Fraxel Laser

Introduction to Fraxel Laser Technology

What It Is and How It Can Help Your Skin

When you look at your body in the mirror, what stands out to you most? If you are like most people, you focus on your biggest flaws. Maybe the flaws you see are concentrated in your face. You are watching fine lines and wrinkles develop with age. Perhaps you have skin discoloration or moderate to severe scarring from acne or an injury. You may even suffer from sagging skin or other imperfections caused sun damage or other health conditions.

While you may choose to accept your flaws and highlight your attributes, you may also choose to seek out professional laser resurfacing procedures to make those flaws less prominent. If the term “laser resurfacing” brings to mind images of raw, swollen flesh and exaggerated results that look unnatural, let us introduce you to advanced Fraxel laser technology.

This advanced form of laser resurfacing causes far less skin damage and does not require lengthy recovery periods. You can spend less than an hour with a trained professional and enjoy results that look natural and fresh. In less than a week, you will have fully recovered from a Fraxel treatment, and in many cases, only one treatment is needed to achieve the desired results.

What Is Fraxel Laser Technology?

Fraxel is the name of a laser resurfacing machine that was introduced to the market in 2004. Prior to the development of this technology, laser resurfacing treatments were either ablative or non-ablative. Ablative treatments caused significant damage to the dermis and epidermis, but they delivered maximum results in just one treatment. Non-ablative treatments like IPL were introduced to produce less surface damage to the skin, and reducing the amount of recovery time required post treatment.

Fraxel laser machines were developed as an advanced form of traditional laser treatments. This technology allowed technicians to target smaller areas of skin in a more precise manner, causing far less damage to surrounding skin tissue. Fraxel treatments are just as effective as traditional laser resurfacing procedures, but they cause far less damage to the outer layers of the skin. This means that it takes five days or less to fully recover from this type of treatment.

The main difference between traditional ablative laser treatments and Fraxel laser treatment is the type of laser beam sprayed onto the skin. Traditional treatments saturated the skin with a single beam, damaging all skin cells in the treated area of skin. Fraxel machines break that solid beam of light energy up into thousands of tiny beams, so some areas of the treated skin are not exposed to the heat produced by the lasers. This technology is referred to as fractioned laser technology, and it is now used in many other types of machines as well as the Fraxel machine.

Potential Side Effects

There are not many side effects to worry about with Fraxel laser treatment or any of the other types of fractional laser treatments. You can expect to receive treatment in less than an hour, and most patients can comfortably carry on with their daily lives after leaving the office. If you are worried that others may notice swelling or redness after the procedure, you may choose to take the rest of the day off and treat your skin with an ice pack to relieve those minor side effects. Most people do not notice significant swelling or redness, but it is prudent to expect some minor effects.

If you have dark skin, there is a chance you could experience some pigment changes after the procedure. This may also happen if you have a history of pigmentation concerns. You can discuss this possibility with your chosen Fraxel provider, though it is not an issue for most people.

Moving Beyond the Original Fraxel Laser Machine

The most current fractional laser machines offer the most precise results with treatments reaching deeper layers of the dermis.

While the original Fraxel laser machine was a huge improvement over the laser treatments used previously, these modern fractional machines produce even less damage to the epidermis while delivering greater results in just one or two treatments. These machines are not mainstream yet, but you can expect to hear more about them in the near future as consumers catch on to their benefits.

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  1. Ash
    Ash says:

    I heard about the fraxel laser resurfacing, when my friend at work was bragging about her new secret to youthful skin that glows and radiates. I tried to ignore her as usual, but I noticed that she really did look different. She later on told me, of course it’s not a secret anymore, that it was the fraxel laser resurfacing. Which sounded like a thing the aliens invented to me. Google made it much more clear to me. I browsed the fraxel laser before and after shots, and they really show a difference. The skin doesn’t look so boring and old after it… Then I stumbled upon this article which really informed me about the rest of the details. Great stuff… Scheduled my consultation in Sydney for next week, wish me good luck.

