Skin Treatment Options: Dermapen

The world of cosmetic treatments has seen itself flooded with different products, designed to address different skin issues and Dermapen is one of these alternatives.

People are so concerned with the way they look, that most cosmetic companies have developed all sorts of resources used to help people improve their appearance. Some skin conditions cannot be treated with skin lotions or creams only. This is why, thanks to the latest advances, technology has been used to create and design different types of motorised surgical instruments to deal with the most severe cases.

In recent years, these treatments have grown in popularity mainly because they provide a solution to extreme cases of acne, derma pigmentation or even scarring. Even when these treatments have proved to be effective, some people are still reluctant, mainly because they are suspicious of future infections or unwanted transmission of diseases.

As a result, an American company has developed a product that can help to deal with skin issues without the risks of affecting their health.

What is Dermapen?

By definition, Dermapen is a motorised surgical instrument operates with a disposable needle tip cartridge that contains 12micro-needles. This type of device has been designed to be used by a trained practitioner in a professional environment.

This micro-needling surgical instrument can be used to deal with different types of goals, such as lip wrinkles, improvement of overall skin tone, pore appearance, melasma and derma pigmentation. It is also used for facial wrinkles and acne scarring. Further uses include the textural improvement of neckline or chest.

The theory behind this type of technology is that by creating a small wound on the skin, it reacts by creating a new cell that is filled with collagen. The benefits depend on the depth of needle penetration; the deeper the treatment, the more effective. Many times, these types of treatments are used just to enhance product penetration or to ensure maximum absorption or skin cleansing. Skin depth can range from 0.25 to 2.5 mm. depending on the type of treatment required.

Since treatments are so varied and results so different, the treatment should always be carried out by a certified practitioner who is able to diagnose and treat accordingly. Although Dermapen is mostly used for facial areas, it can be successfully used in different parts of the body. For example, many beauticians use it to treat stretch marks on stomach or thigh areas.

Advantages of Using Dermapen

According to beauty specialists, the use of this disposable needling system has provided several advantages over other more common systems.

  • Reduces risks of cross-infection.
  • It increases speed and large areas can be covered in less time. Other manual systems take much longer.
  • Adaptable and comfortable. Practitioners can choose whether to deal with smaller or larger areas, according to what is needed.
  • Pain and discomfort is greatly reduced.
  • Low cost consumable.
  • Lighter in weight than most other devices.
  • Helps to prevent unnecessary laser treatments.
  • It provides adjustable needle depth.

Downsides of Using Dermapen

Even when many people have expressed their satisfaction with the treatment, there are some cases of unwanted side effects that have been reported by patients who used this sort of treatments.

  • Persistent skin redness: although some swelling and puffiness is expected, some patients have reported to suffer from extreme swelling and sever redness in the face.
  • Skin Blotches: Other people have reported blotches on their faces that do not seem to alleviate and that have required visiting skin specialists. In fact, some skin doctors recommend combining needling with platelet rich plasma treatments to prevent redness.

In all, Dermapen is a practical needling tool that should be used only by certified well-trained practitioners and under medical supervision.

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  1. Willow m
    Willow m says:

    I have done micro needling before for my skin and fell in love with the results. I am assuming that the Dermapen is sort of similar to this? I would urge anyone that has the acne scarring to look into this, as well as anyone who has large pores, needs an overall skin boost or has wrinkles. I think that this sounds like an epic skin treatment to have done. I am always on the look out for treatments that are budget friendly and do not hurt like heck, and this treatment sounds like it passes that.

  2. D.D
    D.D says:

    I have had a Dermapen session done and loved the results. Here are a few things that I loved about it: the session time did not last that long, there was no need to worry about cross infections as the needles are disposable, it was very affordable for me, and there was little pain associated with it. The Dermapen can also be adjusted for how deep one wants the treatment to go, just by adjusting the speed. My skin has really thanked me for this. I did have some skin redness after the treatment, but I can easily deal with this as the treatment is very good. I highly recommend individuals looking into doing the treatment as it can really help your skin.


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