Vaser Liposuction

What is VASER Liposuction?

For individuals looking to get rid of trouble areas which diet and exercise, and even post-bariatric surgery, have been unable to remove, VASER liposuction is continuing to become a more widely used procedure. Before you make any decisions though, you should learn more about what it is and what it entails, as well as how it compares to traditional liposuction. Use this complete guide on VASER liposuction to get started.

The VASER Liposuction Procedure

VASER is a newer variation of traditional liposuction, building upon several decades of technology advancement. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Since that won’t mean much to most individuals, more important than what it stands for is what it accomplishes – actually dissolving or liquefying fats using sound waves and energy, allowing them to be more easily removed from the body with less disruption.

VASER is a form of high-definition liposuction, and more specifically, is a variation of UAL, or ultrasound-assisted liposuction. It’s a third-generation procedure which utilises an ultrasonic cannula with grooves to more evenly disperse energy and produce more complete, smooth and effective fat disruption and removal.

It works well in and around large areas as well as fibrous tissues, offering smooth and immediate outcomes. VASER liposuction is also more commonly utilised by men than other forms of liposuction.

The procedure itself may last just one hour, or up to several hours, depending on the scope of the areas being targeted. It is an outpatient procedure and won’t require any hospital stays.

Is VASER Liposuction Procedure Safer than Regular Liposuction?

VASER liposuction is seen as a safer and less invasive option than traditional liposuction. Local anesthesia may be used instead of general anesthesia, which always reduces overall risk. Sedation may also be utilised. It’s a more delicate procedure, which produces less bruising and swelling, and less need for recovery time.

You’ll be able to return more quickly to regular activities than you would otherwise. There’s also less of a risk of other complications associated with liposuction.

The sound waves utilised specifically target the composition of fatty cells and tissue, and do not have a negative impact on other areas of your body, including your musculature, nervous system, or otherwise.

However, there are certainly still inherent risks involved with VASER liposuction, including infection, uneven or asymmetrical results, skin damage, scarring, swelling, and so forth.

Ultimately though, VASER was developed in response to the risks and complications of previous generations of liposuction and UAL procedures. It’s seen as an effective, successful and safe solution, with the caveat that any surgery carries a risk of some side effect or complication.

Other Considerations

VASER liposuction is an elective, cosmetic procedure, and it will not be covered by insurance plans. The average cost in Sydney and Melbourne for this procedure was approximately $5,000. So it’s an expensive procedure on its own, although many clinics will offer payment plans, financing or other solutions depending on your specific circumstances.

It’s important to keep in mind that the results of VASER liposuction are largely dependent on the quality, skill and experience of the surgeon you’re working with. Even more important than the technology being used is the hands that are wielding that technology.

That’s also why it’s important not to bargain hunt for a procedure like this. Above all else, find a surgeon and clinic you’re comfortable with, and one who is highly experienced and well regarded. Your surgeon should also be able to clearly show you the areas which will be targeted, what to expect in terms of final outcomes, and more.

Before undergoing VASER liposuction, you should already be at a fairly stable weight, already having accomplished most or all of your weight loss. Liposuction in any form is not a solution for obesity or long-term weight loss. It’s a precise targeting of specific areas which weight loss, exercise and lifestyle change have been unable to improve upon.

VASER liposuction has been used successfully by tens of thousands of patients, and is continuing to become a more widely used choice. For patients who have already undergone extreme weight loss and are looking for the “final touches” on their new and improved selves, or for others who simply can’t get rid of stubborn problem issues despite their best efforts, it’s certainly worth considering and could lead to great improvements in appearance and self-esteem.

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  1. Gloria White
    Gloria White says:

    My name is Gloria White and I am a 42-years-old housewife. I have 3 kids and live with a nice husband. I had two C-sections and continue to grow my weight over the period of last 5 years. I have a controlled dietary plan and do regular weight loss exercises but they didn’t help me a lot to reduce my weight to a certain level I wanted. Due to overweight, I used to get tired with a small physical activity. I discussed with my husband and he got me to a well-known plastic surgeon in Sydney. On the first consultation with my doctor, I was suggested to have Vaser liposuction which is one of the best surgical procedures to reduce weight in a short time period. My husband and I decided that I should go for this treatment. On November 15th, 2013 I had my Vaser liposuction surgery in Sydney, Australia. After my surgery, I had to stay in the hospital for few days. Doctor and all staff were very cooperative and they took great care of me. I am very happy to have this treatment as it gave me the best results that I expected. Thanks and good luck to all!

