered genetic. It mostly occurs in men, but a small number of women are also affected. Common areas of hyperhidrosis are the underarm or armpit, the hands, the feet and the face.  While hyperhidrosis is not dangerous, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Anti-wrinkle Injections:

Anti-wrinkle injections are known for its common use as a treatment for lines and wrinkles of the face. It is also useful for those with hyperhidrosis. Anti-wrinkle injections in the affected area create a block between sweat glands and the brain. The brain can no longer get its “sweat now” message out.

The Procedure: Anti-Wrinkle Injection for Hyperhidrosis

Fine needles are used to inject anti-wrinkle injections into the sweat glands in the affected area. Little pain, if any, is experienced by the patient. The procedure takes only a few minutes and the benefits of the procedure last for approximately six months. The most common area of treatment for hyperhidrosis in the underarm. There are currently other treatments available for hyperhidrosis including laser treatment and surgical removal of the sweat glands. These come with their own set of potential risks. If the sweat glands are rendered dysfunctional, you may be concerned that your body will be unable to perform its temperature regulation function. This is not a concern. The body is easily able to adapt by releasing excess heat from the rest of the surface area of the body. Consider your situation: Does excessive sweating have a negative impact on your life? If so, does it affect you emotionally and physically? Have treatments for hyperhidrosis that you have tried in the past worked? Consider consulting a physician to address your concerns and help you to make an appropriate treatment decision.

Why Choose Advanced Dermatology as your provider of Excessive Sweating Treatment?

At Advanced Dermatology Sydney we are dedicated with a sole purpose of improving skin and in the process we make one single promise, to provide advanced medical in-office and at-home skin treatment that are backed by science. Our doctors and nurses will take the time to discuss and to understand your full requirements and that way assist you in the best possible way. We know how hard it is to make that first phone call about any cosmetic procedure – we have found many of our patience prefer to fill out our call back contact form in which case one of our friendly staff will contact you to further discuss the procedure you are interested in. It is as easy as clicking here to request a call back otherwise, you can call us directly on 1300 788 800.

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54 replies
  1. Kahn R
    Kahn R says:

    Do you know if I can get an excessive sweating treatment provider in Sydney who can bill me on Medicare? My last doctor told me that this wasn’t possible unless I get to see a specialist and another surgeon turned me down too. My excessive sweating has become a real problem for me and I’m desperate for a treatment.

  2. Gabriella M
    Gabriella M says:

    Just relating to the above comment from Khan, I don’t believe Medicare covers procedures for hyperhidrosis as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. I had the same problem, excessive sweating underarms and I poped into a local laser clinic in Sydney and had a treatment there. It was very affordable and safe. They used botox injections to stop sweating, I would recommend you doing that too. Hope that helps :)

  3. Botox Sydney
    Botox Sydney says:

    This treatment has saved my life! There are other treatments out there that help with hyperhidrosis but they involve surgery and the pain and trauma followed just is not worth it. Botox did the job for me, they say it lasts for 6 months but for me it lasted up to a year before the sweating started coming back. I just Googled Botox Sydney and I came across a few clinics that provide botox in Sydney, gave them a call, had a consultation and had the treatment same day. Its really as simple as that.

    Thank you for sharing, I’m sure this article will help many others who suffer from excessive sweating.

  4. Jake
    Jake says:

    I sweat a lot when I train. I think I have hyperhidrosis :((
    I hope there is an easy way to stop the sweating. I don’t want to do any kind of surgery.

    • Christopher
      Christopher says:

      Jake, you most likely do not have hyperhidrosis if you only sweat when training. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where you sweat excessively but in your case I doubt you should be concerned about hyperhidrosis :)

  5. Dianna Morgan
    Dianna Morgan says:

    My concern is that I am not sure how safe botox really is? I have this problem with my underarms, its a real struggle as I need to always be mindful of the clothes I am wearing, the material, the colour.. Its a real problem for me..

  6. John
    John says:

    Great article, I have had sweating problems since I was very young, very often I get sweaty hands and its very uncomfortable. As part of my job I meet a lot of clients and greeting clients with a hand shake when having sweaty hands is very embarrassing. It is not only the hand shakes but when holding a pen and trying to write with sweaty hands its just very hard. I am very interested in learning what would be the most effective treatment for sweaty hands and is this condition hyperhidrosis?

