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The Fraxel laser is a form of facial rejuvenation treatment using new age Fractional technology. The Fraxel laser is an aesthetic treatment laser device used to treat a variety of skin textural problems, ranging from sun damage to acne scars, fine lines around the mouth and eyes and even stretch marks and Fraxel Sydney has become a highly popular treatment. Whilst there are now many different forms of Fractional Laser Treatments and the technology has evolved a fair bit since the first Fraxel treatment was performed, the first version was created by Solta Medical – a company involved in the research and development of skin care and aesthetic laser devices utlising the core principle of selective photothermolysis.

Selecting a Fraxel Sydney treatment: the options.

Anyone considering treatment with the Fraxel treatment is strongly advised to have a thorough conversation with their skin care professional, as advertising claims for these treatments can sometimes mislead people into believing that the results will compare to real face lift surgery, they will not. At a bare minimum, laser skin resurfacing is as invasive as a chemical peel; at its worst, a laser facial can have some side effects that include burning and blistering, albeit very rare. As you consider whether laser skin resurfacing is right for you, also keep in mind that this Solta Medical brand includes three devices:

  • Fraxel Repair: an aggressive treatment for wrinkles and scar damage;
  • Fraxel Refine: to reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve poor skin texture; and
  • Fraxel Restore: a non-ablative treatment for Melasma and sun spots on skin.

In order to treat a greater variety of conditions, Solta Medical developed several devices under the Fraxel brand, with each having unique treatment options. One of the most useful ways to look at these models is to understand what they were designed to do, and how much skin damage they cause in the process.

Fraxel Repair

Fraxel Repair is a powerful laser that delivers the most intense treatment by removing microscopic amounts of skin from various skin layers. The micro wounds closer to the surface are meant to remove cells with pigmentation issues, whilst the deeper wounds help stimulate collagen production and tighten skin over time. Solta Medical suggests that the results from Fraxel Repair take approximately three to six months to reach their full potential. Although, because this treatment is so intense, only one procedure may be needed to show improvement, especially in patients with mild skin problems.

Fraxel Restore

The Fraxel Restore technology focuses on treating sun damaged skin by stimulating collagen production in the dermis. The laser delivers powerful bursts of light to these layers but is considered a non-ablative laser, because it doesn’t completely destroy skin cells. This, however, may not be a viable solution for everyone because Fraxel Restore is not meant for deep wrinkles and sagging skin.

Unlike the Fraxel Repair procedure, the Restore treatment will need to be repeated at least three times to show significant results. It is simply not aggressive enough and is meant for patients who cannot take time off work to recover and properly care for their skin. Usually, the best results from Fraxel Restore will be visible within two to three months after treatment, and will likely need to be repeated every six to twelve months.

After undergoing the Fraxel Restore treatment, it is common to experience dry flaky skin on face, as the damaged skin layers begin to peel away. It is advisable to use copious amounts of sunscreen during this time to prevent further damage while the body’s natural UV radiation defenses are weak. This should be continued for at least three months after undergoing Fraxel Restore, which can be simplified by purchasing a facial moisturizer with sunscreen built in.

Fraxel Refine

The third device in the product line was designed as an upkeep option. The Fraxel Refine is most commonly used to create a smoother skin texture, get rid of fine under eye wrinkles, and remove brown spots on face. This treatment will need to be completed up to six times for best results, and the most significant improvements will not be visible for at least two months, as the dermis replenishes collagen fibres to tighten skin. Fraxel Refine is considered to be the least invasive of the three lasers, and delivers results slower than the aggressive Fraxel Repair treatment.

During the Fraxel Laser Treatment

If you choose to get a Fraxel laser treatment, set aside at least an hour to spend at your dermatologist’s office. First, your face will have to be cleansed, and treated with a topical numbing agent about an hour and a half before the procedure. The procedure itself should last about half an hour, depending on the skin area being treated.

The painfulness of the treatment often differs based on the person, but patients have reported discomfort, stinging and burning sensations during Fraxel laser treatments. Afterwards, you will need to follow special care instructions as your face heals for several days. In the case of Fraxel Repair, you may need to stay out of sunlight for the first day or two, as this is the most dangerous time for the skin to sustain damage.

How Laser Skin Resurfacing Works

At first, the details of how a laser works may seem confusing, but the concept behind the various Fraxel technologies is rather simple. Our skin cells contain quite a bit of water, which can quickly heat up by absorbing certain wavelengths of light. If you shine a focused light beam onto a skin cell, such as that of the Fraxel laser, the absorption of the light by the water causes the cells to either vaporise (this is called an ablative laser), or heat up just enough to cause cell damage and stimulate the body to replace it with healthy skin (the non-ablative laser). The ablative laser is the more intensive form of treatment, and causes damage not just by vaporising cells, but by dissipating excessive heat to surrounding tissue, exacerbating the side effects, and contributing to the need for significant after care.