  2. Rachel Van
    Rachel Van says:

    My name is Rachel and I got Vaser Liposuction in Sydney 6 months ago. I was tired of my weight. It was really hard to look for clothes that were my size. All my cousins and friends made fun of me. I decided that I have had enough and I needed to do something about my weight. I visited my doctor in Sydney for some advice for becoming slim. After knowing that exercise and diet was not helping, my doctor recommended Vaser Liposuction. He said it was the easiest and best way to cut my weight and become slim in a short period of time. I followed his advice and found a surgeon who was an expert liposuction surgeon in Sydney. After I got my surgery I was very happy with the results. I started wearing everything I wanted to before my Vaser Liposuction. I am really glad I chose Vaser Liposuction and it was my good decision.

  3. Marsha
    Marsha says:

    My name is Marsha Ortenberg and I want to share my personal story with you. Two years ago, I used to weigh 140 kg. I am really interested to play football but my weight became the reason why I stopped playing. I try to maintain a healthy diet and start walking more. But it was really difficult. Then finally a day came when my life was about to change. My friend Hazel came over for dinner in my home. That’s when she saw my condition and suggested that I should go for Vaser liposuction. She explained how it will help to reduce my weight. Hazel introduced me to a well-known plastic surgeon in Sydney she knew. The surgeon described the procedure of liposuction to me. At first I was really concerned If I should really go for it or not. But when the doctor gave results of other patients, who have liposuction, I became more confident and I was ready for it. Dr. Goldstein already told me that I will have body pain for about 2-3 days but they will take care of it. A Week later, Dr. Goldstein fixed the date of my liposuction surgery in Sydney. After my surgery, I had severe pain but the doctor prescribed me strong pain killers. I had mild to moderate pain which was continued for about 2 days. The third day I was really awake and started noticing the difference between me before the liposuction and after the liposuction. I came down to 300 lbs. You cannot image the happiness on my face. I have joined my football team and I was able to run, jump and attend parties without hesitating. I am very thankful of my friend Hazel who gave me the great idea of Vaser liposuction.

  4. David Miller
    David Miller says:

    My name is David Miller and I am one of the lucky persons who was suggested Vaser Liposuction. Not only did Liposuction reduce my body fat but it also saved my life. I was gaining 5 lbs every month. My doctor started warning me that if I did not control my weight I might start getting diseases such as high blood sugar and high cholesterol. I explained how I tried reducing my meals and eating less fast foods but I kept gaining weight. Then my doctor recommended Vaser Liposuction. I met a cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, where I live. He does Liposuction really well and I decided that he is the right surgeon for my Liposuction. A few weeks later I revisited my doctor and she congratulated me because my weight brought down my cholesterol. I am really glad that I am not obese anymore and I am healthy just because of my Liposuction surgery. It is a smart way of becoming slimmer.

  5. Mary Willington
    Mary Willington says:

    My name is Mary Willington. I wanted to tell you about my Vaser Liposuction in Sydney. Currently I am 28 years old but when I was about 20 years old I became obese. I was approximately 240 pounds. My friends felt bad for me. I tried everything like going on diets and exercising. But my weight was so stubborn that it wouldn’t come down. Then one day I visited my primary doctor. Dr. Thomas suggested me that I should try Vaser Liposuction. She scheduled me an appointment with one of the finest surgeons in Sydney. I went there and saw how other people felt after their surgery. I also got my Vaser Liposuction. A week after my surgery I was able to get out of bed and walk normally. My weight dropped down to 200 pounds. A smile spread across my face as I looked at myself in the mirror. All my friends felt so happy for me. I really thank my doctor and most of all, the surgeon who safely did my surgery and changed my life.

