Restylane Skincare

What is Restylane?

The entire line of Restylane skincare products has been created with the sole purpose to treat, protect and enhance the skin’s natural properties. According to the latest scientific research in the world of dermatology, many so-called skincare treatments fall short of expectations because they attempt to target specific skin conditions almost overnight. This seemingly universal challenge however, can be overcome with the help of technological development.

How does it work?

Thanks to NASHA biotechnology, the Restylane skincare line is able to treat specific skin issues from within. This technology makes use of stabilised substance that mimics what is naturally found under the skin and is presented in the form of very small crystal-shaped particles. This naturally derived substance is an interesting sugar molecule that can be found in the skin in its natural state. It provides its water-absorbing qualities to create a kind of natural sponge that contributes to enhancing the skin’s volume and hydration.

Available only in selected cosmetic treatment clinics, this patented Restylane skincare line complements its exclusive non-animal based formula with a series of active ingredients and unique moisturising emollients. The combination of ingredients results in long-lasting effects in many critical areas which are vital in the solution of typical skin issues.

Restylane Skincare: What to expect

Used primarily to treat thin superficial skin lines and prevent skin damage, the entire range of products has been designed with this aim in mind. One of the main reasons this line can be found in cosmetic clinics only is that they should be administered only by health specialists who are able to diagnose the proper treatment in each case. This is the only effective way of avoiding the age-old issue of product misuse. For ages, patients have failed to treat their skins effectively; either because of overuse or underuse, most people have a hard time administering beauty products.

Since the Restylane skincare line is provided by health practitioners, its effects are much more long-lasting and ultimately, more effective. The key seems to lie in the use of the right product for each area. Only specialised personnel can do this efficiently.

The Full Range

Even when all products are based on the same technology, there are nine different items to choose from within the Restylane skincare line:

Facial Cleanser: Skin health begins with proper skin maintenance and daily cleansing has been proved to be the key to skin vitality. Research has shown that there is no use in resorting to expensive skin treatments if cleaning is not efficiently carried out first. This product has been designed to remove impurities gently, thus avoiding skin damage.

Day Cream: Made to treat fine lines, this cream helps to improve the face’s overall elasticity by restoring its natural glow.

Day Cream SPF 15: Apart from protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, this cream addresses those unwanted fine lines by enhancing the skin’s natural elasticity, not only superficially, but structurally, as well.

Whitening Day Cream SPF 15: Protecting, moisturising and revealing are possible with only one product.

Eye Serum: Aimed at dealing with one of the most sensitive skin areas, eye contour, this product helps to improve the skin, by making it smooth and elastic.

Night Cream: Your body rests at night, and so does your skin. The importance of proper moisturising before getting some sleep is now clear for most people. With this in mind, Restylane has developed a night cream that keeps skin moisturised without clogging pores.

Night Serum: Acting locally by means of active micro particles, this serum helps to reduce fine lines and skin spots.

Hand Cream: Prevents roughness and dryness thanks to its active and rich components.

Recover Cream: Containing Arnica and Niacinamide, this cream treats skin irritation, such as rashes or blemishes effectively.

In all, technology combines with solid medical knowledge to give way to a complete line of skin products that does more than just describe your skin: it treats it.

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