If you wanted to really simplify it, you could think of getting a Fraxel laser treatment like taking a magnifying loupe and focusing the sunlight on a patch of skin. You would quickly feel the heat, and could easily burn yourself if you leave the focused beam on the skin for too long. Of course the Fraxel treatment is more complicated than that, and uses precise light wave lengths, but the basic idea is similar. Whatever you do, please don’t spend your next weekend in the back yard, pointing a magnifying glass at your face – nothing good will come of it.

Ablative vs. Non-Ablative Lasers

Whether you are considering Fraxel or some other laser treatment, the distinction behind the ablative and non-ablative options is an important one. The ablative devices, like CO2 laser models, cause significant amounts of damage to the skin. They are very intense and the early models removed entire layers of upper skin cells, creating large surface wounds that made recovery time a major drawback. Before Fraxel and other fractional laser technologies, the after care for ablative skin resurfacing could take several weeks, and even required patients to take time off work.

The aggressiveness of ablative laser treatments makes them more suitable for the treatment of surface skin problems like scars, pigmentation issues, low-to-medium wrinkles, and sunspot on skin. By removing the entire upper skin layer, these Fraxel predecessors significantly accelerated the natural skin rejuvenation process, and after several treatments were able to cycle all the damaged cells from the surface. The Fraxel Repair laser, for example, is an ablative approach, but uses fractional technology to somewhat reduce recovery time (discussed later).

Non-ablative laser treatments work mostly on the deeper layers of the skin, like the dermis, and deliver heat for the purposes of stimulating collagen growth, rather than completely vaporising damaged cells. Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Refine are considered to be non-ablative models, and because they cause less damage, they also require more follow up treatments.

The Fractional Approach

The various Fraxel devices are CO2 lasers, and use a series of reflective technologies to amplify the energy of the beam to the point where it can be used to treat skin. But what makes Fraxel different from earlier CO2 models the way in which light energy is delivered. With the idea of minimising skin damage, the laser beam is separated into shorter bursts, or “packets,” of energy that only damage some parts of the treatment area, leaving more tissue untouched. This pattern of micro damage dots directly helps remove old skin cells, and shortens healing time.

The other aspect of the Fraxel laser is its believed ability to stimulate collagen production. The device does so by sending some of the energy “packets” deeper into the skin, where the heat and coagulation of tissues can stimulate collagen rejuvenation in the dermis. Solta Medical built this ability into the Fraxel lasers to improve wrinkle treatment results, as the strengthened collagen fibres tighten skin from beneath, to complement the resurfacing effect in the epidermis.

Serious Side Effects of Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Like any medical treatment, Fraxel laser resurfacing technologies carries a risk of side effects and it’s important that we inform our patients about this. In addition to the usual symptoms of redness and swelling, Fraxel Repair can cause oozing and crusting of the skin in rare circumstances. Whilst very unlikely, this can lead to permanent scarring if proper protocol adherence is not followed (like staying out of the sun). In some cases, the micro damage caused by the Fraxel Repair laser can lead to infection, which would likely require a course of antibiotics to address.

The Fraxel Restore laser also has a set of serious side effects, like blistering of the skin and the development of scars after treatment. In some cases, this laser can lead to herpes reactivation in people who are carriers of the disease. This would develop as a herpes breakout, with the accompanying blistering and need for topical antiviral medication. With the Fraxel Refine, the side effects are similar, with the development of acne, permanent scars, and infection all being potential dangers. For this reason extra diligence must be taken when choosing a Fraxel Sydney provider.

At Advanced Dermatology we are dedicated to offering the latest Fractional laser technologies. Please contact our friendly team if you require more information about our treatments.

*All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Fraxel is the trademark of the Valeant family of companies. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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  1. Chloe Barnet
    Chloe Barnet says:

    Nice post thank, i’ve met Doctor Sarah Freilich at your clinic before at bondi Junction before. She told me that the Fraxel laser technology is now outdated with different fractional resurfacing lasers becoming available. The only cosmetic procedure i’ve ever had done is microdermabrasion. It’s great but very superficial so I need regular treatments. At home use chemical peels and that helps too. Next step is fractional for me, I wish the cost wasn’t so high but I might take you up on your special offers. Is this the same thing or the newer technology that I was told about??

