Best Night Cream

Choosing the Best Night Cream

There are many different ways of improving skin care and one of the most important weapons in the proper face-care arsenal involves using the best night cream. This practical guide will help you optimize the way you apply your cream and above all, choose the best night cream for you.

There is a common belief that night creams are responsible for reducing expression lines and skin marks. Moreover, some people use any cream in the hope that it will magically improve their complexion almost overnight. Nonetheless, even when it is true that this beauty product might contribute greatly to keeping skin health optimal, users should know that not all face creams are the same. In fact, some so-called facial products fail to do the work they are supposed to, mainly because they lack the components needed to take proper care of your face.

Guidelines to Choosing the Best Night Cream

  • Creams Only: Many people mistake lotions and moisturizers for creams: they are not the same. Even if moisturizers may help to keep facial skin hydrated, you should know that face skin is different from skin in other body parts. For one thing, hand lotions, for instance are generally much greasier than face creams. This can have a negative effect on your complexion, as it can trigger breakouts or blemishes. Other body lotions, which are meant to be used on exposed skin, may contain UV protection –totally unnecessary for a night cream- This type of protection can reduce the effects of other components, vital to face skin care.
  • Key ingredients: The best night cream must have certain basic ingredients that will ensure its proper effect. In order to effectively assess which types of ingredients are essential, you should first make a list of personal needs. Not all people need the same type of night cream and the best product will depend on each person’s skin type, age and lifestyle. A middle-aged woman with dry, flaky skin should opt for a product high in retinol and peptides. On the other hand, a young, acne-prone skin would be better off with a light cream with Vitamin C and glycolic acid. Similarly, if you are over 50, a cream with cell-rejuvenating properties would be the wisest choice. Look for products rich in retinoid or vitamin A, as they can have this effect on your skin.
  • Redefining Face: Many people fail to apply their night creams the proper way. A good use begins by defining face; when night cream is applied, you should also cover neck and ears, for instance. The neckline is oftentimes neglected, so much so that age is sometimes revealed in this area, rather than in the face.
  • Professional Advice: People who have sensitive skin should always check with their physicians first because some ingredients can be harmful to some skin types.

Comparing Shopping Alternatives

Choosing a suitable alternative will also involve taking a look at some of the products available on the market and looking for the right one may be overwhelming at times. The best shopping tips include sticking to top brands, such as L’Oreal, Almay, Clinique or Lancome, for example. Another tip when on the hunt for the best night cream we recommend looking out for medical grade skincare. They offer, not only the most advanced formulas stemming from sound scientific research, but also provide the widest variety of products.

As for shopping venues, there is a myth that over-the-counter products that are purchased in grocery stores are not as effective as night creams bought in classier department stores. This however, is not entirely true. As long as the products come in their original packaging and contain all the seals, it makes no difference where you buy it.


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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I have been using a night cream since I was 24 years old. I figured that it was never too early to start. My main concern is getting fine lines and wrinkles and I want these to be warded off as much as possible. My grandmother is 64 years old and she does not look a day over 40. Why you ask? Well, her secret to me was that she applies not only a day cream to her face every morning, but uses a high quality night cream as well. She says the thicker the better for her because she does not want to take chances of getting dry skin. I am determined to have gorgeous skin like she has, and so I will continue to use the best night cream that I can find each and every night before bed.

  2. MK
    MK says:

    I have been looking for a really good night cream to use on my skin. I have normal skin, so does anyone have any suggestions as to which the best night cream would be for my skin? I can take something that is heavy, as my skin does need the moisture. I want a night cream that will work hard on the wrinkles that are starting to form on my skin. I would love to find one that will boost the collagen in my skin.

  3. Ms.Sensitive
    Ms.Sensitive says:

    I currently am not using any kind of anti-aging regimen on my skin but as I near 30, I want that to change. I know that I need to protect my skin. I would like to start using not only a day cream but a night cream as well. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best night cream for a gal with sensitive skin? My skin gets very red and itchy if I apply too harsh of ingredients on it. I have found that aloe Vera is a great product to use on my skin, so if there are any night creams with aloe in them, I am game for that. Or are there other ingredients that others have found to be beneficial to sensitive skin? Thank you so much in advance.

  4. Christina
    Christina says:

    I have been using the best night cream for about six months now. I am amazed at the results. My skin is so much smoother and the fine lines are staying away. I know that in order to keep my skin well hydrated and looking the best that it can, I need a good high quality night cream.

  5. Helen G.
    Helen G. says:

    Yes, using the best night cream will give many advantages to the skin. I have seen them already from using my night cream for the past 2 or 3 years. I love how my skin feels and looks. I know that many ladies with oily skin feel that they do not need a night cream, but I have to tell you, I have found that this is not the case for me. I have very oily skin but I look for a night cream that is suited for this. A misconception is that if you have oily skin, you will not get the wrinkles and fine lines, but this has sadly not been the case for me. I rely on my night cream to make my skin look the best that it can. At first I was very skeptical of even using one, but since I have, I would not stop. It has made my skin look refreshed when I wake up. Give it time ladies, you will see that those with oily skin can find the best night cream and make it work for them.


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