Non-Surgical Liposuction

Non-surgical Liposuction – What Are Your Options

If you have stubborn fat that refuses to leave your body no matter how hard you exercise or how strict you are with your diet, liposuction may appeal to you. The procedure allows you to quickly eliminate excess stored fat so that you look and feel your best. If you don’t like the idea of going under the knife in the name of fat elimination, non-surgical liposuction procedures are a safer alternative.

This guide will introduce you to four of the best non-surgical options currently available. Once you are familiar with these procedures, you can discuss your options with our trained clinicians. Determining which one is the best option for you comes down to serious analysis of your body, your medical history and your goals.

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This non-surgical method from Syneron breaks the large triglycerides inside fat cells into free fatty acids. Triglycerides cannot escape fat cells and increase the size of fat cells. Once they are turned into free fatty acids, those acids can leave the fat cells and enter the lymphatic system. This leaves the fat cells with less fat, so they shrink. After a series of treatment, you will see your waistline shrink as a result of the smaller fat cells.

This treatment also stimulates drainage from the lymphatic system through vacuum massage and lymphatic stimulation. This ensures the free fatty acids leaving your fat cells can be eliminated from your body entirely.

The exact number of Velasmooth treatments you need to reach your goals will depend on your body. Typically, sessions last less than an hour, and you can receive multiple treatments each week. This is a pain-free non-surgical liposuction option, so you can get on with your day immediately after treatment.


Mesotherapy was the first non-invasive liposuction procedure to utilise injections to break apart and dissolve excess fat cells. Today, LipoDissolve is used instead of Mesotherapy, and the procedure is similar but more effective.

The procedure involves injecting a mixture of approved medication, vitamin B complex and saline into the targeted fat cells. The medication forces the fat cells to burst, releasing the fat into the lymphatic system. The liver processes the fat and it exits the body. The vitamin B complex supports the liver so the fat is eliminated efficiently.

You can use this non-surgical liposuction alternative on any area of the body, but fewer treatments are typically needed when the fat is soft. The number of treatments needed to get rid of all excess fat will depend on the amount of fat to be eliminated and your body’s response to the treatment.


The Liposonix procedure is a bit different than many other non-invasive liposuction options because it promises results from the very first treatment. Ultrasound energy is delivered to the treatment area with a unique handheld device. The energy destroys the fat cells, releasing the fat so that your body can process and eliminate it from your body. This treatment is used exclusively on the abdomen and the love handles on your sides.

You won’t eliminate all of your excess fat with one treatment, but you can lose up to an inch in your abdomen with the first treatment. Multiple treatments are needed for more substantial results.


Endermologie is a deep-tissue massage that utilises a special device designed to roll and massage the skin. This deep massage and rolling motion stimulates the lymphatic system so that fat can be properly eliminated from the body. Another benefit of this system is smoother, firmer skin that eliminates the appearance of cellulite. This procedure is often recommended as an after-surgery treatment for people undergoing surgical liposuction procedures.

You may prefer one of these treatments over the others, but only a trained, experienced clinician can determine what is safest for your body. Come in and discuss your options with our professionals to determine the fastest and most effective way to eliminate the stubborn fat clinging to your body. For other non-surgical liposuction Sydney treatments please contact Advanced Dermatology.

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20 replies
  1. Sandra Cook
    Sandra Cook says:

    Hi I am Sandy from Sydney, Australia. I was stressed due to having the accumulated fats in my body. I wanted to treat my love handles and back fat that makes me upset. I found a good plastic surgeon in Sydney and injected my lower back so he can assess my reactions to it. I was advised to go for the entire non-surgical liposuction on my affected areas. I paid for 6 sets of liposuction laser treatment at this medical facility in Sydney. I can use them wherever I want so if my back shapes up at 4 sets, then I can use the other two on my legs, etc. Also, I was given a free 7th treatment for allowing them to take photos of me for their portfolio. The needles hurt me. I have one small bruise and my back is sore, but I am drinking water and massaging it. I hope that I will get good results as expected!! Thank you all for reading my comments.

