DermaWand is an at home non-surgical device which claims to reverse the signs of ageing, giving you toned, wrinkle free and younger looking skin. DermaWand uses radio frequencies, which provide instant stimulation, giving you a massage like effect and delivering enriched oxygen along with thermal energy. The infomercial on TV will show you the benefits of using DermaWand and the results they claim you can obtain while using their product for only three minutes twice a day, all from the comfort of your own home. DermaWand promises to reduce enlarged pores, provide you with an even skin tone, plump up your lips by reducing the vertical pucker lines above them, and reduce puffiness around the eyes and get rid of the hooding caused by drooping upper eyelids.


Does the Derma Wand Truly Work?

Unlike the radio frequency (RF) machines used by medical specialists, DermaWand is lower in amplitude and is thus safe for use at home. However, it is not powerful enough to give you the measurable noticeable results. DermaWand uses the same high frequency technology used in beauty spas and salons. Radio frequency is emitted through electrodes. With the help of this technology, topical skincare products applied by estheticians are more easily absorbed into the skin. They can then stimulate the production of collagen and increase elasticity, giving your skin a more tight and toned texture and appearance. The results are not long lasting.

The DermaWand applies stimulation at 168,000 cycles per second, making your skin appear lifted and toned if combined with product use. Better results are promised if used in conjunction with a serum of a higher pharmaceutical grade. Regardless of the quality of the product, the results are not permanent.

Using the Derma Wand

It is important to carefully follow the regime detailed in the DermaWand product instructions. Some highlights include:

•    Start using DermaWand on the lowest power setting and gradually increase to the level that suits your skin type
•    Cleanse and dry your skin completely before using the device
•    Never use the higher level settings around the eye area
•    Apply moisturizer and repeat use of the DermaWand for two to three minutes
•    Discontinue use in cases of excessive peeling, redness or constant dry-feeling skin
•    DO NOT use DermaWand if you are pregnant
•    DO NOT use DermaWand if you have a skin condition or have skin that is prone to broken capillaries

Online User Reviews for the Derma Wand

A quick search of DermaWand reviews will find that most individuals noticed only a slight change in the texture of the skin after using the device for a couple of months. Many reported being afraid to use it in the area around the eye. Others reported a hesitancy to increase the power level as the zapping sensation caused on the skin while using the device was unpleasant.

Derma Wand: Is it Worth the Price?

DermaWand does not work overnight. In order to be successful, you have to be diligent and patient. You may not notice any change at all until after at least six weeks of continuous use.  While this product may work for some with particularly responsive skin qualities, it is certainly not effective for all.

The DermaWand price point is attractive when compared to a non-surgical facelift or a traditional surgical facelift. However, the results are barely measurable and thus the DermaWand, at approximately $200, may in fact be a huge waste of money, especially given the fact that it is mostly effective at making good quality – expensive- products penetrate the skin.

Choose wisely. If you are looking for real results, a trip to the cosmetic physician’s office is almost certainly in order. If you are willing to spend time and wait for minimal results that last only as long as you use the device, then the DermaWand  may in fact be a good at home solution for your skin care needs.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have issues losing my double chin.
    Will the derma wand work for that? I have read derma wand reviews but could not find a reference to this specific problem. Would anybody know the derma wand price?

    • Leah Green
      Leah Green says:

      Dermawand does work! I used to use it daily & now I go months when I don’t have the time or am too tired. I will be 68 in 2 months & I look like I am in my early 40’s. And no surgery. The trouble lies in people who have large double chins, fatty faces or extreme wrinkles. It’s insane to expect a machine to fix a face that is so far gone. You have to of not been a smoker & had been taking care of your face always. You can’t turn an ant eater into Lassie.
      Not smoking and a proper diet play a huge part. If you aren’t over weight& you do not smoke, there is a prescription now that is exactly for getting rid of a double chin! Pills! But you need to not be over weight. Some people don’t use the wand properly either. You have to use a vitamin C oil or good cream. If your face is dry there will be no resulrs.

  2. Anna
    Anna says:

    Ive recently purchased the DermaWand and since Ive started using I can honestly say that my skin has an extra glow to it. It seems a lifted and healhier. Each time I use it its like I’m having my very own non surgical face lift and it is a cheaper and safer alternative compared to thermage. I can highly recommend it!

