Sublative Rejuvenation


Sublative Rejuvenation

Sublative rejuvenation is a skin tightening technique developed by Syneron Medical, an aesthetic technology company based in Israel. The parent company develops various devices that use radio frequency and light energy to selectively damage skin layers to address everything from ageing skin to hyperpigmentation issues. In addition to Sublative rejuvenation technology, the company’s product array includes devices like LipoLite, a machine for sculpting of fatty tissues; GentleMax Pro, for hair removal; and VelaShape, another contour sculpting technology. Syneron has also recently merged with several companies in the aesthetics technology industry, further expanding its product offering to physician offices worldwide. It is important to note that although Sublative rejuvenation was originally thought of as a milder alternative to traditional laser resurfacing, the treatments can still feel uncomfortable for patients, and serious side effects can occur in those individuals with sensitive skin. Therefore, ensure that your physician thoroughly understands your medical history and health sensitivities before agreeing to this treatment.


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The Science behind Sublative Rejuvenation

The Sublative rejuvenation system is a device specifically designed to stimulate collagen production to eliminate unsightly bumps and sagging skin. During this procedure, the device shoots a fractionated radio frequency into the skin, causing the dermis to heat up in the process. Because lasers are not used in this technology, the epidermis is not heavily damaged as is the case during laser treatments. For example, as opposed to the radiofrequency treatment in the Sublative rejuvenation technique, laser treatments often focus more on destroying the outermost layers of skin cells so as to allow new, softer skin to emerge. The intensity of such treatments can lead to swelling, inflammation and some patients have even described moderate to severe pain because of the micro damage. The Sublative rejuvenation treatment, on the other hand, aims to avoid this problem by having less effect on the epidermis and focusing mostly on skin tightening through collagen stimulation.

Another way in which the Sublative rejuvenation procedure is believed to work is by causing connective tissues in the body to contract and lift. This contraction underneath the skin, near the muscles, is thought to further augment the skin tightening effect. Consequently, Sublative rejuvenation is most commonly used to address mild pigmentation issues, wrinkles, and rough skin texture.

Sublative Rejuvenation Procedure

Although Syneron claims that Sublative radiofrequency treatment is superior to laser treatments, patients still experience some discomfort during the procedure. In many cases, an anesthetic cream may be necessary because sensations of burning and stinging are not an uncommon occurrence. During the actual Sublative rejuvenation procedure, your physician will use a specialized hand device that she will gently move across your face to gradually heat up collagen fibers and the connective tissues beneath.

For those individuals desiring instant results, Sublative rejuvenation may be somewhat of a disappointment because changes in skin texture will take time. Syneron advises patients to undergo approximately three treatments, spaced about a month and a half apart for optimal results. Because of this delay, Sublative rejuvenation should only be considered as part of a long term beauty regimen, and not as a quick fix solution.

Side Effects

Although Sublative rejuvenation uses radio frequency to heat up skin layers, it can induce problems similar to those of fractional laser treatments. Patients often describe redness and inflammation on the treatment area for several days after the procedure. In most cases, it is possible for the patient to return to daily activities right after treatment. However, in certain situation more uncomfortable side effects like peeling of the skin may occur, and in some cases the skin may develop temporary crusting around the area. This makes it highly important to start off Sublative rejuvenation treatments slowly, in order to see how your skin reacts so as not to inadvertently cause excessive skin.


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8 replies
  1. Dora
    Dora says:

    Does the sublative rejuvenation treatment use the eMatrix laser machine by Syneron?
    What is the best skin rejuvenation treatment? I have heard about IPL skin rejuvenation, how does that compare to the sublative rejuvenation treatment. I know there are hasher laser treatments such as erbium laser, fraxel or even fractional co2 laser but I would rather have a non-ablative treatment, atleast for now.

  2. sublative patient
    sublative patient says:

    I have been having sublative rejuvenation treatments for 4 years now. I am 52 years of age and I am showing all the possible signs of ageing but thanks to sublative rejuvenation that has helped me look a little younger and more importantly feeling much better. It helps with collagen growth which keeps the skin looking more vibrant and tightens skin leaving a nice natural look. No downtime, not overly expensive. There are a few skin rejuvenation clinics in Sydney but not all of them are good. I encourage doing your research before deciding to find the best skin rejuvenation clinic Sydney.