  2. Ana Rob
    Ana Rob says:

    Few weeks ago, I went to Dr. Rody on recommendation of a family friend. He is a very well-known plastic surgeon in Sydney. I initially went to him to get a tummy tuck treatment. Upon arriving, I was surprised when he told me that I didn’t need it but if I wanted to get rid of the little fatty areas on my belly. I was advised to have lipodissolve because it would be great non-surgical liposuction alternatives. I went in and they put a numbing gel all over my stomach and thighs. After about 1/2 hour the doctor came in to do the non-surgical rhinoplasty on my body. Initially, I was very puzzled, but honestly didn’t feel bad. During the procedure, there was a little pressure from the needles, but I felt no pain. He had a syringe that had about 5-6 needles coming off it so he was able to do the injections very quickly. The whole procedure only took about another 1/2 hour or so. After the procedure was done, a nurse came in and used the ultrasound machine all over my body. She thoroughly examined my body and put some medicine. It helped me faster recovery. I was prescribed an antibiotic and some other medications for a few weeks.

  3. Jennifer Taylor
    Jennifer Taylor says:

    I had my liposuction without surgery through Injections in a liposuction clinic in Sydney. My doctor was a good man and he guided me thoroughly about the procedure. The staff was very cooperative. They did 10 needles with each Injection & approx 10 to 20 Injections where lipo required. I went with full confidence on getting the treatment on my Tummy, hips & thighs but after the tummy & hips I could not go on to the thighs. I got few more injections in my Stomach to finish the vile. Because the Injections are 10 needles on 1, so I am not required to go back for any non-surgical Rhinoplasty as my doctor suggested me. I was swollen and had some pain before I reached my car. I drove home carefully, had a tender tummy and was having a little pain for first few hours to days. I was black & blue all over my Stomach by the next morning & very tender to. On the fifth day, the bruises started to heal & I did a workout very well. Overall I am satisfied with this non-surgical liposuction procedure.

  4. Liza Crown
    Liza Crown says:

    Recently, I had Lipodissolve to get rid of my neck fats and double chin. I was recommended by a close friend to Dr. Smith. Doctor Smith who is a great plastic surgeon in Sydney, advised me that Lipodissolve would be a great choice for me due to low cost and the fact that I’m relatively young (early 35’s). The treatment was cheaper than the other surgical procedures like liposuction. My doctor typically does 3 treatments, depending on what part of the body requires this treatment. He anticipated that my chin area would need 2 non-surgical liposuction alternatives. The first round was three injections. Initially, the shots themselves didn’t hurt at all. The area under my chin and neck swelled up to 4 times the normal size and I felt pain for many hours. I was wondering if I’d made a mistake in even having this procedure. I drank lots of water, as I was instructed by my surgeon. I massaged my chin and neck area five times a day for few minutes. With this simple non-invasive surgical procedure I got the good results as anticipated by my Doctor. Many thanks to my friend.

  5. Jane Rose
    Jane Rose says:

    My name is Jane and I am 35 year old woman living with my husband and 2 kids. I have had my lower abs injected every two weeks, about to have my 4th and final non-surgical alternative to liposuction. I wanted to lose fats on my stomach, things and back. After the procedure, I felt itching for about 20 minutes but thanks to hydrocortisone cream, it went away sooner. I noticed lots of swelling and bruising on my body. Nurse put numbing lotion on my body to easy my pain and discomfort. My surgeon recommended me some medications like phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate and they continue to work. How long until you can really see a difference? I have always had problems with my tummy even before I became a mother so the idea that it would be flat had me sold in seconds! I am happy with the expected results and that I am not disappointed in spending my money and the time on this procedure.

  6. Amina
    Amina says:

    non surgical liposuction, I never heard of endermologie before… I have overheard my friends mention the other ones as a great alternative and described it as non surgical liposuction…Liposuction is the only procedure I actually know a lot about and these I have just been acquainted with! Must be old fashioned. Anyways, they sound so much easier to handle, and if the claims are true, then I don’t know if surgeons are going to have their jobs at all anymore! I’m realising that surgery is beginning to be old fashioned, and these treatments that are less painful are taking over. Not that it’s a bad thing, I definitely would do one, if I needed it.