  7. No-Name
    No-Name says:

    My hyperhidrosis got worse after being treated with a laser machine. Not only did the sweating on underarms get worse but there was also damage and burns from the laser.
    I would hope nobody every goes through the pain I went through with that treatment and I would suggest avoiding any laser treatments to treat hyperhidrosis.

  8. Julia
    Julia says:

    How do you know if you have hyperhidrosis or if its just normal sweating? Is there a test I can take to check up? Would private health insurance cover this procedure or even Medicare?

  9. Little Miss Sunshine
    Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Thank you for the recommendations and insight into the hyperhidrosis treatments. How much would this treatment cost? How much does it cost compared to a laser treatment to treat sweaty palms? I constantly have sweaty palms and I just want to stop the sweating. I live in Sydney so Im hoping someone from Sydney could recommend a place they have been to or if there is an at home solution I could try. Thank you in advance!

  10. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Interesting read. Call me naive but until now I never really realised botox is used to stop excessive sweating. I have had botox injections on my face but never knew they could be used for other treatments. I have had family members who had very bad night sweats and were put on medication for excessive sweating which had many bad side effects.

  11. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I think I may have this condition. What causes hyperhydrosis?

    Just like this article mentioned at the beginning I can go out and on a breezy day when its not that hot and I will be sweating on my forehead which ruins my make-up and just makes you feel uncomfortable. I would like to know if there is a natural treatment to stop the excessive sweating. This article mentions botox, however Ive read before that botox isn’t safe so I don’t think I want to take that risk.

  12. Jo
    Jo says:

    All I want to know is how to stop sweating.

    I have read into all possible treatments to treat hyperhidrosis and I have tried many creams, antiperspirant sprays and have even tried miradry laser treatment. None of which worked very well for me. I want a more long term solution.

    My main concern is how to stop sweaty arms and occasionally underarms. This article does suggest botox injections however its only a short term solution. Is there any other options I could look into other than surgery?

  13. Health Man
    Health Man says:

    Great webpost about hyperhidrosis treatment!

    There is a lot to find on hyperhidrosis on the internet a lot can be very confusing for a lot of people. It is a very common condition. However we should be mindful that not every single person who sweats has this condition. I have read some of the above comments and noticed some have mentioned they want a safe alternative and stop the sweating. I personally had this same condition and I know how serious and problematic it can be. I think the safest treatment is botox injections. It is easy, quick and usually not that expensive. They can use it anywhere, underarms, palms, feet, you name it. They use it to block the sweat glands and its really safe.

  14. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Great advice. Thank you Advanced Dermatology. My condition started with night sweats, there was not a night that passed that I would not get sweaty hands and feet. Over time it only got worse. I was looking for ways to stop the sweating, seeking medical advice I was given a cream that was supposed to treat my hyperhidrosis. Months after my condition did not change I finally had enough and visited a dermatologist in desperate need to find what are the excessive sweating causes and treatment. I was recommended botox injection and it changed my life around. I can not recommend this treatment enough!

  15. Daniella
    Daniella says:

    How does one know if they have hyperhidrosis or if they are just sweating due to the heat? Ive noticed that there are a few people who have mentioned that they have sweaty palms.

    I often get sweaty palms and facial sweating. I was advised that it could be related to stress and diet, however I have tried cutting out the stress and my diet is good but I still get sweaty palms and excessive facial sweats..

    I’m wondering if there is a clinic in Sydney that I could visit to get this checked out?

  16. Mike
    Mike says:

    Thank you for the post, I have been reading into hyperhidrosis a lot and I found this article the most interesting and most comprehensive. I have a problem with excessive sweating too much and I have seen a doctor about it and was given oral medication to control it. I didn’t know until recently that there were non-surgical options out there that can treat the same condition (just minus the side effects from the medication for excessive sweating that was prescribed to me). I am really keen on knowing more about the botox for sweating injection treatment and do more research into it, maybe that would be a good option for me to consider and hopefully stop sweating.

  17. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    I used to get sweaty underarms often so I visited my dermatologist for Botox injections. I was lucky enough to receive a special deal from my dermatologist so it didn’t hurt the purse too much. I had my injections in August 2013 and loved how it worked and really did limit the amount of sweating under the arms. I understand that Botox starts wearing off in about 5 to 6 months but now after 7 months it has worn off and I am experiencing some strange side effects.

