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Hyperhidrosis: Is There a Solution to Excessive Sweating?

Did you know that excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a medical condition? It’s a problem that’s more common than you may think. Do you recognise a scenario like this one? It’s a breezy spring day. You leave your home, fresh and crisp from the shower. Before you even get to your destination, you feel the sweat dripping down your back and your shirt shows dark wet patches under the arms. Or perhaps you recognise this one: You and your buddy are working out at the gym lifting weights. Your buddy occasionally uses a towel to wipe his brow, but you are constantly using your towel to mop up the sweat pooling on the bench after your set. If these situations or ones like them are familiar, you may suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Rest easy, there are a number of excessive sweating treatment options available and we discuss the most popular one below.

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What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Rest easy, there are a number of solutions. It is specifically defined as a condition wherein the body sweats beyond its temperature regulation needs. Hyperhidrosis generally runs in families and thus is considered genetic. It mostly occurs in men, but a small number of women are also affected. Common areas of hyperhidrosis are the underarm or armpit, the hands, the feet and the face.  While hyperhidrosis is not dangerous, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Anti-wrinkle Injections:

Anti-wrinkle injections are known for its common use as a treatment for lines and wrinkles of the face. It is also useful for those with hyperhidrosis. Anti-wrinkle injections in the affected area create a block between sweat glands and the brain. The brain can no longer get its “sweat now” message out.

The Procedure: Anti-Wrinkle Injection for Hyperhidrosis

Fine needles are used to inject anti-wrinkle injections into the sweat glands in the affected area. Little pain, if any, is experienced by the patient. The procedure takes only a few minutes and the benefits of the procedure last for approximately six months. The most common area of treatment for hyperhidrosis in the underarm. There are currently other treatments available for hyperhidrosis including laser treatment and surgical removal of the sweat glands. These come with their own set of potential risks. If the sweat glands are rendered dysfunctional, you may be concerned that your body will be unable to perform its temperature regulation function. This is not a concern. The body is easily able to adapt by releasing excess heat from the rest of the surface area of the body. Consider your situation: Does excessive sweating have a negative impact on your life? If so, does it affect you emotionally and physically? Have treatments for hyperhidrosis that you have tried in the past worked? Consider consulting a physician to address your concerns and help you to make an appropriate treatment decision.

Why Choose Advanced Dermatology as your provider of Excessive Sweating Treatment?

At Advanced Dermatology Sydney we are dedicated with a sole purpose of improving skin and in the process we make one single promise, to provide advanced medical in-office and at-home skin treatment that are backed by science. Our doctors and nurses will take the time to discuss and to understand your full requirements and that way assist you in the best possible way. We know how hard it is to make that first phone call about any cosmetic procedure – we have found many of our patience prefer to fill out our call back contact form in which case one of our friendly staff will contact you to further discuss the procedure you are interested in. It is as easy as clicking here to request a call back otherwise, you can call us directly on 1300 788 800.

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First step should always be a consultation with one of our nurses to assess treatment options.
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Consultations are subject to our standard terms & conditions which you can read here.
9 replies
  1. Julia
    Julia says:

    How do you know if you have hyperhidrosis or if its just normal sweating? Is there a test I can take to check up? Would private health insurance cover this procedure or even Medicare?

  2. Little Miss Sunshine
    Little Miss Sunshine says:

    Thank you for the recommendations and insight into the hyperhidrosis treatments. How much would this treatment cost? How much does it cost compared to a laser treatment to treat sweaty palms? I constantly have sweaty palms and I just want to stop the sweating. I live in Sydney so Im hoping someone from Sydney could recommend a place they have been to or if there is an at home solution I could try. Thank you in advance!

  3. Daniella
    Daniella says:

    How does one know if they have hyperhidrosis or if they are just sweating due to the heat? Ive noticed that there are a few people who have mentioned that they have sweaty palms.

    I often get sweaty palms and facial sweating. I was advised that it could be related to stress and diet, however I have tried cutting out the stress and my diet is good but I still get sweaty palms and excessive facial sweats..

    I’m wondering if there is a clinic in Sydney that I could visit to get this checked out?

  4. Rosa
    Rosa says:

    The causes of hyperhydrosis could be due to overactive sweat glands. It can be solved with medicine I think, because my niece had it for quite some time. I’m not a doctor and this is not an advice, just thought to put this here in order for people to consider some other options instead of surgery.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    I have excessive perspiration that I would like to have taken care of. I have looked for different methods on how to stop sweating but I keep coming up with the same solutions that I am doing: showering daily(often 2 or 3 times), changing clothes often, washing them after wearing once, using deodorant and antiperspirant. But none of these methods work for me. I will have to have some sort of hyperhidrosis treatment done to help me. I look forward to speaking with a doctor about this as I just want this issue solved.

  6. Gabriella M
    Gabriella M says:

    Just relating to the comment below, I don’t believe Medicare covers procedures for hyperhidrosis as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. I had the same problem, excessive sweating underarms and I poped into a local laser clinic in Sydney and had a treatment there. It was very affordable and safe. They used botox injections to stop sweating, I would recommend you doing that too. Hope that helps :)


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