  7. Viv
    Viv says:

    I would and I always will choose a non invasive liposuction of any sort. Whether it’s lipodissolve or velasmoth, or any other that they come up in the mean time! There are several reasons. Firstly, I don’t like laying in the hospital, and nailed to the bad with the long and painful recoveries. That usually happens after the classic lipo. Secondly, I don’t want to get cut, and have scars or any kind of reminder that I had to get fat removed from my body. Who would want such a daily reminder? And also, one of the most important factors is the money. Liposuction cost is overwhelming for the average person, who has an average salary. I’d really have to save up a lot of money, to pay for all the medical costs that you have to pay for additionally to the hospital. It really adds up to a large amount. Modern ways are really starting to work for us.

  8. Liposonix review
    Liposonix review says:

    I’d recommend Liposonix. It really does work in one treatment. When I tried to find non surgical liposuction reviews, many of them never even mentioned this treatment. Thanks to my doctor, I found out about it. Now I compare my pictures, with the liposuction before and after, and I am laughing because I can’t believe that it works so well, and I didn’t have to through all that trouble at the hospital! The ultrasound energy really destroys fat, and forces it out of your body… It’s perfect for someone who just need to shape their body and fix the little imperfections. Those imperfections in my case were fat patches in certain places.

  9. Miranda Jr.
    Miranda Jr. says:

    Any doctor can perform a cellulite treatment. Personally, I am scared of doctors because the last one I went to see was so rude and harsh… The cost of liposuction he charged was insane! I don’t know how he has his own business! So, before you make up your mind for any new technique, make sure you do it in a facility that is checked. Make sure the people that are working there aren’t rude, and are willing to answer your questions you have. If you are a professional and you are suggesting a new technique, you should at least have the courtesy to explain it to the patient! I’m sorry if I come on a little strong, but I had such bad experiences that I really want to warn people!
    Make sure, I stress again, that you choose a clinic with good reviews and where customer satisfaction is the most important thing on the list! You are paying big money for it after all, why not get a premium service! I swear, some of these doctors treat people like they are cattle!

  10. Worth_it
    Worth_it says:

    No matter what lipodissolve costs, if you get results than it is worth it. Some beauty treatments are over the top when it comes to pricing, but at the same time, I think that is for a reason. Some of these things we could never do at home. And this people, the doctors and nurses, are here to work in our favour. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have nearly perfect bodies, that we can with these treatments.
    I hate it when people try to be smart and say that it can be done naturally, with exercise. It can’t! Lipodissolve gets rid of the fat easily and quickly. It just burns it! The chemicals aren’t that harsh, and they won’t harm your body and organism, just the fat! That’s what the chemical is made for. If it wasn’t healthy and good it wouldn’t be allowed to be inserted into human bodies! It’s the way modern world works, we’re nothing without chemicals, but I’m not saying nothing against it. I’m all for it! I love the breakthroughs scientists and doctors have been making, and if that can make us look gorgeous and perfect, than why should we judge it!

  11. Beyond Beauty Jane
    Beyond Beauty Jane says:

    What about the laser liposuction? Is that not in trend right now, or? It’s probably expensive a lot. I am really starting to be intrigued with these non invasive liposuctions. I don’t know a lot about it, but after reading this I will definitely look into it more! As for non surgical liposuction Sydney probably has wonderful places to do it. I know that in Sydney clinics are very advanced, and the beauty industry is invested in highly. It pays off since people have become so obsessed with beauty!

