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Pearl Fractional Laser

The Pearl laser is a device manufactured by Cutera Inc., and was designed as a skin tightening solution to get rid of wrinkles and rejuvenate ageing skin. The company is a San Francisco-based manufacturer of cosmetic devices that uses light to manipulate different layers of skin. The Pearl laser is just one of many Cutera brands, like the CoolGlide laser, a treatment for permanent hair removal; GenesisFlex, a radial pulse device for reducing muscle pain; and AcuTip, to address problem blood vessels. All of these machines have the potential of causing long term skin damage if used improperly, and are designed strictly for use at a physician’s office. Because of the possible side effects of the Pearl laser treatment and the accompanying skin inflammation, it is important to talk to your physician openly and honestly to avoid potential skin damage.

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How the Pearl Fractional Laser Works

Pearl laser skin resurfacing was designed mainly as an upkeep treatment, to address problems of ageing skin and skin pigmentation issues caused by the sun. This is a fractional laser, meaning that it treats both the dermis and the epidermis, but affects only a fraction of the skin. When a physician uses the Pearl laser, the device will take the laser beam and split it into smaller individual bursts that hit the skin in only a fraction of the treatment area. As these energy beams enter the skin, they can destroy hyperpigmentation clusters, and at the same time make it to the dermis to speed up collagen formation to get rid of wrinkles.

Few people realise the importance that collagen plays in keeping skin elastic, but the loss and damage of this protein in the skin is a significant factor in the development of wrinkles. By creating micro damage within this collagen-rich skin layer, the Pearl fractional laser forces the body to react and it’s the body’s healing process that is responsible for the treatment’s beautifying effects.

Treatment Intensity

The Pearl laser is a procedure that does not require a hospital stay, but can cause some pain and discomfort. A topical anesthetic is often used to diminish discomfort, but in people with especially sensitive skin, a general anesthetic may be required, or an alternative treatment should be considered. The sensation reported by most patients during Pearl laser resurfacing is that of hot, rapid pinches to the skin.

Is the Pearl Laser Treatment Effective?

The results of a typical Pearl laser skin resurfacing will not be apparent for approximately one week, and will gradually show improvement thereafter. Cutera suggests that the most significant results will take up to 3 months to present themselves, making this treatment a long term commitment. Although some patients notice results after just one treatment, multiple Pearl laser resurfacing treatments may be needed for serious problems like deep frown lines or sagging skin around the chin.

Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing Side Effects

The Pearl resurfacing laser is a non-ablative device, meaning that it doesn’t destroy cells in the epidermis. Typically laser resurfacing destroys cells in the epidermis to reveal healthy skin. However, this device largely bypasses the top layer, and focuses on strengthening the collagen fibers in the dermis layer of the skin. However, the Pearl laser resurfacing treatment can still have a variety of side effects and requires approximately a week to fully recover.

After the Pearl resurfacing laser treatment, patients report a sunburned sensation, accompanied by inflamed skin with some pain and discomfort. The treatment also requires the use of a special ointment for several days after treatment, and the patient should avoid the sun for at least four to five days. If you are going to try the Pearl laser resurfacing procedure, ensure that you have plenty of time to fully recover and avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun and other environmental pathogens.

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6 replies
  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I recently had a treatment with the Pearl laser in hope to improve the texture of my skin and remove a few sun spots and some pigmentation. A week or so later it seemed like it removed the pigmentation which made me happy however the appearance of my skin didn’t seem to have any improvements. In weeks that followed my skin just got worse and worse.. I now have lumps on my face and dicolouration where I never used to have before. I am so upset. Has this happened to anyone else? How can I treat this?

  2. Anita Moore
    Anita Moore says:

    @Sarah, I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. Have you been to a dermatologist to see if there is anything you can do?

    My experience was luckily very different and went very well in fact.
    You do have some “downtime” after having this procedure, nothing like the “downtime” you would have after a surgical procedure but its well worth it. When using the peal laser, they apply topical numbing cream to alleviate any possible pain so the treatment is relatively painless. I do have to admit, painkillers go a long way as well after the procedure.

    Results start appearing about 2 weeks after the procedure, for me it took up to 8 weeks for the full results to be noticed and I am so happy with the results. The pigmentation is gone, I had a couple spots I really wanted to get rid off – gone. My wrinkles have even disappeared and I am receiving a lot of compliments for my new skin.

  3. Amira
    Amira says:

    I had a similar issue to you Sarah. I thought my face was ruined, I went back to the clinic where I had my treatment several times, I was concerning that it would be like this forever. After 3 or 4 weeks, it all went away and my skin started looking amazing.
    I know it may be scary and you think they have ruined your face but I think if you give it a few weeks for your skin to repair you should be looking great in no time. I hope that helps a little :)

  4. Liz
    Liz says:

    I am new to all these lasers and treatments. I am looking for a treatment that will remove any spots from the sun and ged rid of my wrinkles and add some tightness. I came across pearl laser and it sounded really good – after reading what happened to Sarah I am a little afraid as I read about some other bad experiences on other review sites.
    Are there any safer alternatives?

  5. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Hi Anita,

    I have been back to the clinic where I had the treatment they provided me with some skincare, different treatments to try and repair my skin but to be honest I just don’t want to go there. I will not name and shame the clinic but they have really ruined my skin. I had a consultation with another clinic in hope they will be able to repair the damage I am seeing them next week so I will come back here and tell you how it all went.

    Liz, I would avoid the pearl laser, its very bad! It can cause some serious damage on your skin like it has for me. There are other safer laser treatments you should look into them. Pearl laser ruined my life!

  6. Lenore McGinley
    Lenore McGinley says:

    It is important to realise who is performing the treatment on you. It is important to find the right place, the right doctor, clinician, nurse etc.

    I for one have had the pearl laser fractional treatment and I have never been happier with my skin. The results are everything they all promise and less. The downtime associated to the treatment is really minimum for what you get out of it. I`ve had sever treatments before trying out the pearl laser and the results were not as noticeable as they were after having this treatment.

    This may contradict the above comments but as I said, it is important to do your research on where to go and find a trustworthy clinic to perform this procedure. The above comments seemed to be saying that the laser is not good but in reality its not the laser but the person using it. Those were my two cents worth.


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