  2. Fraxel for Acne?
    Fraxel for Acne? says:

    Hello, thank you for the informative article; I’ve learnt a lot from this blog. I`m 22 year old female and I have large pores and still have quite bad acne. I have tried many acne treatments but with little or no improvements. I have become really desperate for a solution.. And I was wondering would Fraxel be a good option for an acne treatment?

  3. Tracee
    Tracee says:

    There is no price you can put on beauty, and that’s a fact. Anyone saying differently is just wrong. I love the fraxel laser treatment, and I would pay how much I need to, just so I can have it done. Luckily, the fraxel laser cost isn’t a big penny, or it isn’t for me at least. It gets rid of any signs of age on my face, and makes me look natural, beautiful and wrinkle-free. Plus, I can go tanning, and I know that after that I can just hop into my doctor’s office for an appointment, if there are any sun damaged areas. It can’t be more easy than it is, all you have to do is get rid of any irrational fears or limitations. We do live in the 21st century, so why not use all the technology we have to make ourselves look gorgeous. Looks are important, after all.

  4. Fraxel Sydney Question
    Fraxel Sydney Question says:

    I keep hearing about Fraxel laser treatments, what is fraxel? How does fraxel work?
    I`ve had a IPL skin tightening treatment done before, how does that compare to Fraxel? Are there any good providers in Sydney you can recommend?

  5. Lilian
    Lilian says:

    Has anyone tried the fraxel laser in Perth? I live nearby and I’m not sure if I should go get it or not. I have been reading a lot online lately, about the fraxel laser treatments; the potential risks, side effects, but also about what the entire thing consists of. This article seems to capture all the basic information that you need to know, and it is pretty open about everything. It’s important not to have misconceptions about any kind of procedure you’re getting done. I was thinking of going for a fraxel restore, which I see is good for sun-damaged skin… Not really sure if I have any other options. This one at least sounds less scary than the other ones I’ve had that didn’t really do much, except traumatize me. I am willing to deal with the side effects, as long as it is powerful enough for removing the spots I have. I should have used a cream with SPF.

  6. Alice`s Fraxel Review
    Alice`s Fraxel Review says:

    I feel as if the only thing that did help with my acne problems are the laser treatments. Especially the fraxel laser. They do differ from other treatments, because they topically treat every spot you need to be treated, and cause less damage, which is very good if you already have damaged skin. I can add to the fraxel reviews only a positive one, because, I want other people to try it out, and maybe, just maybe, it will give good results for them as they did for me…I do know what frustration with acne means..It means an entire life of shame, and make up… But it doesn’t have to be that way, if you try this laser out.. You can even choose which areas to treat. Or which kind of a laser the doctor uses. It all depends on what you are going for. I would go with the fraxel repair, when it comes to acne issues.

  7. Jessica E
    Jessica E says:

    I’ve had Fraxel Refine treatments for a couple of months back, and it has overall been a positive experience. I don’t say that it’s harmless, it does carry a certain amount of risk, and different side effects. But none of them happened to me. The fraxel laser cost is totally worth it if you considered what kind of a treatment you are getting. This treatment is basically for my fine little lines that I have around the mouth and my eyes. They have begun to be less visible, thanks to the fraxel treatment in Sydney. Note, it is for people who don’t have really sensitive skin that can be damaged easily. It is after all a semi-aggressive treatment, about which you have to consult with a doctor, to see if you should really do it or not. I am satisfied, but I am not finished with the entire treatment. We will see how long it takes to show full results.

  8. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I come from Sydney, but I’ve had therapies done in a clinic with a fraxel laser in Melbourne, after I had a bad experience with a fraxel laser in Sydney. It’s not the doctors fault, but my own for not doing enough research. I have very bad skin, terrible scars from acne, and it’s easily prone to infections, to the point where it almost looks like I have boils on my face. I heard about the fraxel laser therapy that goes by the name of fraxel repair. It uses little bursts of energy to destroy and then repair the skin. I am more than happy to say that it was the best thing that happened to me, a complete revelation! As it may be too aggressive for others, it was just what I needed. An aggressive treatment for my troublesome skin that will finally stop all the troubles I had. And it really does work, as long as you are persistent and committed to going for treatments regularly.

  9. Davide
    Davide says:

    I’ve had bad acne scars on my cheeks since my teenage years so I decided to do a series of fraxel laser treatment. I’m set to have my 5th treatment now, so far I have seen no results for my acne scarring but it working great on my wrinkles and the general appearance of my skin. My doctor told me I would probably need a few more Fraxel treatments to see the results I want but I’m undecided if I should continue with the Fraxel treatments or should I give Dermabrasion a try.

