All you should know about Clatuu

Clatuu is one of the latest non-surgical body-contouring techniques whose main aim is to shape the body by eliminating excess fat through cryolipolysis. In other words, fat cells are literally frozen until they are destroyed.

Having been thoroughly researched, this procedure is being used all around the world to address the needs of those who have found it challenging to get rid of stubborn fat in those traditionally problem areas. In addition, because of its many advantages, more and more cosmetic practitioners are opting for Clatuu as a safer alternative to more invasive procedures.

Understanding the Science behind Clatuu

Before the procedure is actually explained, potential patients should become familiar with a series of key concepts that are involved in order to better understand the procedure. First and foremost, it should be made clear that fat cells have a different way of responding to extreme temperatures. So much so, that they can actually be destroyed when exposed to almost freezing temperatures. What occurs with the fat cells when Clatuu is performed is known as Apoptosis. Apoptosis is a form of natural cell death that occurs when a series of planned events leads to cell elimination without the subsequent release of harmful substances into the surrounding tissues.

After the initial freezing stage, damaged cells are collected and eliminated by the body’s natural processes. The whole procedure then, results in a smoother skin, a better-contoured body shape and an overall fat loss.

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Who is Clatuu good for?

Possible Clatuu candidates should be at or near their ideal body weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. If after attempting to lose weight through a healthy lifestyle, there is still stubborn fat that will not respond, Clatuu makes the optimal treatment.

Despite Clatuu being beneficial for most body parts, there are certain main areas which are more suitable for this type of treatment than others. These areas include hips, flanks, abdomen, thighs and back area of your waist contour.

What to Expect

The average treatment takes about 60 minutes and most people find the procedure quite tolerable in terms of discomfort and pain. Most people describe the feeling as a kind of stinging numbness, at most. All patients are able to resume their daily activities right after the session.

The provider in charge of carrying out the process, uses a dual applicator that has been designed to target different surfaces simultaneously. Whereas the flat Clatuu applicator works on the small areas, the wing type applicator targets big bulges, such as abdomen, back or flanks. In addition, most modern applicators include a series of features, like the three in one gel pad that contribute to increase convenience and reduce treatment time.

In most cases, patients are requested to assist every 90 days in order to continue treatment in the same areas. The number of sessions needed often vary with each patient, depending on the thickness of the fat located in that area.

Patients can begin to enjoy the results of this treatment after a few sessions. One of the greatest assets of this technology is that results are much more natural-looking than other more invasive treatments that result in bulky, artificial contours. Besides, results will last for as long as the healthy lifestyle continues.

Advantages of Clatuu

  • Visible results
  • No downtime needed
  • Non-invasive: no anesthetics or antibiotics required
  • Widely-researched method
  • User-friendly system
  • Natural-looking results

Downsides of Clatuu

  • Some bruising may occur that generally subside within the first week
  • Cost

Final Comments

Clatuu promises to open up new opportunities for those looking to shape their body contours in a more natural, hassle-free way. However, as with all novel treatments, a lot more can be expected from Clatuu, yet.

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