Medical Grade Skincare vs Over-The-Counter Skincare

Medical Grade Skincare vs Over-The-Counter Skincare

Cosmeceutical is a big word nowadays. Do you know what this means in relation to skincare? Basically it means medical grade skincare that is doctor recommended. Over-the-counter skincare is the opposite because it’s anything you can buy at a pharmacy, department store, or specialised beauty store, like Sephora or Mecca Cosmetica. When you are talking about a true cosmeceutical skincare line, such as Advanced Dermatology it’s a whole different ballgame. This is medical grade skincare with a variety of benefits that you aren’t going to experience using basic over-the-counter skincare. When you use high quality skincare the results you are going to experience are going to be much better than over-the-counter skincare. That’s just a simple fact of how skincare works.

Medical Grade Skincare Is Higher In Active Ingredients

Advanaced Dermatology is a powerful skincare system focused and delivered through 6 products. They are direct from the doctor’s office to you with dermatological innovation that surpasses anything you can find in a regular store. The reason for their higher activity is the increased quantity of active ingredients. There are less fillers and ingredients that just bulk up with product without actually doing anything for your skin.

Some of these active ingredients that provide powerful anti-ageing properties are antioxidant based serums like the Super Youth Serum that fight free radical damage in the skin. Or the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment is super infused with the plant stem cell extract PhytoCellTec™. This patented ingredient is exclusive to our treatment based product.

That’s not to say that over-the-counter products don’t have effective ingredients, they just aren’t as high in effectiveness because they aren’t using enough. There are much bigger quantities of active ingredients in medical grade skincare. This advanced skincare uses the right amounts of powerful ingredients to provide the results of better skin that you want to see for yourself.

Better Quality Ingredients Made With Care

The ingredients in medical grade skincare are also better quality. You can trust that they have been sourced from the right places to make sure that you are getting the absolute best in quality. They are proven formula created by doctors that know the layers of the skin inside and out, to create a vastly superior product to drugstore brands that are created in labs for mass production.

Doctor Recommended From Our Physician

Doctors at Advanced Dermatology, stand behind the full Advanced Dermatology skincare line. They believe that this is the right course of optimal grade treatment to make real improvements to your skin. This includes reducing uneven texture and tone, minimising the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles, and overall making your skin appear luminous and glowing with health. Isn’t that what you want with effective skin care that goes far beyond ordinary products? You definitely don’t want to pay all that money for standard store based skincare that isn’t really making a big difference in your skin. Invest in optimal grade skincare for real results that far surpass the ordinary. Cosmeceutical skincare is extraordinary in every way.

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    I haven’t had much experience with medical skin care products before. Do you need prescription to use them? -Stella


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