  3. Anette
    Anette says:

    How does the derma wand work? Has anybody used it?

    I’ve done some research into it and have read a lot of derma wand reviews some even describe it as facelift without surgery but then on the other hand I read about the derma wand scam? Could anyone share some light into this and help me with a decision.

  4. DermaExpert
    DermaExpert says:

    I purchased the derma-wand some time ago, after reading mixed derma wand consumer reviews I was not sure what to expect so I had very low expectations in fact I was very scepitcal.

    However with a 30 day free trial I thought why not.. if I don’t see results I send it back – no loss to me. From the first time I used it, I noticed slight results but after a week I started noticing my wrinkles fading out and skin tightening, puffiness under my eyes going away as well… Its really is a great skin treatment and can do it from your own home! This is my first derma wand review so I hope you found this helpful.

  5. Trudi
    Trudi says:

    I have just ordered the derma wand kit! How does derma wand work? I look forward to using it and I will post an update on here when I start using it.

  6. Mini
    Mini says:

    I understand that results are not permanent or did I expect much from it… but after 6 months of usage I noticed nothing. It is way too gentle on the skin do make any difference. I was left disappointed and am still looking for a safe alternative that works and meets the promises.

    • Cathie
      Cathie says:

      Did you take the cap off?

      Im not trying to be smart, I started using it then realised the cap comes off. It does work and its not gentle on the high setting

  7. Guy
    Guy says:

    Would this work on guys skin? Im a guy who cares about his appearance and want to maintain my skin. Never had any anti ageing treatments, if it works for guys the dermawand would be awesome as I could just use at home.

  8. Maree
    Maree says:


    I purchased the dermawand not so long ago to try it out after reading positive reviews about it. I had a free 30 days to try it out and after the first 10 days I noticed nothing and figured it was all about marketing, so I returned it and thought nothing about it again until I noticed on my bank statement that they withdrew the money! When I contacted them about it they said they never received the returned product and were suggesting that I was the one lying, they were unbelievable rude towards me and had no interest in helping me out. I requested a manger to call me, weeks later I am still waiting for that call back.

    I was so upset about it, I just want to warn everyone about the scamers! The dermawand scam reviews are all true! They are nice and friendly until you realise their product does NOT WORK!!! After that they will just brush you off!

    • Jodee
      Jodee says:

      Of course it won’t work in only 10 days. It takes time to stimulate the collagen and for it to plump and grow! Sux about the payment issues etc u had but u definately didn’t give the product enough time to get the results!

  9. Lenore McGinley
    Lenore McGinley says:

    Dermawand is a good alternative for those who don’t want to have any laser treatments performed on their skin or for those who want very subtle change to their appearance. I haven’t personally used it but I do have a few girlfriends who have used it. Dermawand when combined with good skincare works much better and the dermawand results are more noticeable.

  10. Laura Silvanos
    Laura Silvanos says:

    My friend Selene and I read many derma wand reviews online, but only after we heard about the whole derma wand scam commotion. I don’t really get what the entire fuss is about. It’s a product like any other. For example, when I tried an expensive face cream which I will not name, I didn’t give any results, in fact, it only made my skin break out. And I didn’t really complain about it. So, I purchased the derma wand right next day because I was curious. It’s been four weeks, and although I do not look five years younger, my skin still benefits from it. It all just depends on the skin type. If you have severe acne issues or damaged skin, scars or any kind of terrible skin condition, you can’t expect to cure it with a beauty product like this. That’s absurd. I guess people only complain because they expect miracles overnight.

  11. Amy
    Amy says:

    I don’t know about scams or anything, but I believe that it either suits you or not. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a conspiracy or a scam. I read derma wand reviews before I purchased it, and it was quite clear and open. I agree that the dermawand may not give great results to all, but it has worked for me. I am quite satisfied. It’s not as powerful as surgical interventions, but who claimed that anyways? At best, it can make your skin look more bright and young, and it seems to me like my wrinkles aren’t that noticeable. For all those negative Nancy’s out there, they ARE still here, and I am aware of that. But nobody claimed that they are going to disappear altogether. It takes time to see results, it’s not going to come over night, and if you aren’t a patient person, than this is definitely not a beauty tool for you.