    I shower daily and constantly use antiperspirant but since a month ago my underarms have been giving off a real bad body odor. I am not sure if this is a botox side effect, I never had this problem and I am hoping it is not due to the treatment as I am booked in for another session of botox at my local laser clinic in Sydney. I am also looking into other options such as miradry which is an another hyperhidrosis treatment and apparently a good way of stopping the sweats, however as far my research goes Botox injections are by far better and more effective.

  18. Helen David
    Helen David says:

    My whole life I have been struggling with heavy sweating on my face and underarms, it has certainly got worse with age. It took me a while to figure to self-diagnose that it was an actual condition called hyperhidrosis. After that it took me even longer to figure out the best treatments for hyperhidrosis.

    Last year I had enough and decided to take the big step of visiting a clinic to see what my best options would be. I was advised that Botox was their preferred treatments so I got that done. Honestly what a difference, I was stoked. I think the full effect lasted for about 4 months whereby I did not sweat at all! Throughout the hot summers we have in Sydney I did not sweat it was a miracle for me it really did change my life. After the 4 months I did sweat a little but nothing like before and the anti perspirant could handle it so it was not an issue.

    It was painless, quick and changed my life. I am now hoping to talk my husband into allowing me to do another session. If you have a problem with sweating you will know how it feels, the fear that your favourite clothes will have sweat patches on them or the fear of being close to another person due to your bad odor – now imagine that all goes away with a simple injection. For me it is like a miracle.

  19. Pearl
    Pearl says:

    Botox is the best treatment for hyperhidrosis. I loved botox it has truly changed my life.

    I suffered from excessive facial sweating it used to get worse during the warm summer days we have in the Gold Coast. It is bad enough to have facial sweats but I would also get excessive underarm sweating too. This would happen throughout the year, even in winter that is when I realised I had a problem with excessive sweating. I did some research to find what would be the best treatment and if I could find botox treatments on the Gold Coast.

    Following the quick and painless procedure, the same day I had no issues with excessive facial sweats or underarm sweats, the sweating stopped! I was overwhelmed how happy I was with the outcome. A simple treatment such as a few injections can indeed change your whole life.

  20. Ant25
    Ant25 says:

    For many years I was looking for different ways on how do you stop excessive sweating and I went from doctor to dermatologist to skin clinics and they all gave me an array of recommendations from armpit sweat pads to hyperhidrosis medication (the side effects are worse than the sweating itself). The first time I tried botox it stopped the sweating for only 3 months, the second time I had a botox treatment it lasted for more than 6 months which was much better and helped me out a lot. Botox side effects are very mild and when treating hyperhidrosis there is really no side effects.

    • Kate
      Kate says:

      I had the same treatment and though there are very limited side effects I found that it didn’t really work that well for me. My condition didn’t change so I googled hyperhydrosis treatments and tried topical medication such as Drysol. It worked pretty good for me and it is much cheaper.

  21. Botox Treatment Review
    Botox Treatment Review says:

    Thankfully my heavy sweating has been treated and the sweating has stopped!

    I had botulinum toxin (Botox) injections which is funny enough, the same medicine used as anti wrinkle injections. It worked wonders for me, it put a complete stop to the sweating. I was told about other treatments, medication and laser treatments even surgical treatments but botox injections seemed to be safe, quick and relatively cheap compared to the other options out there.

    Just a little about my hyperhidrosis condition, I used to have excessive sweating underarms which would result in bad odor and look very bad if I was wearing a light coloured shirt. For many years I used anti-antiperspirant but not matter how much i used it would not last for more than an hour. It has been approved by the medical watchdog in Australia for underarm sweating treatments but can also be used on your palms and feet.

  22. Sweaty_Anna
    Sweaty_Anna says:

    I had severe hyperhidrosis for most of my adult life, starting from my teenage years. I have tried many ways to stop the excessive sweating but it has been a very difficult journey for me. I do not know the exact cause of excessive sweating but I think there is more to it than just ‘sweat glands’ overworking.

    I spent many years trying different hyperhidrosis treatments, looking for a deodorant that stops sweating, trying different hyperhordrosis medications, to the point I decided to even try out hyperhidrosis acupuncture which apparently works. I was at the stage where I was considering surgery but I was recommend to try botox for hyperhidrosis. I did not believe it would work but it did. In fact it worked great and I was very happy. My only concern is that its a temporary solution and therefore an ongoing expense and long term usage of botox is unsafe. On one hand its great but on another its not.

