Lids by Design

Lids by Design: A new approach to Non-Surgical Eyelifts

Lids by Design are among the latest non-surgical resources available these days on the cosmetic market. For several decades, those who wanted to achieve a more youthful appearance had few choices, most of which consisted in costly, highly invasive procedures. In fact, according to many aestheticians, practices like cosmetic surgeries or the use of anti-wrinkle injections are being overused in some cases.

What are they?

Lids by Design is the name given to a non-surgical correcting strips that have been developed to correct the appearance of the eyelids. Sticker-like in usage, but medically-developed in quality, the lids are a bit less than an inch long and three or four mm wide. However, this is just the average measurement as there are several featured sizes to choose from that range from 3mm to 8 mm (slight, subtle, casual, moderate, dramatic and maximum).

The concept is actually very simple; users place the strips on their eyelids according to instructions and personal needs. Once placed, these lids work instantly to redesign and reshape eyelids by lifting, correcting and enhancing them. Created by Contours Rx, a company known for its high-quality products, Lids by Design has come to revolutionise the world of non-surgical eyelifts.

Since the eyes are a major part of the overall human expression, this simple eyelid-correcting method contributes to rejuvenating the entire face in only a few minutes. The strips can be easily applied just by following the step-by-step instructions, available on video. However, the public should not regard Lids by Design only as another cosmetic product, since it is more of a medical grade, high-quality one.

Who is Lids by Design for?

The strips are optimal for dealing with loose sagging skin hanging over people’s lashes, for cases in which eye asymmetry is more evident, for heavy lids that are not only unbecoming, but also impair vision and for tired eyes, especially in those cases in which eyeglass wear has caused the eyes to look smaller than they really are. In addition, some reviewers claim to have corrected some bad expression habits, such as squinting.

Cost and Durability

Few other anti-ageing cosmetic products are as affordable as these novel correction strips. Lids by Design can be bought online quickly and 100% hassle-free. Once the lids have been stuck, their durability will depend largely on the process of placing them. Users should follow the instructions carefully, especially as far as preparation is concerned. The area should be carefully cleaned so that the skin is absolutely oil-free. Besides, using the tiny tweezers that come together with the kit is vital to place the adhesives in the right position.

Advantages of Lids by Design

Simple and Non-invasive

These stickers are a simple and efficient solution to the common issue of eye contour. Excess skin can be reshaped almost instantly without the need of surgeries or any invasive treatments. Made of the best quality latex-free material, Lids by Design are hypoallergenic.

Practical and Maintenance Free

These lids have been made to be placed on the crease of the eyelid. Once placed, users can wear make-up over the bands, thus contributing to a more natural look.

Downsides of Lids by Design

Proper Placing

Using these lids for the first time may turn out to be a challenge since these half-moons are somewhat tricky to handle and each face structure is unique. So it may take some time until mastery is achieved.

A Final Comment

This may be a quick and effective solution to the problem of sagging eyelids and tired look. However, potential shoppers should acknowledge the fact that the results provided by Lids by Design are neither permanent nor therapeutic

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