  2. Eliza
    Eliza says:

    Does the fraxel laser really work? Maybe not for everyone. I went for three treatments, and I don’t really see many improvements. Is it possible that my skin is immune to that? My face suffered from acne for a long time, so you can imagine how scarred I am. Besides that, I have some dark and white spots on my face, which I don’t really know where they came from, they just appeared. So none of those seem to fade away. Maybe a bit, but for a treatment that is so expensive, I could have gone for laser surgery and redo my entire face. Just ask your doctor before you choose a procedure based on references or reviews of other people. It really must depend on the medical conditions of your skin, or maybe even how much it is already damaged. I don’t know, haven’t asked the doctor, because he didn’t even ask me anything. I have another session scheduled. Maybe it’s too early to tell.

  3. Desleigh
    Desleigh says:

    I have read top to bottom, and scraped he barrel of the internet in search of fraxel laser reviews, and I am amazed. There are so many positive experiences and so many positive opinions. I’ve never seen people rave so much about a procedure. The fraxel laser treatment definitely has my recommendations. I decided to add my own positive feedback. The treatment itself isn’t painful at all, it’s a bit uncomfortable later… At least for me it was, I felt itching… But it went away right the next day. I wanted to treat the wrinkles, especially on my forehead because they stand out the most, and that’s the first thing I saw when I looked at myself in the mirror, like it says in the article. I am going for my second treatment, and although I can’t see a significant change now, I am sure that they will show soon.

  4. Sandra Louise
    Sandra Louise says:

    I found this article and I was like what is fraxel laser anyway. Never heard of it, and I’m astonished that it has existed for so long. And I have struggled with acne exactly that long, so why am I living under the rock? I will definitely have to try the skin resurfacing, this stuff looks revolutionary to me!!! Gosh, it would be really wonderful to have clear skin, less spots and scars, and cuts from all the pimples that were the usual décor on my face. Now I can joke around, but it did bother me for a long time. As much as the scars are bothering me now. Is there anyone here who can recommend a wonderful specialist with who I can start of my fraxel experience? Or a clinic of some sort, that is reputable and has good reviews and rankings. I don’t want anyone tampering with my skin, who doesn’t know what laser resurfacing is. Thank you!!

  5. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    It’s all over Australia, and the entire world. At Sydney fraxel is available at every modern clinic that keeps up with trends. Not just a modern clinic, because the treatment has existed in different forms throughout time. I know this because I had to do a research paper on laser treatments, so I’m quite familiar with that. The fraxel laser treatments also have a good reputation with people dealing with different kinds of issues, because it brings several different benefits.

    This article was really honest and open, and everyone should use it as a guy, if they are thinking about doing something. It’s got all the facts and the history, really appreciate it. Helped with my research as well.

  6. Elena
    Elena says:

    I once went for microdermabrasion, and that’s never going to happen again, that’s all I’m going to say. I don’t really like to hate on anything, I just like to state my opinion. I believe there are many people out there who would agree with me that not all recommended treatments work for everyone. Since microdermabrasion didn’t work for me, I chose a great laser clinic, that was suggested by a friend of mine, and there they had fraxel laser, for years and years, but I was living under a rock, so I didn’t know that.
    I love it; it’s not really a big deal. At least it helps, not like these fancy new treatments, which cost a lot of money, and do nothing. The claims are not far fetched… I didn’t have any side effects, which is even batter. I chose the Fraxel Restore, but I chose the Fraxel Refine, just because I wanted to be less harsh on my skin. And I was right, it was just the right choice for me.

  7. Vanessa H.
    Vanessa H. says:

    It’s all over Australia, and the entire world. At Sydney fraxel is available at every modern clinic that keeps up with trends. Not just a modern clinic, because the treatment has existed in different forms throughout time. I know this because I had to do a research paper on laser treatments, so I’m quite familiar with that. The fraxel laser treatments also have a good reputation with people dealing with different kinds of issues, because it brings several different benefits.
    This article was really honest and open, and everyone should use it as a guy, if they are thinking about doing something. It’s got all the facts and the history, really appreciate it. Helped with my research as well.