  12. 1 question
    1 question says:

    Cool article. I have one question. Is liposculpture a procedure on it’s own or is it just a scientific term for all of these non invasive liposuctions? I was just wondering because I was reading something the other day, and now I’m confused…

  13. Suck it up
    Suck it up says:

    My mom had significant weight loss, but after that she was left with cellulite and fat patches that she couldn’t remove with nutrition and physical activity. She was reading the internet and asked me ‘Does non surgical liposuction work?’ I didn’t even know what she was talking about, and I’m young. I’m 25 and didn’t even know that these procedures existed. Now I do, and I know a lot about lipodissolve. All I wanted to say is that it spared my mom a lot of pain and laying around the house, it really made her cheer up and be more content with her body. It’s been a long journey, but one ending in a happier note. It didn’t end with scalpels and incisions, but with a revolutionary technique that contributed a lot to her overall confidence and happiness. Now she looks amazing, the fat really seems to be melting away, thanks to lipodissolve.

  14. The bomb!
    The bomb! says:

    Non invasive liposuction is the bomb! I am amazed at how these treatment works, and that they really make you look awesome! And you avoid the pesky liposuction cost. I avoid the expensive lipo, and I look better.
    My trouble areas are my stomach and my thighs, and a little bit on my buttocks. With that said I have to say I exercise a lot and drink lots of water. And still, cellulite just keeps popping up every day more and more. I guess it’s genetics. But then I read in a magazine that there are these awesome new techniques with needles and injections, and ultrasound to make your cellulite disappear. The swimsuit season is just around the corner, and I’m happy I did it on time. Now I don’t have to hide behind the towel, like many of my girl friends do at the beach! I don’t really know what it does and how it works, all I know is that I painfully made my fat melt off and I couldn’t be more happier about it. I don’t know why people don’t talk about it more, I wish everyone knew how fantastic these treatments can be!

  15. Eva
    Eva says:

    I have been thinking of having liposuction done for a while now. I am not happy with all the fat that I have on my thighs. However, I do not really want to have anything that is invasive so non-surgical liposuction may be for me. My thunder thighs are driving me crazy. I hate how they rub together and I just do not feel comfortable wearing a swim suit anymore. I live in sunny, hot Queensland, so I go to the beach a lot. So to find a treatment like non-surgical liposuction would be really good for me. I will be scheduling an appointment with my doctor soon to see if I am a good candidate for this.

  16. Tatyana
    Tatyana says:

    I have had Velasmooth done on my waistline and I could not be happier with the results. I loved it because it did not cause me any pain at all on myself. And the treatment was short and sweet which was even better. I myself did 12 treatments. Two treatments were done twice per week for 6 weeks. I still need to have monthly treatments to help maintain the results. I would say within 3 weeks I was noticing a change. Rollers go over the skin to help smooth it out, which is what this girl’s tummy needed. The size of the fat was decreased when the metabolism was increased due to the stored energy. I have so far recommended this treatment to my younger sister and my best friend, and now all of you on here. It is a great way to get some tighter skin.

  17. Mariee Boge
    Mariee Boge says:

    I am very interested in having a non-surgical liposuction treatment done on my body. I would have the liposuction done in Sydney as this is where I am located. Does anyone have a treatment that they would recommend over one of the others? I am going to be reading up on non-surgical liposuction reviews to find all the valuable information that I can to help me make an educated decision.

  18. Bree
    Bree says:

    All of these treatments sound great but the one that really peaks my interest is the last one- endermologie. A deep tissue massage sounds truly inviting for me and if it can help stimulate the fat to be moved out of my body, I would go for that. It does however state that this is recommended as an after surgery treatment. Does one have to have surgery in order to have this treatment, or would I just be able to go to my dermatologist and ask if I could have this procedure done?

  19. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    Do these non-surgical liposuction treatments actually work?
    I had looked a year ago into getting liposuction done on myself but after reading about it, I decided it was not for me and I would just deal with my body the way it was. But after reading about the four methods above, I am interested in learning more. Could someone please contact me?

  20. Double Chin Treatment
    Double Chin Treatment says:

    I recently had my double chin treated with kybella.. I had some bad swelling and was not impressed at all.. after 2 weeks of looking like a blowfish the swelling subsided and I noticed some results, but I had to have more Kybella injections.. I had a total of 4 treatments and I now have some good results. If you are patient and can handle some swelling the results are actually good and kybella actually works.


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