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Syneron: a Leader in Aesthetic Lasers

Syneron Medical is a company that specialises in manufacture and sale of aesthetic medical products to skin care clinics, physician offices, and hospitals. The company’s products include systems that tighten skin, remove hair, and treat wrinkles in minimally-invasive ways, sometimes requiring little healing time. Syneron was founded in 2000 by Shimon Eckhouse, and currently has corporate offices in both California and Israel. The company expanded its sales into China in 2008, and has since been selling its products on a global scale. Syneron distributes a number of different laser solutions, including the Syneron Emax, the Elos Hair Removal system, and other sublative laser machines that allow physicians more latitude in providing aesthetic treatment experiences.

Syneron eMax

The Syneron eMax laser provides aesthetic medical professionals with the ability to offer their patients a number of different skin care treatments, and all with one machine. The Syneron eMax is an FDA-approved unit that delivers bi-polar radio frequency light and diode laser energy to the skin in order to remove hair. At the same time, the device cools the skin to minimize patient discomfort during treatment.

Syneron eMax features a dermal monitoring system that allows the user to track the temperature of the epidermis with each delivered pulse. The eMax device can also be instantly upgraded with the purchase of tools and adapters that the physician can usually install herself, without the need of technical support. The Syneron eMax also features a wheeled platform, making it easy for physicians to move the unit from one room to another to perform multiple treatments. This is not a big concern for patients, but can be a helpful feature for physicians who may have a limited budget and can only purchase one machine.

Syneron Sublative Treatment

Syneron products all use sublative treatment, which is performed by delivering radio frequency (RF) energy into the skin in a precise pattern to target smaller treatment areas. This allows physicians to treat wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and other skin problems without harming the surrounding areas. Syneron sublative treatments are also relatively simple to perform and usually only require half an hour to an hour for the physician to complete.

Although Syneron sublative treatments were originally thought to improve customer satisfaction by offering them a wide variety of treatments with a minimum down time, it’s important for patients to understand that these procedures can cause discomfort, itching, and in some cases peeling of the skin the way a laser facial does. However, sublative treatments are thought to be nonetheless safer for a wider variety of skin types.

Elos Hair Removal

Elos hair removal technology is at the forefront of Syneron systems, which combines laser and light energy with radio frequency for a more stable treatment delivery, which improves the experience for the patient. This type of dual heating delivers more localised heat to the area that’s being treated while it protects the surrounding skin. The software contained with Syneron hair removal units has the ability to read and maintain the external temperature of a patient’s skin during any given treatment, thus mitigating chances of skin damage. This technology also allows for the physician to cut short the duration of any energy burst to prevent accidental damage and to minimize any irritation or redness after the treatment.

There are a number of advantages to using Elos hair removal technology as compared to other aesthetic treatment delivery systems. Mostly these advantages come from the physician’s ability to have greater control during procedures and to tailor treatment more closely to the patient’s needs. However, this also means that the physician must be more experienced in such treatments so as not to make errors while using the Syneron Elos machine.

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