  12. Rose G
    Rose G says:

    For my 48th birthday I received the dermawand as a present. I look very young and feel young for my age, almost everyone who knows my age says I do not look a day older than 35. This however is not due to the dermawand results, for many years I have been using the best anti-ageing skincare, I think that is more important than anything else.

    I have been using dermawand for about 3 months now and I have noticed some slight results, it helps with some skin tightening around my jaw and cheeks. I certainly did not get the results the dermawand people staff promise or as the dermawand reviews promise but it did help a little. I personally think skincare has played an important role in my appearance and think everyone should be on some kind of skincare regimen.

    Dermawand is a good product to have but it is important for it not to be the only one. Dermawand combined with some other treatments like fillers or even laser skin tightening treatments works wonders for your skin.

  13. The magic wand
    The magic wand says:

    I am one of those lucky women who don’t really have many skin issues. I never had terrible acne problems, or any acne at all. Not even in puberty. But I can’t escape the little lines that come with the age. I don’t mind them, but I prefer not to have them. Plus, I use heavy make up, because I need it…It’s the nature of my job. So, from time to time I get some dry spots on my skin. Nothing too bad. I read a derma wand review online, and fortunately, I had a friend who purchased one recently. And like every good friend, she told me all the pros and cons. Basically, she was thrilled with it, and that pushed me into buying one. The derma wand instructions are pretty easy, anyone can learn to handle it. If you’re not expecting drastic improvements like I did, then it’s a good investment. Or if you don’t want to go to the doctors every month for a treatment. Otherwise, you have to rethink purchasing it. I’m not that demanding, so it works for me!

  14. Sue
    Sue says:

    My husband still claims that the derma wand scam is nothing to joke about. It’s expensive, and it guarantees no improvement what so ever. It doesn’t heal and it’s too expensive for what it claims to do. However, I believe that the derma wand kit is not that huge of scam. Some of us don’t really want to go to surgery. I personally don’t. I love using at home products, and I really wanted to try something other than creams. The results I got were a bit tighter skin around my cheeks and under eye area, but it’s nothing that lasts for a lifetime. But neither do many other beauty treatments. For me, it’s a little new gadget I like to play around with and use it while I’m reading the morning newspaper. And if it gives results of any kind, well, it’s better than not doing anything at all.

  15. dermawand is AOKAY
    dermawand is AOKAY says:

    Technology has evolved so much these days and I believe that a tool like this can really give results. It’s based on emission of electrodes to radio frequency but on a safer level then they use when you go a doctor in a clinic. Which is understandable, because they are less risky this way. It may be because I am a believer, but it did give results on my skin at least. It seems more soothed and tighter than it used to be. It will take some time to really show on the skin, and it does take continuous using… I wish the results would last longer. But it’s okay if you consider that with a derma wand buy you don’t get any guarantees that it will be a revolutionary product. I am quite okay with how it works. I have a derma wand kit, it’s affordable for me, but I’m guessing that for a lot of people it’s a bit pricey.

  16. Eveie
    Eveie says:

    Some derma wand reviews seem unrealistic to me, but if you go and talk to a real specialist who knows what he is talking about, it’s a completely different story. If you go to of course they are going to say all the best about their product, it’s advertising people! It’s not that it can do miracles, it’s just a product like any other. Makes things less visible and makes you less frustrated with your physical appearance. I can speak for my friend and I, and for what you pay, and how much it takes time, it’s awesome. It doesn’t hurt, it’s easy to deal with and use, plus you’re at home and there is no recovery after it. It’s not invasive, and yet I feel good, because I am taking care of my skin, in one of the, let’s say more natural modern ways out there. Thumbs up for the derma wand!

  17. un
    un says:

    Dermawand caused extremely dry skin and itching, redness I’ve tried several products to sooth the redness and itchiness. Nothing works

    • Teresa D Stewart
      Teresa D Stewart says:

      You must start derma wand on low setting and gradually intensify the frequency–if not you damage skin resulting in redness, itching and dry skin. In the case of rosacea–low radio frequency like derma wand is recommended by dermatologists FOR THE TREATMENT of dry skin, itching and redness.

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