Innovations in Laser Skin Resurfacing – From the Fraxel to Syneron Sublative Treatment

Human skin is separated into three layers. The outer layer that you can touch is called the epidermis. This layer contains melanocytes, which are pigmented cells that determine the colour of your skin. The middle layer is called the dermis and contains collagen and elastin fibres. These fibres are what keep your skin firm and smooth. The inner layer is called the subcutis and contains fat that plumps your skin.

As your body ages, the epidermis begins thinning out and the dermis begins losing collagen and elastin fibers. This causes fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin that naturally come with age. If you don’t want to let your skin show its age proudly, you need to see a professional for laser resurfacing.

Laser Resurfacing in History

Once upon a time, you had to subject your skin to ablative laser treatments that vaporized facial tissue in the epidermis and dermis in order to get substantial results, and that required at least a week for recovery. Non-ablative laser treatments, like IPL, were developed in order to deliver results with less damage to the epidermis. These treatments are not always as effective as ablative treatments, but they do require less recovery time.

Professionals offering laser treatments were ecstatic when fractional technology was introduced in 2003 and the first Fraxel machine was released in 2004. This technology delivers the results formerly seen only with invasive ablative laser procedures but causes less damage to the epidermis and requires a much shorter recovery period.

The Fraxel machine with fractional laser technology. Machines designed with this technology can deliver amazing results with just one or two treatment sessions, but they don’t require a week or more for recovery. You essentially get the benefits of the former ablative and non-ablative laser treatments, but those benefits are combined in one improved treatment.

Today, there are many types of fractional laser machines on the market, so the Fraxel machine is not your only option. If you want to increase collagen and elastin production and plump up your skin so that the signs of ageing are less prominent, fractional laser treatment is your best option. There are also many other uses for this technology, so keep reading to learn more about these advanced treatment options.

How Does Fractional Technology Work?

When the machines for laser resurfacing first hit the market, CO2 lasers saturated the skin with solid beams of light energy and vaporized the targeted skin tissue. This was effective, but it caused considerable damage to the dermis and epidermis. Fractional technology is different because it doesn’t deliver a solid beam of light energy. The light beams are fractioned into thousands of tiny columns. These columns of energy are deep enough to affect the dermis, but they limit damage to surrounding skin tissue.

Fraxel treatments use laser beams emitted from special machines just like previous laser treatments, but the fractioned beams of energy remove old cells on the surface of the skin while creating deep holes in the dermis. The damage to the dermis naturally causes the body to start producing healthy skin cells, collagen, and elastin in order to repair those deep layers of skin. Those fresh skin cells deliver a more youthful glow to the skin while the collagen and elastin work to keep the skin tight and firm.

Fractional treatments are fast and efficient, and you should only need one or two treatment sessions to deliver significant results. When you go in for treatment, an anesthetic cream will be used to numb the skin. A gliding gel is applied over the treatment area to allow a robotic arm to glide smoothly over the skin. This arm delivers the fractioned beams of light energy.

Trained medical professionals must determine the intensity of the fraxel laser beams to ensure safe and effective results, so research the qualifications of any professional delivering treatment. In most cases, the entire face is treated in about half an hour. You can also receive treatment to other areas of the body suffering from signs of ageing, scarring, and other skin problems.

Anti-Ageing and Beyond

The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles is not the only application for fractional laser treatments. You may also consider treatment for the following skin issues:

  • Acne scars
  • Age spots
  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Sun damage

Remember, the epidermis contains cells that affect skin pigmentation, and the dermis contains collagen and elastin. Since Fraxel treatments can affect both of these skin layers, they can improve issues involving pigmentation as well as skin ageing.

Professionals trained to use this technology utilise a variety of machinery beyond the official Fraxel machine to do amazing things for patients suffering from many different skin conditions. If you have a skin problem that has not responded to other treatments or that you have yet to treat, it doesn’t hurt to discuss fractional treatment options with a professional.

Fraxel versus Other Laser Treatments

Fractional treatments are the newest laser treatments on the market, so they are among the most expensive options. Yet, many consumers prefer this type of treatment at any cost because of substantial differences from other laser treatments:

  • Fast procedures
  • Limited pain during procedure
  • Less than a week recovery time
  • Dramatic results in one to two treatments

The problem with ablative laser treatments is that they require at least a week for full recovery, oftentimes longer. The problem with IPL and other non-ablative laser treatments is that the results are less dramatic, so you often need three or more treatments to deliver expected results. Fraxel treatments are different because they deliver noticeable results in just one or two treatments and require far less time for recovery.

Advances in Fractional Technology

The Fraxel machine blew the minds of trained medical practitioners as well as patients when it was first introduced, but technology has moved on over the past 10 years. You can still see amazing results from a Fraxel machine, but many other fractioned laser machines on the market deliver even better results.

One of the best machines currently competing with the Fraxel machine is the Syneron Sublative machine. This machine uses fractioned radio frequencies to heat up the dermis. This heat damages that inner layer of skin, allowing the body to start generating fresh skin cells and producing more elastin and collagen. This is done with very little damage to the epidermis, so you get exceptional results without substantial redness, swelling, and other surface layer side effects.

