Enzyme Peel

How an Enzyme Peel Could Help You

Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that act as accelerators whenever a chemical reaction occurs in the body. Some enzymes act faster, such as the ones in your gut that aid in digestion. Enzymes in the skin are also important, but act a bit slower. Still, they can help improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

The skin is made up of the epidermis—the outer layer that absorbs sun damage, pollutants, and oxidation the most—and the dermis. There are also various layers between these two that work as a team to keep producing new skin cells that can keep moving toward the skin’s outermost surface. Sun damage can wreck the epidermis and cause or increase signs of ageing, creating sun spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Pros of an Enzyme Peel

They’re Easier on the Skin Than Chemical Peels

Enzyme peels might be easier on the skin than chemical peels. Chemical peels can remove dead skin cells but have been criticised for peeling away healthy skin cells. Chemical peels might be unsuitable for certain skin types and could increase sun sensitivity. Enzyme peels could be more gentle on the skin.

Speed Up the Skin’s Natural Healing Response

Those who use enzyme peels report a decrease in fine lines, age spots, and discolouration. An enzyme peel could also exfoliate the skin and deep-clean pores without removing healthy cells.

More Natural

Enzyme peels are also more natural than chemical peels. This is because enzymes are abundant in natural ingredients such as papaya, pumpkin pulp, pineapples, and Japanese mushrooms.

Easy to Remove

Those who choose to make their own enzyme peel pastes can usually leave them on their face for 20-25 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. It is a good idea to use a good moisturiser and sunscreen after the peel.


These days many are worried about the impact their beauty treatments may have on the environment. Enzyme peels can be made of natural ingredients that are biodegradable and have no chemicals that could harm the planet.

Cons of Enzyme Peels

May Not Be Strong Enough

Some people may actually require a chemical peel depending on the condition of their skin and other factors. An enzyme peel, though gentle on the skin, may not solve aggressive skin problems.

Could Discourage a Visit to a Skin Specialist

Though some people may know what is happening with their skin, an enzyme peel could encourage people to try home remedies for problems that might be more serious. Although enzyme peels are safe, serious skin problems are better solved with the consultation of a qualified skin specialist.

The Final Word On Enzyme Peels

Enzyme peels are safe, eco-friendly, and gentle. Though it is important to visit a skin specialist for serious skin issues, many will find that an enzyme peel is a great exfoliant and encourages firmer, smoother skin. Prescription products and chemicals have their place, but those who are not allergic to the ingredients needed to make enzyme peel pastes will benefit from using this all-natural method. Furthermore, enzyme peels exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells while leaving healthy cells intact.



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