  10. Alica Whitford
    Alica Whitford says:

    A fraxel treatment is, altogether, a very intensive treatment. It’s not just like you walk in there, and it’s all birds and butterflies. But, if you are prepared for a little pain, you will definitely witness some improvements. I don’t have terrible skin, but there are those pesky little wrinkles, which just annoy me so much. I’ve given up on creams, those things just eat out every penny out of my valet. I researched a lot about the fraxel laser treatment. I believe in the power of lasers, since the Star Wars appeared. All jokes aside, it really did make a lot of difference. It makes your wrinkles look less visible, and not so deep, if that makes sense. It did feel a bit uncomfortable, but I really don’t like pain, or any discomfort at all. If there wasn’t for the numbing cream, I would probably freak out. But thank God, my doctor does everything as he should, so I don’t really have a bad experience behind me that can stop me from going to the laser treatment again.

  11. DD
    DD says:

    My daughter has had severe acne ever since she was in puberty. Even as a child, people would give her those sad looks, because she had terrible skin, and there was nothing we could do about it, as a mother that really brought me down. I felt like it was my fault that I couldn’t help her. Now, when she is older, I decided to help her, and I believe that the fraxel laser is the only thing that helped… Fraxel has been around for so long, but I think I waited for a good time for her to mature a bit and not be that scared of the cosmetics procedures. You know, young women don’t really believe in those kinds of things. She went for a fraxel repair, which is supposed to treat severely damaged skin. And I believe it is just what it does. It penetrates the skin so deep, that it heels it from where the problems actually occur. In addition, it makes the scars fade away. I can already see such a great improvement after the third treatment. Bear in mind, that she really has terrible skin.

  12. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    My skin changed a lot ever since I started treating it better. I left the care of my skin in charge of professionals. I visit spas, beauty centres, and clinics more often. I used to break out a lot, and get sunspots, pores were so large… I didn’t really know what to do with my skin so now I leave it to the pros. As for the fraxel, Melbourne has great clinics and places to get you acquainted with it.

    I love the treatment, because it really goes deep into your skin and cleans all the impurities and boosts production of collagen to the point where you just keep noticing changes all the time. I treat my entire face, not just areas. I do an area for one treatment, and then I choose another area for the second treatment. Of course, you don’t have to do it that way, you can choose in consultation with the doctor. Read the fraxel laser reviews and it will help a lot.

    But the changes I’ve noticed are really great, and it’s not just me, many other people see it to, so they must be really obvious.

  13. Vanessa H.
    Vanessa H. says:

    The fraxel restores skin deep. It can repair sun damage and acne in a way that you can’t even imagine! Before I chose the laser treatment I read many fraxel reviews, just to make sure it’s really worth the money. And I can tell you all that it is.
    Don’t waste a penny on creams and stuff like that, that’s not going to work. With those things, you can only see little differences. The laser may burn your skin, and burn off some layers, but it will really deal with the hard-core problems. In my case, those were acne. Acne protruding on every part of my face, being infected, causing scars and holes… That’s not just a beauty issue, it’s really emotionally draining. I’m glad that the fraxel exists, and I’d recommend it to all people who had acne problems!

  14. Adele
    Adele says:

    Does the fraxel laser treatment cost a lot? Laser procedures are quite pricey, I presume. Beauty treatments are expensive as well, so I presume also that the fraxel treatment can take a lot of money out of your savings account. Thousands of dollars are not a sum to be joking about…

  15. Fraxel vs Others
    Fraxel vs Others says:

    Fraxel is a type of fractional laser treatment. It works well. However it’s not the only option out there, I have found other fractional lasers to be more price-friendly and just as effective. I’ve had very bad acne scars and I started of with fraxel repair laser treatments but I didn’t see the results I expected and after spending so much I lost hope. I have since tried Venus Viva fractional treatment.. less downtime, less pain and results are so much better. I combined it with PRP injections and I can truely see a difference. Combining both those treatments I still paid less than I did for a series of Fraxel laser treatments.

  16. Tahnee
    Tahnee says:

    I have mild acne scarring from my teenage years how much is the fraxel laser treatment? how treaments do i need to see results? thanks

  17. Declan
    Declan says:

    I had the Fraxel a couple months ago for some acne scarring, I had mild results from it. My scars have faded but not to the degree I was expecting.

    • Brett
      Brett says:

      I had a few acne scars left over from my teenage years I had 2 fraxel treatment and saw great results. My scars are almost gone!

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