The main difference between the original Fraxel machine and machines like Syneron Sublative is the depth reached by the skin. The more advanced machines can reach deeper into the skin and target the dermis with more precision. While the Fraxel machine impacts the epidermis much less than the traditional laser treatments, these more advanced machines deliver even less damage to that outer layer of skin.

You no longer have to suffer with substantial skin damage for weeks on end as a result of skin rejuvenation procedures. You can spend an hour or less with a well-trained medical provider and fully recover in just four or five days. You may not even need follow-up treatments to achieve the results you expect. That is the difference that fractional laser technology makes for your skin.

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  1. fraxel restore is worth it!
    fraxel restore is worth it! says:

    The fraxel restores skin deep. It can repair sun damage and acne in a way that you can’t even imagine! Before I chose the laser treatment I read many fraxel reviews, just to make sure it’s really worth the money. And I can tell you all that it is.
    Don’t waste a penny on creams and stuff like that, that’s not going to work. With those things, you can only see little differences. The laser may burn your skin, and burn off some layers, but it will really deal with the hard-core problems. In my case, those were acne. Acne protruding on every part of my face, being infected, causing scars and holes… That’s not just a beauty issue, it’s really emotionally draining. I’m glad that the fraxel exists, and I’d recommend it to all people who had acne problems!

  2. Ivana
    Ivana says:

    I don’t really understand that science stuff, and when it comes to understanding the skin and how it ages and deteriorates, I’m even worse. That’s why when I heard of fraxel laser, I skipped all the theory and went right to business. I contacted a clinic, which did the fraxel laser treatment. They were more than happy to welcome me into their environment and explain everything to me, although, as I said, I don’t really care what goes on, as long as you can do something about it. For fraxel Sydney is the best place. There are so many great clinics and places to choose from, that the list is endless. This laser resurfacing has been something that has existed for years and years now, and it has evolved so much, no wonder it creates miracles for people. Admitting, I have heard some stories about burning and brusiing.. I think it really depends on the laser.. there are apparently heaps of different lasers, co2 laser apparently is the most dangerous one but gives incredible results.. Science and medicine really go all the way to fulfil our every little wish…

  3. Ebru
    Ebru says:

    Does the fraxel laser treatment cost a lot? Laser procedures are quite pricey, I presume. Beauty treatments are expensive as well, so I presume also that the fraxel treatment can take a lot of money out of your savings account. Thousands of dollars are not a sum to be joking about…

  4. Fraxel Reviews
    Fraxel Reviews says:

    Through fraxel laser reviews and articles such as this one, I realized that it is basically destroying skin cells, in chance that new ones will be more beautiful and will cover up all the flaws and damages we have, from whatever the cause is. I just didn’t seem to find any fraxel laser results, pictures or anything like that. You know like, real, valid evidence that it works? I can say that it works, but why believe me…

  5. Skin lover
    Skin lover says:

    Is the fraxel dual laser good for skin tightening? I know it’s good for acne scars and sun damage, which is stated right here, but what about just basic needs for reviving and re-firming your skin? I too am a firm believer of lasers, not any other kinds of treatments. I don’t want to get anti-wrinkle injections or fillers, I’d rather choose this.

  6. Uma
    Uma says:

    I was also wondering about the fraxel laser cost… I don’t really have a lot of money, but I would be able to collect some, for one treatment… But thousands of dollars? That’s just too much. If you ask me, for thousands of dollars you can do many things that can make you happier, even happier than a beauty treatment makes you.

  7. Timea
    Timea says:

    I think that laser dermatology is great for people who don’t have delicate skin, but for those of you who do, just be aware, and don’t rush into it just like that. Discuss it with your doctor, he will examine your skin; discuss what your skin reacts to and what it doesn’t! My doctor recommended an ipl treatment, so I did it, and I am happy that I had such a thorough discussion with him. I found something that didn’t damage my skin any more than it already was damaged, and it helped at the same time.

  8. Paty
    Paty says:

    The fraxel laser is the best thing that can happen to someone’s skin! I adore it, couldn’t live without it. I am wondering how I survived for so long anyways. Fraxel laser resurfacing is almost painless, takes so little out of your everyday life… It doesn’t consume time, and the recovery is so fast, too. I love it!

  9. Ri Ri
    Ri Ri says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see any effects? This is my second treatment… The fraxel repairs sunspots and damages from the sun, but I don’t seem to see a change. My face is covered with those damages, but I thought that by the time I went for my second treatment it would work for me…
    As for the fraxel laser Perth has a great clinic… I can’t say anything bad about the doctor or the staff. They are so welcoming and helpful, and they really took away most of the fear I had before the procedure itself. Most of the things you read on the Internet are not true… People exaggerate and describe it as a painful ordeal. It’s not that bad. Of course you’re going to feel it, it’s penetrating into your skin and damaging it and all that different stuff… But if it’s worth it… How much am I supposed to wait to see the results?!

  10. Cake Pop
    Cake Pop says:

    You can’t put a price on everything people! Most of you just complain about money and pricing, and you’re not even talking about your skin issues!
    The fraxel laser price is not that bad, compared to what it can do for you! So, if you don’t like the price, buy some cheap cream and convince yourself that it is going to help you!

  11. Latoya
    Latoya says:

    Are these fraxel laser treatments dangerous? Do you have some cream for protection? I don’t know, seems so painful to burn skin…


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