  23. Lee
    Lee says:

    I sweat too much, and when I say to much, I mean it’s waterfalls down my arms. I don’t know how to stop sweaty armpits and it’s just ridiculous. It comes to the point where at winter time I have to open my window and sit next to it, as to be calm and collected, and not sweat, but even then, I usually feel discomfort in that area. I was always frustrated by the fact that I sweat so much, and I’m sure still to this day that something is really wrong. Probably the sweat glands, but as I am really no expert, I wanted to ask could it be dangerous? I have heard of people sweating too much and having some hormonal problems, and then all of a sudden, bam! It seems to be a serious issue. Not only are the sweaty armpits annoying and not attractive at all, now I have to worry about the potential dangers. Could someone help me? Thank you!

    • Justine
      Justine says:

      I wouldn’t be too concerned about sweating too much, though it might be embarrassing it is not a life threatening condition.

  24. Anna
    Anna says:

    Hi, my name’s Anna. I can safely say that the hyperhidrosis treatment with botox is great! It’s not easy to learn how to prevent sweating, as there is so much wrong advice out there. I wondered a lot how to stop underarm sweat. As many of you do too, as I can see! Surgical removal is a no-no, however, botox seem to really reduce sweating at night, and all the sweating in general. I mean, I do still sweat, it’s not like it can just go away completely, you are still a human being who needs to sweat. I give thumbs up to Botox and encourage everyone who has excessive sweating problems to try it! It’s not a big deal, yet it can give you great results!

  25. Ximena
    Ximena says:

    This whole deal with Botox got me curious. How can Botox cover up wrinkles and lines, and then again have great medical and health influence on hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating? Sweaty palms, a sweaty face or underarm sweat, it seems to cure everything. I wanted to know if you can maybe describe the entire procedure, how it looks like and how we needs to prepare. If Botox really is omnipotent, then let’s just make it clear to all of us on how it really works.

  26. Fellicia
    Fellicia says:

    I wanted to ask, how many treatments of botox do you actually need if you have hyperhidrosis? Excess sweating of my feet and face is so boring, I remember I googled everything on the topic of how to sweat less, and it all led me to either glands removal or botox. Since the first one sounds utterly scary, I decided to see how much botox costs and how many actual treatments you need?

  27. Stella
    Stella says:

    Have you try the armpit sweat pads? Hahah, I have even tried that, those things are ridiculous! I feel like an old lady, and I am only 25. I read the article thoroughly, and I have noticed that mostly man suffer from hyperhidrosis. Well, lucky me. I sweat a lot, and the increased sweating started when I was in my teenage years. Before it, I was just a normal child like any other. Over sweating now, just causes me frustration, and after reading this, it definitely pushed me into trying the treatment for excessive sweating. I can’t even wear a formal dress, that has no sleeves, because the area around my armpits gets so sweaty, it’s awful. I want to stop underarm sweat once and for all!

  28. Botox for sweating?
    Botox for sweating? says:

    I’m not a professional, but isn’t injecting toxins in the form of Botox kind of dangerous? Profuse sweating is something very common, and it’s not just about genes. It’s about our lifestyle.

    My cousin Karina cured her excessive underarm sweating by regulating her nutrition and eliminating the foods that sort of ‘’motivate’’ the sweat glands to sweat more. Therefore, if you want to know really how to stop sweating so much, google nutrition and sweating, and you will see so many great articles, professionals correlating sweating, and nutrition. It’s not just something someone came up to prevent Botox. Hyperhidrosis is embarrassing, and if you can avoid going to the doctors or surgeons why not? Try the natural way first! You control your own body!

    • John
      John says:

      If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, trust me a tiny amount of toxin isn’t a problem. Hyperhidrosis is one of the worst and most embarrassing conditions one can have.

  29. botox for sweating
    botox for sweating says:

    I need to get the ‘sweat message’ out of my brain and pronto! Over sweating of my face has taken over my life. I can’t even put on make-up, not to mention how guys look at me when I am walking down the street with a wet and shiny forehead! Not only am I frustrated, I am angry at myself for not going to get Botox earlier! No matter what the causes of sweating are in my case, can I just go and get Botox without a consultation or do I need a check-up first?

