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Did You Know There Are Non-Surgical Options?

Not everyone is born looking the way they want. For some, there are things about themselves, that if they could change, they would. If you have always wished that your nose was shaped differently, there is a procedure which can alter the appearance of it. Rhinoplasty is a surgery that can reshape the nose to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Since it is an invasive treatment, it does not come without downtime and risks related to surgery. More commonly referred to as a nose job, plastic surgeons everywhere are correcting imperfections for millions around the world.

What type of corrections can rhinoplasty make?

Rhinoplasty can correct many conditions, some that are you are born with, and others which can result from an accident. It can aid in both aesthetically treating the nose, as well as functionally treating any medical abnormalities. When there has been trauma, it can repair damage that can lead to respiratory impediment. Not a new procedure, it has been practiced by plastic surgeons for decades with successful results abound.

Which types of professionals are trained for rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney?

There are two types of procedures for rhinoplasty, closed and open. An otolaryngologist, a plastic surgeon, or a maxillofacial surgeon can perform rhinoplasty. They are all specially trained professionals who fix the nose in many different ways. The determination of who is best for the given procedure depends upon why you are having it done. If you are aesthetically fixing your nose, a plastic surgeon is probably more inept than an otolaryngologist, who is more appropriate for functional abnormalities.

How is a rhinoplasty done?

When you have a rhinoplasty the surgeon begins by separating the soft tissue and the skin from the osseo-cartilaginous framework of the nasal cavity. Once the structure is corrected, as indicated to fix the form and the function of it, the incisions are sutured carefully. The site is then packed with a stent, or a package, to keep the construction in place. It is important to completely immobilize the nasal cavity to allow for healing time.

What is a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

There is such a thing as non-surgical rhinoplasty. It is more appropriate in times when the modification is simple or slight. Used to correct minor flaws of the nose, it saves patients from the risks of surgery, and from the downtime that is required after surgery. It involves using various fillers, or biological inserts, to reshape the nose under the skin. Injections are made below the surface of the skin in systematic places to inject the filler. In doing so it is able create a different shape to the nose.

What are the advantages of both types of rhinoplasty available in Sydney?

The major advantage of the non-surgical method is that there is no surgery involved. Being able to affectively change the structure of the nose, without the invasion and risks of surgery, is always preferred. There are limitations to the non-surgical variation. It is not as effective to alter major flaws, or defects of the nose and nasal cavity. When there is a structural issue, non-surgical rhinoplasty will not be able to effective fix the deformities. For those who are looking for minor alterations, however, it does an excellent job of changing the nose to make it more proportioned to the face.

When you have surgery, should you not be happy with the results, being able to alter it will be difficult and require more surgery. The non-surgical course, if not pleased with, will be reabsorbed over time. If you are displeased with the turn out of the procedure, it is not permanent. Over time, the fillers will disappear leaving you with the nose you had prior to the injections. That allows you, in essence, to start over. It is also possible, if you are displeased, to add more fillers to fix whatever corrections you are unhappy with. When possible with any surgery, it is best to start with the least invasive, and if the results are not achieved, to progress to more difficult procedures. There is no harm to beginning with the non surgical rhinoplasty, because surgery is permanent, it should always be the last course of treatment. Non surgical rhinoplasty is something that can be performed on an outpatient basis. Any cosmetic  physician is qualified to conduct the procedure in office. No downtime required, you are able to return to your regular schedule that day and the results are immediate. The complexity of alteration that is needed will ultimately determine which procedure is best for you, but when possible, it is always best to minimize risks.

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  1. Daniella
    Daniella says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of the non surgical rhinoplasty… I’ve been living under the rock probably… I’ve always pictured this procedure as hard banging with that hammer tool they use when the show plastic surgery on TV… it made me cringe every time I saw it on TV. But I am intrigued now. Does anyone know what the cost of rhinoplasty is in Sydney? And no the surgical one, but this less invasive technique. Injections aren’t that bad at all. I think if anyone had to choose a safer alternative to fix their nose, you couldn’t really think of another realistic way to do it. Seem completely legit to me. A bit scary, but less scary than the common one. I’m guessing that the prices probably vary from one clinic to the other, based on what exactly you need to be done. I’m just searching for a rough estimate here.

