Double Chin

Double Chin: Causes and Treatment

A double chin is a layer of fat that is subcutaneous that sags down to create a wrinkle. This will give the illusion that the person has two chins, or a double chin. It is commonly seen on those that are obese or elderly. It is often difficult to correct with diet and exercises. Double chin could even be genetic. Even if the rest of the body is toned and fit, a double chin can make one look like they have gained or added a few kilograms. A simple procedure that can be done in the skin specialist’s office can often be used to treat a double chin. LiquidLipo will remove amounts of fat that are under the chin, which will help to rejuvenate the entire face. Since the process of lipodissolve is gradual, it is much gentler than other forms of fat removal. LiquidLipo is often called mesotherapy, which means to treat from the middle layer.

What is LiquidLipo?

LiquidLipo is a popular treatment for getting rid of double chins. It first came into play in the mid 2000s. It is basically a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It can be done on many other parts of the body, such as the legs, belly, and arms. It is a safe, effective way for helping one get the toned look they so desire when dealing with double chins.

How does LiquidLipo work?

Chemical injections will be used in LiquidLipo. The LiquidLipo formula is concocted of various vitamins, enzymes, and a substance called phosphatidlcholine, which is the main chemical ingredient in soya oil. This is a safe substance that has also been used by many doctors to treat high cholesterol.  A very fine needle will be used for the procedure. First a local anesthetic could be used to numb the area of the injection site. However, not all dermatologist will use anesthetic. Those that have not used it have said that the treatment was uncomfortable but bearable. A slight stinging sensation will be felt when the needle first comes into contact with the skin, but this is diminished quickly.

Once the solution has been injected, the molecule bonds between the fat molecules are dissolved. This means that the fat will change from a solid form to a liquid form. This treatment will take about half an hour. Over the course of the next few weeks to months, the liver, as well as the intestines, will filter out the fat from the body. Improvement will be seen in the area within 4 weeks. A series of treatment is often needed for the best results.

LiquidLipo Before and After Care

Before having LiquidLipo done on the body, it is best to follow some ground rules. Make sure that the body is well hydrated before the treatment takes place and never skip breakfast. Both of these will ensure that painful bruising does not take place. After the treatment, recovery will be very quick. Most times, there is no downtime and the person can return to their daily scheduled lives right after the treatment. For about an hour after the procedure, a slight burning sensation will be felt. Skin may have some slight swelling, with some tenderness. However, side effects are minimal. Please do note to check with your physician to see if you are having LiquidLipo done, if you will need a driver. Some skin clinics will not release the patient after the procedure without a driver present.

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