  6. Who is the best?
    Who is the best? says:

    I asked my doctor about all different types of non surgical liposuction, and I think he mentioned something like this, but it seems like my doctor doesn’t really perform it.
    What makes a qualified professional? How can I know which doctor is the right person for that, and that he actually knows the procedure and how to do it? I can’t tell these signs, I don’t know what to ask, or even what to demand when I go to a clinic. These are all kinds of things people don’t talk enough about. How can I know that? I need to be told. This has been informational, but still I can’t tell from an article whether I am the type for it, or whether I am medically suitable for that…

  7. Thumbs Down for Vaser!
    Thumbs Down for Vaser! says:

    I don’ know… I’m not really into all these new procedures, all of a sudden, we have tons of very similar procedures, just with other names. Usually the names are more complicated, just like with vaser liposucion. How will I trust something, I can’t even pronounce? And the vaser liposuction cost, $5000? Wow, that’s a bit exaggerated, especially for something that is no invasive. Costs too much, can’t pronounce it, who knows if it works.. NO thanks.

  8. Pleasant
    Pleasant says:

    I also agree! Vaser liposuction has been a very pleasant experience for me. I had patches of fat on my tummy and thighs; you know the usual critical areas. Every girl has those problems. Anyways, the results after vaser liposuction are amazing… I got what I wanted for, for a lot less money and pain. I mean, vaser liposuction cost isn’t a fortune, and I do agree it’s not attainable to anyone, but who has the money, it’s definitely better than the old school lipo.

  9. Benefits
    Benefits says:

    Great post and a great procedure indeed. It’s really not overrated, plus I don’t think that a lot of people even realize how beneficial this type of fat removal is.
    Firstly, less painful. Less invasive means less painful, and the less painful it is the easier it is to recover from it.
    Secondly, I didn’t have any bruises or scars after it, none what so ever.
    Thirdly, The vaser liposuction in Brisbane is new, and not that established, so if you decide to do it, do it in a very reliable place, where they have already ventured into it. It’s really great, it does show results… and if you’re not some hard-core case, it’s going to show amazing results. No bulges in the skin, on the contrary, everything remains smooth, while the fat just disappears like it never even existed. And no exercises or nothing… Oh and no long recoveries, that’s so awesome too.

  10. Positive review!
    Positive review! says:

    Hm, I see a lot of people speak from the Internet reviews, and not from experience. I can speak from my sister’s experience. Together we combed through the internet and thousands and thousands of vaser liposucion reviews, before she went on that fat removal journey. It was I have to say a very easy and pleasant one. I share this with everyone I know and who may need help deciding.
    It’s much better than regular lipo, and much more effective than any other procedures. Tummy tuck costs a lot and is rough, and compared to this is violence. Vaser lipo is just what a lady needs, it’s something that’s made for women, if you’re sensitive, it’s very good for you. My sis recovered pretty fast. She was up and running before you know it, and my Gosh, we all envy her. She looks so different, the changes aren’t just made up, they are visible. You know how people say once you get something done you can only see it, but this is not the case. We clearly see a difference.
    I definitely believe in it’s claims and results show it. The best thing there is out there!

  11. Caroline Button
    Caroline Button says:

    The reason why I would opt for vaser liposculpture, like any other smart person is the cost. Liposuction prices are even higher, calculate it. All the additional costs that come with having to be in a hospital, stay there, pay for all those expenses that you do when you are there.. I don’t exactly know what they are, but I read and I know that there are many. Everyone who says they don’t care about money, it’s not true, how can you not care for many. Who can cough up so much money for one day of fat sucking out…

  12. Best for?
    Best for? says:

    What is vaser liposuction best for? I have fat located, rather, established as I say on my thighs and buttocks. My tummy is flat as a board, can you believe that? But I have skinny thighs to, but I can’t explain. It’s like, I eat a pretzel, I get cellulite. I drink water I get cellulite. I just don’t know what to do to get rid of it. I thought about lipo, but that sounds a bit too much. Then I heard about this, which grabbed me at first reading with, the less invasive part. What kinds of cases have priority with this?

  13. Where is it?
    Where is it? says:

    I have a question. Someone mentioned vaser liposculpture. Is that even existent? Are these two equivalents, or is vaser lipo something completely different from vaser liposcuplture? I am a man, so please forgive me for not knowing these kinds of things, I really don’t take interest in it usually, I’m just doing some research for my girlfriend. She’s not really good with the Internet, figured, I could dig around for her and surprise her with a great reference!


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