EMERGE Fractional Laser


EMERGE Fractional Laser

The EMERGE Fractional Laser is a skin resurfacing device created by Palomar Medical Technologies, a Burlington, Massachusetts company. The company introduced its first aesthetic laser device in 1997, and was acquired in mid 2013 by a rival manufacturer, Cynosure. The EMERGE  Laser was introduced to market shortly before the transaction, and was created to minimise patient down time after the procedure. The laser uses a non-ablative technique to stimulate gradual skin tightening, which causes less skin damage than an ablative laser and requires less time for the body to heal. Although the EMERGE Fractional Laser treatment is designed to minimise a variety of problems, like wrinkles and dark spots on face, it comes with its own set of drawbacks and possible side effects.

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The Science behind EMERGE Fractional Laser

This Palomar Laser was designed for treatment of mild conditions like mild wrinkles, pigmentation problems and scars. The EMERGE Fractional Laser  treatment speeds up the natural skin rejuvenation process by helping the body break up old, damaged cells more quickly, but does not go so far as to destroy damaged cells and collagen fibers completely. The importance in this difference is that ablative lasers, those that vaporise cells, are more dangerous, leave more damage and require more after-care, but also produce more immediate results. A technology like the EMERGE Fractional Laser treatment, on the other hand, is thought to be less intense because it doesn’t burn off old cells, but will produce a slower improvement, while still causing discomfort and itchiness.

The Palomar EMERGE Laser’s basic function is to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. The skin goes through a natural rejuvenation all the time, where older cells are destroyed by the body and new healthy skin cells take their place. However, this process slows down significantly with ageing skin, becoming a factor in the development of lip lines, forehead wrinkles, and sagging skin. Procedures like the EMERGE laser treatment can help speed up this renewal process, especially if used on a regular basis.

Pigmentation issues can also be addressed with the EMERGE Fractional Laser treatment, by breaking down the clusters of melanin pigment to eventually reveal new layers of beautiful skin.  However, it is important to discuss the appropriateness of this treatment with your physician, because all laser skin resurfacing procedures carry risks of skin damage.

Day of the EMERGE Laser Treatment

Those who decide to undergo an EMERGE Fractional Laser treatment can expect to spend about an hour at the physician’s office. Mild pain has been reported during this procedure, and a numbing agent may be used to decrease any discomfort. However, this will largely depend on the issue being addressed and the intensity of treatment. You can usually return to daily activities after treatment, but it may be advisable to do the procedure near the end of the week, to give your skin extra time to recover.

EMERGE Fractional Laser Side Effects

Because the EMERGE Fractional Laser treatment damages the skin, patients are likely to experience pain, swelling and itchiness that are signs of the body’s immune system working to repair the damage. This can be expected to go on for the first several days, until the body has healed the treated areas, and the inflammation subsides. If the treatment is for a more difficult skin problem, like a deep scar, the physician may need to use stronger setting, which will in turn cause more damage and require more healing time. This is something that should be taken into account very seriously, especially if you are considering treatment before a major life event, like a wedding. If you do not give yourself ample time to attend multiple procedures and allow your body to heal, the EMERGE Fractional Laser treatment may not be a suitable solution.

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11 replies
  1. Paula
    Paula says:

    The emerge laser is a fantastic thing. Not for cases where you really have terrible skin, but for cases who need rejuvenating and fast. I love this laser because it’s not so harsh like some of the other procedures I have read about. Obviosuly, reading is not enough, but I’ve also seen on emerge fractional laser reviews that people had great experiences with it, and no catastrophic damages. I just don’t like those pesky wrinkles on my face, not at all. If I could get rid of them forever that would be nice, although I think that’s not possible.

    Thankfully, during the procedure, you experience mild pain, and you’re really not in there the entire day, just like an hour, more or less, depending on how old you are, or how bad your skin looks. I’m in my thirties so I’m still haven’t stepped deep into aging. The better your skin is before, the less treatments you are going to need.

  2. 000147
    000147 says:

    Horrible experience with the palomar emerge fractional laser. I went to a Sydney laser skin clinic that specialises in facial rejuvenation and I was explained what was going to happen how my skin would look and it sounded all great to me. They forgot to mention the high risk of laser skin burn and complete damage of the skin. I had light acne scars and I wanted a few freckles removed on my face. I was told it’s a simple, safe procedure. They were wrong!
    After the treatment I had bad skin pigmentation, a lot of burns and damage, after more laser treatments to repair the damage and many chemical peels my skin is finally looking OKAY. It is still worse than it was before the initial laser skin resurfacing but atleast it is not as bad. My recommendation is STAY AWAY from the fractional laser treatments, including the co2 laser resurfacing, alexandrite laser and any ablative laser treatment. It is just NOT worth ruining your skin. After all that has happened I have done a lot of research into laser skin treatments and have learnt a lot about them. There are many safer options that are non surgical and very safe. If you are interested in skin resurfacing I would recommend Fraxel treatments or photorejuvenation treatments.

    • Mari
      Mari says:

      Im confused with your comments. In one breath you say ‘STAY AWAY from the fractional laser treatments’ and then in another you say ‘If you are interested in skin resurfacing I would recommend Fraxel treatments’. Just to clear things up. Fraxel is also a fractionated laser treatment.