  3. Kim
    Kim says:

    I’ve had many rejuvenation treatments done in order to make myself look more fresh. I work with a lot of business people, and need to really look presentable. In the world of business there are no excuses, you can’t look tired, and signs of stress can’t be seen on your face. And wrinkles, lines and tired and dull skin don’t really wait on you. I have aged, inevitably, but I’ve found techniques that work. The sublative laser is a modern little gadget that really knows how to wake up your skin cells and make them live again. I’m just not sure when people speak of the ematrix sublative rejuvenation that it is the same thing? I’m not irresponsible, and I fully trust my doctors, but I didn’t really ask much about the procedure. I don’t care about the details if something works. And this really worked for me, and it will definitely keep me coming back for more.

  4. Laura
    Laura says:

    I went to a facial rejuvenation clinic a few months ago, and I don’t really know if I will be going back. I don’t want to scare anyone or be all negative, but some of those treatments are so harsh, I have a feeling they do even more damage to my skin.
    Take the sublative rejuvenation procedure. Claims to give great results, but the side effects can also be terrible, and painful! Who wants that! Does beauty really have to come with pain? Oh, and the sublative rejuvenation cost… let’s not mention that either. I’m not happy at all. For that amount of pain and money, I might as well change my entire physique at a plastic surgeon! Maybe it didn’t work for me, but I don’t see how it is going to work for anyone, since I don’t really have sensitive skin. Be careful before you try anything out.

  5. Alice Lei
    Alice Lei says:

    I’ve also read some sublative rejuvenation reviews, and I find the entire process quite puzzling. Not that puzzling as much as I find it revolutionary. I was wondering, does the beauty industry really change and revolutionize the products or are they basically the same thing in a different packaging? Well, I have undergone laser resurfacing. And laser skin resurfacing was.. well, uncomfortable, let me put it that way. My skin was irritated, red and it did hurt me. Not mildly at all. But I have to say that it does work. You can’t expect your skin to be rejuvenated and tight without a little investment. I don’t think that the sublative rejuvenation costs that much. It’s like any other procedure, you have to deal with the fact that you have to cough up the money. I would like to know the precise differences between the sublative laser and the laser used in skin resurfacing. Thanks for the wonderful article!

  6. Lucia
    Lucia says:

    I love the effects of this treatment. It’s better than photo rejuvenation. The skin tightening is amazing. I have undergone exactly three treatments, which is what my doctor recommended, and I can see that it states here as well, that three treatments give the best results. You don’t get the instant gratification, but you do really see the results after some time. I completely agree with every single fact in this article. It can cause discomfort; it’s not like a walk in the park. But once you deal with it, you will take the pain easier. I didn’t take any sick days or anything like that, since I didn’t have any side effects like swelling or redness. But the procedure itself did feel really uncomfortable. Although, I’m guessing it’s better than botox. Hate the thought of needles touching my face!

  7. Emma
    Emma says:

    This isn’t exactly an acne scar treatment, but I bet it can help with that as well. I love the sublative laser and how it works. By targeting my dull and droopy skin, my entire face seems to glow. You know that fresh glow, and radiance you have after any kind of beauty treatment. Well, that’s exactly what you get, only more permanent. It’s not that bad, when we’re talking about the painful sensations. I didn’t feel any. But maybe that’s my skin.
    I would definitely say that everyone who wants to try it out should have a nice discussion with their specialist. It’s important not to hide anything from your doctor, and to prepare yourself for an alternative if the doctor thinks you are to sensitive for the sublative rejuvenation treatment. That can happen sometimes, and it’s for the best, but there are tons of other procedures you can get. I prefer this one, over any other I’ve tried…

  8. Antonia
    Antonia says:

    Wow, this company really has things on lock down when it comes to beauty treatments. I am really impressed! Half of them I haven’t even heard of, but they do sound very much appealing! I’ve had visited a clinic in which I went through a ipl treatment. Didn’t really find it comfortable enough, although my skin is really sensitive to any kind of treatment. The sublative rejuvenation reviews report this procedure as superior to laser treatments of any other kind… It would be a good idea to test out, but I would like what others have to say? It’s kind of risky for people like me, who have delicate skin, and by delicate I mean, really, really sensitive… Wondering if this would work for me at all…


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