  2. Belinda
    Belinda says:

    Rhinoplasty in Sydney costs, like in any other city… It’s not going to be for free, and it is a delicate procedure. I have an inborn abnormality, which makes me not able to breathe properly through my nose from time to time. It just comes and goes, but I’m sick and tired of it frankly. I am currently googling rhinoplasty specialists in Sydney, and there are a lot. Which one to choose is the trick. I guess all of us really have to consult the specialists rather than each other. I think they know what they are doing, better than any of us. I did find this article helpful, although now I really have to concentrate on finding the person who is going to responsible and open with me about all the risks and the costs… Money does matter… At least in my world.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    I’ve been looking up rhinoplasty before and after pictures for hours now on google. It looks like such a painful process! I don’t actually have any abnormalities, many of my friends say I have the perfect nose! I’ve always suffered for the little cute noses that other girls had… Rhinoplasty Sydney reviews really vary, so I’m confused. Which rhinoplasty clinic is the best? Which is the best surgeon? And what perplexes me the most is the invasive or not invasive technique. I know that rhinoplasty, the classic one, can be pretty painful and awkward. I don’t think I can go through that. I do like the idea of the fillers they mentioned in this article. Didn’t know much before about them, although I’m not really the ideal beauty person per say. I don’t tamper a lot in the beauty industry, but I’m definitely going on a good clinic hunt from now on! Have to know more about this method! If any of you out there are reading this, and have had any kind of experience, from consultations, clinics, doctors to the procedure itself, let us now, don’t hold it in!

  4. Sonjja
    Sonjja says:

    I’ve heard of the non-surgical rhinoplasty, it’s the latest trend. Rhinoplasty in Sydney has been around for some time, but the non invasive method makes you have the possibility of correcting your imperfections without much downtime, and I love that. Who has the time to take sick days of work, if they will even give you one? I love the idea of injected fillers; in fact I am considering one myself. I don’t really have anything done on my face, but the nose was always a weak point for me, never really loved it, but never really had enough courage to go under the knife… However, I’m not going to do cheap rhinoplasty in Sydney, no way. I’m going for a good doctor, and a reputable clinic. Don’t want to risk my facial beauty for a couple of pennies.

  5. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    Ladies, don’t whine if you want to be beautifu. My mother taught me always to look after myself and be presentable. She also taught me that women have to handle a lot more than man, and show fewer emotions. And that’s how I was raised. I really try to look my best, even when I don’t feel like it. And I’ve been hating my nose for 21 years straight. Now, I’m doing something about it! I found the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney that does definitely the best rhinoplasty in Sydney! The best! I’ve reshaped my nose in the way that makes me happy, and I can safely say that all the pain was worth it. The feeling I get when I look at myself in the mirror now, is just priceless… I would definitely go through it again, but I would really emphasize the importance of the doctor, that appreciates beauty and has careful and artistic hands that can mould your nose into perfection! I’m so, so happy with the results, it’s amazing!

  6. Natasha
    Natasha says:

    I’ve heard from a co-worker of mine about the non surgical rhinoplasty in Sydney. It seems to be a big deal these days in the beauty industry. Am I considering it? No… But my friend is too shy to share her experiences so I’m doing it for her, and for all the women out there. Choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney. Make sure the clinic is top notch, with high quality equipment and staff. Do all the research and examinations, make sure you get exactly what you want, so you don’t have to repeat the entire process again. And make sure you know what you want, and that you are comfortable with your choice. The doctor is not there to decide for you. He is there to distribute the fillers into right places and shape your nose into what you make him do.

  7. Sam Nad
    Sam Nad says:

    As for the rhinoplasty Sydney cost, it is a lot. It’s financially draining and there are so many other expenses besides just the procedure. You need to pay for medicine and anaesthetic. And if you’re not happy with your results, you have to get more surgeries, and then it will cost more money. Rhinoplasty can be cheap for some, but not for me, with an average pay. And so, I don’t really want to consider the surgery.

  8. Sarah Khuory
    Sarah Khuory says:

    It is so much less painful. I did not have a medical condition, or anything inborn like that, I was just unhappy with how my nose grew to be. I hit it a couple of times playing volleyball, and it rather started forming in a different way. Nobody in my family has such a nose, so I was sure that I needed to fix it somehow. Did not want to live my entire life, thinking about how my nose could look like… I know there is many clinics that do rhinoplasty Sydney, because many famous people had it done here.
    At the doctor’s office, they recommended a non surgical rhinoplasty, because I wasn’t a medical case, and I just needed small corrections. Therefore, I applaud non surgical options!

  9. Jess
    Jess says:

    In Sydney rhinoplasty can be done in so many different clinics. It’s just important that it is done by a professional. You have to just make sure that it is a medical surgeon that has qualifications. Then he will be able to assess the state and give the best advice, and do the best job possible. I saw some rhinoplasty before and after pictures, that were done bad by the doctor’s that were not professionals, and then I realised that there could be many complications. If you don’t choose the qualified person that has great reviews and patients are satisfied, then you should stay away, because you can only make things worse. There are doctors out there who just want to get the most out of your pocket, and not devote themselves to the job.


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