  8. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    I saw many fraxel laser before and after pictures, it’s not like you can’t find them. You can find anything online; you just probably didn’t search well enough! And if you look at those pictures, you can also see for real what fraxel laser side effects are, and what they may be. It doesn’t mean that you will look like those people on pictures, you know, skin is so different from person to person… You just have to very careful and talk to a specialist in details so that you try to avoid any nasty side effects.

  9. D.P. Sanders
    D.P. Sanders says:

    Is the laser skin rejuvenation the same thing as fraxel laser resurfacing? I have been reading for hours now, but I am so confused, I can’t focus, I don’t know what is what! I’d like to touch up my face from time to time, since I don’t really have much damage, I’d just like it to live a little. To make it more elastic and bright… I read about fraxel refine, and it really caught my attention, but at the same time, I’m wondering is there something that’s not so aggressive? Something that’s not a laser, and creates the same results…

  10. Mel K.
    Mel K. says:

    My skin changed a lot ever since I started treating it better. I left the care of my skin in charge of professionals. I visit spas, beauty centres, and clinics more often. I used to break out a lot, and get sunspots, pores were so large… I didn’t really know what to do with my skin so now I leave it to the pros. As for the fraxel Melbourne has great clinics and places to get you acquainted with it.
    I love the treatment, because it really goes deep into your skin and cleans all the impurities and boosts production of collagen to the point where you just keep noticing changes all the time. I treat my entire face, not just areas. I do an area for one treatment, and then I choose another area for the second treatment. Of course, you don’t have to do it that way, you can choose in consultation with the doctor. Read the fraxel laser reviews and it will help a lot.
    But the changes I’ve noticed are really great, and it’s not just me, many other people see it to, so they must be really obvious.

  11. Emerie
    Emerie says:

    What is the fraxel laser cost? Can you do it on other parts of your body, or is it just for the face? I once went for permanent hair removal, with a laser, it was just fine. I had burning sensation, but nothing big. I had to repeat it a couple of times, so I would really get rid of the hair. So, I support the laser cosmetics, I’m a huge fan. I don’t know about those other treatments, like skin rejuvenation or thermage, or those vampire treatments people get these days… That just seems like something to get the money out of your pocket. Why not just create one good treatment, why so many for the same thing? People just get confused…

  12. Tony
    Tony says:

    I heard that the fraxel laser costs thousands of dollars, because you need several treatments not only one. One doesn’t work, that’s kind of logical… So why get the fraxel laser procedure instead of some invasive surgery? I’m not scared of needles, and I have a lot of skin problems, which can be expensive to fix.

  13. Reviews Gal
    Reviews Gal says:

    Through fraxel laser reviews and articles such as this one, I realized that it is basically destroying skin cells, in chance that new ones will be more beautiful and will cover up all the flaws and damages we have, from whatever the cause is. I just didn’t seem to find any fraxel laser results, pictures or anything like that. You know like, real, valid evidence that it works? I can say that it works, but why believe me…

  14. Bay
    Bay says:

    My daughter has had severe acne ever since she was in puberty. Even as a child, people would give her those sad looks, because she had terrible skin, and there was nothing we could do about it, as a mother that really brought me down. I felt like it was my fault that I couldn’t help her. Now, when she is older, I decided to help her, and I believe that the fraxel laser is the only thing that helped… Fraxel has been around for so long, but I think I waited for a good time for her to mature a bit and not be that scared of the cosmetics procedures. You know, young women don’t really believe in those kinds of things. She went for a fraxel repair, which is supposed to treat severely damaged skin. And I believe it is just what it does. It penetrates the skin so deep, that it heels it from where the problems actually occur. In addition, it makes the scars fade away. I can already see such a great improvement after the third treatment. Bear in mind, that she really has terrible skin.


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