  30. Anja
    Anja says:

    I sweat a lot too, but I think excessive sweating is a way of getting the toxins out. And it probably means that if you are sweating too much you have an excess of toxins in your body, that your body is trying to get rid of on its own. Sweating all the time is just an over exaggeration. Nobody sweats 24/7! Get your nutrition in order, and your habits and you will probably see a big difference, without any botox.

  31. Mari
    Mari says:

    I understand all the people who are sweating profusely. It’s really quite embarrassing. However, in my own opinion, the best treatment for excessive sweating is with botox, especially if you experience excessive armpit sweating. It’s not that painful at all, it’s a bit uncomfortable, and it’s going to be probably scary if you don’t like needles. I used to cringe every time somebody gave me a shot, so imagine how I perceive it. But, the results do show an improvement because botox does stop underarm sweat, and you no longer have to see huge circles of sweat on your shirts. Try it out.

  32. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    So… I’m kind of confused. Is hypohidrosis and hyperhidrosis the same thing? My personal problem is actually not the common sweaty armpits. I cant’ see to stop the constant sweating of my hands. I can’t stop the sweaty hands, and every time I try do to normal things like everyone else I get embarrassed. It’s such a weird feeling, like your hands are immersed in water all the time. When I shake someone’s hand, and I do a lot cause of business, everyone takes it as a sign of nervousness and weakness. Can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen people rub their hands against their coats after shaking hands with me. Imagine your life like that, isn’t it awkward? My mum used to tell me I have the ‘’sweating disease’’. I know it’s not a disease, and I read a comment here that said that it’s genetic. NOBODY in my family has problems with excessive sweating, so why me? The heavy sweating of my hands needs to go away, but can Botox be applied to the palm area? I see that you are talking about the underarm area, but hands are different I guess, so how does that work? Please tell me that there is a solution, otherwise I will start wearing gloves all the time!

  33. Kyla
    Kyla says:

    I believe that increased sweating can be stopped with Botox and that’s a fact. I believe in AD, because I know that only experts work there and they really do know what they are talking about. Heavy sweating can be reduced with hyperhidrosis surgery; however, I think the treatment that is proposed in this article is actually the best way to treat sweating too much. I sweat a lot. I actually sweat too much. When I’m in business meetings, I have to wear clothes that don’t actually flatter me, but more rather cover up the sweaty pits. And the forehead area? I sweat so much it looks I came in from the pouring rain!

  34. Rosa
    Rosa says:

    The causes of hyperhydrosis could be due to overactive sweat glands. It can be solved with medicine I think, because my niece had it for quite some time. I’m not a doctor and this is not an advice, just thought to put this here in order for people to consider some other options instead of surgery.

  35. Rod
    Rod says:

    I was wondering how to stop sweaty armpits, I always use deodorant but it doesn’t seem to stop the sweating. I know Botox is good for wrinkles but I didn’t know it was an excessive sweating treatment too. Can I get botox to stop my excessive underarm sweating?

    • Serena
      Serena says:

      My brother, who is 28 now, has the same problem with hyperhidrosis. He doesn’t stop sweating, and at times we do make fun of him, but I believe he gets so ashamed by it. And when you get ashamed, you get nervous, and the nervousness itself can cause even more sweat, and then he’s caught in this circle of excessive perspiration that he can’t get out of. We have tried everything, except botox, because he is terrified of the doctors and needles. I’m going to show him this article in order to motivate him a bit, and get him acquainted with the procedure itself. To clarify, he doesn’t have sweaty palms or a sweaty face, just the armpit area. It’s a complete disaster. We even tried some herbal teas, soaking them in cotton and then putting it in the armpit area… Nothing really works!

    • Jordan
      Jordan says:

      hey Rod, botox for sweating is a great treatment! Its quick and simple and relatively cheap compared to the other alternatives. I suffer from hyperhidrosis undermars and I had the treatment done there with no problem, no drama!

  36. teen girl
    teen girl says:

    I’m so glad I am not the only one with sweating problems. I can’t seem to stop sweaty hands and excessive head sweating. I am in my teens, so I get bullied a lot for it, although I am usually not very shy or nervous, the appearance of sweat makes people think I have some issues. And I really don’t. And the girls, they seem to run away from like I have some disease! I can understand that it’s not an appealing, but I really don’t want to spend my life with people running away from me like I’m some kind of a leper! Here’s the deal. Since my mum doesn’t want to pay botox for me because she says it’s dangerous, and that there are natural ways to cure sweating of my forehead, I want to see if I can come up with the money on my own. How much is it? Can I go to the doctor and request a check-up so to get some kind of a discount on the treatment for excessive sweating? I will do anything at this point, because I am really missing out on a lot!