    • Tash
      Tash says:

      I’m sorry for what has happened to you, but in all honesty, whoever you went to should’nt be doing laser. There are a lot of conditions to adhere to such as pre and post care, as well as looking at your skin type and how it reacts to uv exposure before a final decision can be made regarding how you should be treated. In your case,I could confidently say you’ve had an unexperienced therapist treat you, hence why you had the problem ps that you do. I wish you luck in the future, hopefully you find someone who can help :)

      P.s. I’m in Sydney too :) I recommend you try laser clinics Australia or the Australian academy of beauty and spa therapy, there!s one in Bella Vista, strathfield, Kogorah and Chatswood

  3. Donna
    Donna says:

    Oh, I’ve heard of this company somewhere before, can’t really recall where, but I know it was positive. But like any other technique, I’m not surprised with the drawbacks of the emerge fractional laser. There have to be some side effects and disadvantages. After reading the emerge fractional laser review I’ve realized that it is a more natural and less painful way of rejuvenation your skin. I want tightness, no sagginess, no wrinkles and I think this has to be one of the safest methods out there. I don’t have very complex issues so I’m having my fingers crossed that the recovery won’t last long, or that the pain will be so annoying. I know I will experience some pain, but hopefully it’s bearable.

  4. BrittB
    BrittB says:

    I decided to have emerge fractional laser resurfacing on the area under my eyes and on my cheeks. The skin around my eyes was creasing I had some sun damage and it just made me look much older than I was. I read many emerge fractional laser review and thought it was the best option for me. I was considering the co2 fractional laser but after reading reviews for the co2 fractional laser I got a little scared. It did seem a little more invasive and not as safe as the emerge laser.

    It took a 3 sessions to see the results I wanted but from the first session I could already see some results (after the swelling eased). It has now been four months and my skin looks amazing. It has really helped with the sun damage I had, removing all the sun spots and smoothing out my skin. The under eye creasing is much less visible too. I was very happy with the outcome.

  5. Thumbs Up for EMERGE!!!
    Thumbs Up for EMERGE!!! says:

    I have only positive things to say about the emerge palomar. It’s a great technique that made sure my wrinkles are less visible. I can’t say that I didn’t have any side effects. As for those, I had redness and my skin was itching badly. This article reconfirmed what my specialist said, that it is suppose to be that way. No I am confident that these modern procedures really do work. My skin is tighter, glowing more, and it seems to be getting better with each day. The Palomar emerge fractional laser is super awesome for younger people… I do agree with that. And for the people complaining that it is too painful – It’s not true. Maybe you weren’t totally honest with your doctor, or did certain things to your skin that made it more sensitive or something like that. Otherwise, it’s a treatment like any other, expect it works, and I love it!

  6. Amy Jill
    Amy Jill says:

    Can anyone tell me what’s the difference between the emerge laser skin-rejuvenation and the photo rejuvenation? I’ve also heard of the laser skin resurfacing, and some other procedures I didn’t really remember the names, they sound so complicated. I know most of them entail lasers of some kind, or at least heat waves that stimulate the collagen production. I know collagen is what makes your skin radiant and tight. I’m still considering several options, and the laser emerge is the latest I’ve considered. But, I’d really like to know if there are any specific differences, beside the name and the slightly different technique used. If there is anyone who gave it a go, please share.

  7. Nadia
    Nadia says:

    I always thought that the palomar emerge laser was something old and forgotten about, but it turns out the method for rejuvenating, got rejuvenated itself! I’ve heard about it long time ago, when I was much, much younger, and it was just a total hit in the world. Love the palomar emerge so far. I invest full trust in it, and my doctor who recommended it. It is really mild and treats mild conditions, as this article clearly states, so don’t get fulled. If you are 60 years old that’s not for you. You can’t erase the past if you are already so deep into it, and you haven’t done anything before. But if you are younger and you want to refresh your skin, than it’s the real deal.

  8. Kimberly
    Kimberly says:

    I am happy with the emerge laser treatment. Yes you can choose any treatment you like, depending on your medical condition. But think about what you need. Do you need deep cleansing of the skin or deep healing? Do you have many acne scars and are you prone to infection? Would you just like to look young and hide the signs of tiredness from your face? It all creates a big part when you are choosing the right treatment. My doctor recommended me the emerge fractional laser treatment, because he thought I was the perfect patient for it. My crow’s feet were prominent as well as the lines around my mouth. I was sort of an ideal patient for him, and as it turns out this is the ideal procedure for me, too. I can’t say it’s painless, of course it hurts a bit. But it’s totally worth it, how else would you get rid of wrinkles?

  9. Stacey
    Stacey says:

    Horrific stay away from it. I’m 4 years on and my skin texture is so bad,scars everywhere. I’m under a plastic surgeon now who will not use lasers and is seeing more and more people with laser damage like myself. They told me they have been doing facelifts on patients who have had laser damage because the collagen and elastin had been destroyed and the face has dropped. I believe in time to come they will be banned because people’s lives and skin are being destroyed.


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