CoolLipo: The Easy, Effective Way To Banish Fat For Good

Wouldn’t it be amazing to blast unwanted pockets of body fat without having to spend huge amounts of your precious time at the gym or even breaking a sweat?

If you’ve been desperate get rid of those stubborn areas of fat that don’t seem to budge no matter what then now you can without any surgery. CoolLipo, by Advanced Dermatology in Bondi Junction, Sydney is a new, immensely effective way of getting rid of unwanted fat cells using a process involving freezing.

Almost everyone wants to lose a couple of kilos and you probably have small areas of your body that you wish you could tone up.  Even if you have a personal trainer you might still have love handles that don’t move or excess fat above your knees that a thousand squats won’t tighten up! The fact is there are stubborn pockets of fat on many people’s bodies that are almost impossible to get rid of, whether it’s on the belly, post-pregnancy or around the thighs. You probably thought that there was nothing you could do about it except resort to liposuction but we have an alternative at Advanced Dermatology with CoolLipo.

Fast Fat-Reduction Results

With zero downtime and no anaesthesia, CoolLipo is an excellent treatment to consider with fast results. Not only does this new treatment genuinely deliver superior results to other fat eliminating treatments, it’s very safe.

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How CoolLipo Works

CoolLipo technology has been researched for many years undergoing rigorous testing. Medical experts know that fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than other cells in the body. CoolLipo zones in on those areas and works without causing any stress or trauma to the surrounding skin. Using precise speed and temperature along with advanced technology, CoolLipo shocks the area of fat by freezing it so that it becomes traumatised. Then the same area is cooled down at a very exact rate. During this process, the fat cells become crystallised. This causes the membrane of each fat cell stress which eventually kills off the cell. The cells are naturally broken down by your body and eliminated permanently. There is no scarring or skin damage.

Who Is A Candidate?

If you follow a healthy diet and are of normal weight or a few kilos overweight then you will be the ideal candidate for CoolLipo. It’s especially designed for stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away despite good diet and exercise.

Who Isn’t A Candidate For CoolLipo?

As with any treatment, sometimes there are those who aren’t suitable for CoolLipo. If you have a history of cryoglobulinaemia or paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria then you are not a suitable candidate. CoolLipo is not designed for you if you want to lose a significant amount of weight. It is only suitable for small, targeted areas. Before undergoing CoolLipo you should be of a normal or near-normal weight.

Do I Need A Consultation First?

At Advanced Dermatology we would invite you in for a consultation with one of our cosmetic team. All of the Advanced Dermatology team are highly trained in CoolLipo so understand exactly what to do and how to advise you. You will be assessed and a treatment plan created bespoke to your needs. The treatment plan will detail what CoolLipo can do to sculpt your body. Some patients will only need one or two treatments, others need more depending on number of areas to be targeted and amount of fat to be removed.

CoolLipo Cost

Your initial CoolLipo consultation at Advanced Dermatology is free. Once our team has devised your treatment plan, you will be advised of the cost. As an example of costs, one applicator ranges from $360-$560. The more applicators you have the cheaper it becomes. We will request a deposit to secure your appointments.

What Happens During a CoolLipo Session?

CoolLipo treatments are surprisingly comfortable and there is no need for anaesthetic. The machine treatment head targets specific areas using a “cup” shape mechanism that sucks fat inside and cools it very quickly. Many patients are so relaxed they read a magazine, have a well-earned rest or even catch up on work. Once treatment is over, your Advanced Dermatology team member will massage the area and then move onto any other areas that require treatment.

How Does it Feel To Have CoolLipo?

The only feelings you may experience are pressure and coldness but these only last a few moments. The nerve endings become used to the intense cold very quickly, so sensitivity lessens with time. It feels a little like something pulling and pinching skin, there may be numbness too. These feelings are positive because they mean that the fat reduction machine is working. Post-treatment you may experience some redness, bruising, swelling, firmness, tingling or even numbness. However, all of these after effects calm down quickly. As with any non-surgical treatment, there is always a risk of side effects but these are rare and will be explained to you prior to your treatment.

Is there any Down Time Following CoolLipo?

There is no downtime following CoolLipo as it is non-surgical. You can carry on with your daily routine as normal.

Do I Need to Do Anything in Particular Before CoolLipo?

You don’t need to take any medication or supplements or change your diet. You can wear whatever you want although you might want to bring compression garments with as some people say that they help with comfort post-treatment.

How Often Will I Need CoolLipo Treatments?

If you’ve been advised to have multiple CoolLipo treatments, we suggest spacing them out from four to eight weeks.

How Long Will It Be Until I See Results?

Some patients see results after three weeks but optimal results take up to six months. This is because it takes time for fat cells to die off and the body must flush out the dead cells. You should expect up to a 25% reduction in fat thickness. Results vary from patient to patient. With a healthy lifestyle you won’t get the fat back – it stays off permanently.

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