  37. Ely
    Ely says:

    Surgical removal of glands is very dangerous, and it’s not something to joke around with. There is a growing trend towards removing sweat glads. There is also miradry treatment which apparently also destroys the sweat glads. Hyperhidrosis that effects any part of the body is embarrassing. But there are ways to stop sweating, without eliminating one of the most crucial things in our body. Not only could it be dangerous, the process and the outcome are questionable. Does it really benefit the body? Where does the sweat go then?

  38. Jay
    Jay says:

    How to stop sweaty armpits? I have tried everything.. waxing, deo, even tried some natural hyperhidrosis medication which didn’t work. It is a real problem for me and just really want to know how to stop excessive sweating.. I hope someone can help me.

  39. Chris
    Chris says:

    I had this treatment before and it works great. I don’t suffer from hyperhidrosis but I just wanted to control the amount of sweating. Its a very safe treatment so even if you don’t suffer from hyperhidrosis but just want to control the amount your sweat its a good option to look into.

  40. Julian
    Julian says:

    What are the causes of sweaty feet? I don’t wear anything except cotton, and I try to keep my feet out of shoes and socks as much as I can, which seems to give me a lot of colds. Still, nothing helps. I’ve tried those bath salts with mint and other things, but nothing helped. My wife is an avid reader of this website and blog, so she sat me down and told me to comb through the website in order to find a way to solve my sweating problems.

    My question so far is about injecting Botox into my feet. How does that even work?

  41. Botox for Hyperhidrosis
    Botox for Hyperhidrosis says:

    I have hyperhidrosis. For over 10 years Ive been having botox for my hyperhidrosis its the best treatment for it!

  42. Helen
    Helen says:

    I believe that I have hyperhidrosis. I have never been diagnosed with it, but I have excessive sweating. I take a shower once a day and use a good antibacterial soap. Yet I still sweat. The perspiration is quite embarrassing for me. I would like to know more about the hyperhidrosis treatment Botox. I feel that I would be a great candidate for this as I am tired of having to change my clothes and am sick of being embarrassed. This has gone on too long and I just want it to stop.

  43. AJ
    AJ says:

    I mainly get night sweats. At first, I was not concerned because it is hot in my apartment at night. But even when its cooling down, I still suffer from this excessive sweating. It is mainly at night that I sweat, but sometimes during the day as well. I guess I would like to be in contact with a dermatologist to learn more about a hyperhidrosis treatments that can work for me. I would be all for having Botox injections. I think that this treatment would work well as it does not hurt and the treatment lasts for 6 months. I also like the fact that the body can easily adapt to this treatment and release heat from other areas of the body.

  44. Please help
    Please help says:

    Hello everyone, my name is Amy. I am embarrassed to say that I sweat way too much. I thought that I was the only one that had this condition and am glad that it is a real thing. I do not feel clean when I sweat this much. I take two showers a day, use lots of soap, and make sure that I apply an antiperspirant throughout the day. I even take changes of clothes with me. I want to find a treatment that will help with all this sweating. I feel uncomfortable and just feel that others must think that I am a weirdo. I would do anything to help get this issue solved.

  45. Alex
    Alex says:

    I have excessive perspiration that I would like to have taken care of. I have looked for different methods on how to stop sweating but I keep coming up with the same solutions that I am doing: showering daily(often 2 or 3 times), changing clothes often, washing them after wearing once, using deodorant and antiperspirant. But none of these methods work for me. I will have to have some sort of hyperhidrosis treatment done to help me. I look forward to speaking with a doctor about this as I just want this issue solved.

  46. Zara Adams
    Zara Adams says:

    Six months ago, I had Botox injected into under my arms due to excessive sweating. The doctor used ultra fine needles and I did not feel any of the pain. Just the tiny prick of the needle going into my skin and that did not hurt one bit. I go back in next week to have another session done. I would recommend this treatment as it is quick and does not hurt. I was in and out in a matter of minutes from my clinic.


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