Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

Medical tourism has grown in popularity in recent years. Patients in increasing numbers travel to foreign countries in search of less expensive medical treatment. Thailand is one of the favourite destinations for medical tourists seeking cosmetic surgery procedures. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is far cheaper than in Australia and of at least equivalent caliber, if not sometimes even better.

Those looking for information about cosmetic surgery in Thailand often seek out agencies that can be found on-line. These specialised travel agencies can guide you, the prospective patient, through the costs associated with this type of travel, provide a variety of options and choices, and explain the process and the details to help you with your decision-making process. Most reputable agencies are completely transparent about the pricing of your cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Medical fees are separated out from travel, accommodation and agency service fees. Patients can choose to pay fees in their currency of choice, the Thai Baht or Australian dollars, whichever is most convenient.

Post-operatively, agencies arrange for convalescence in Thailand in the type of accommodation of your choice and for the length of time of your choice, or at least as long as your surgeon recommends. Follow-up at home with local providers is arranged and the agency is often available to facilitate communication with your Thai surgeon for post-operative questions.

A number of cosmetic surgery options are available to you in Thailand. Some of the specialized treatments offered are:

•    Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty

•    Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty

•    Breast enhancement surgeries

•    Chin augmentation

•    Facelift

•    Brow lift

•    Body contouring or liposuction

•    Ear surgery or otoplasty

•    Nose job or rhinoplasty

Before you commit to having plastic surgery in Thailand or in any foreign country, there is much you need to consider. You should examine the features and safety standards of healthcare in Thailand or your country of choice. Online marketing of medical tourism destinations can be deceptive. Host organisations try to attract patients to their country for the purpose of profit. Once we understand this, we must attempt to decipher which website is providing reputable information and which is not. Online reviews, personal referrals, and thorough due diligence are imperative.

Factors to Consider when Seeking Surgery Abroad

While Thailand and several other developing nations have an excellent reputation for cosmetic surgery, you should consider some very real possibilities.

  1. You are going to a country where English is not the first language. There may be surgeons or other health care professionals who do not understand your language. Communication of expectations, details and even informed consent can become challenging in this situation.
  2. You may be asked to pay for procedures in advance (we don’t recommend it!).
  3. Malpractice laws may not be as strict. Your surgeon may not be legally responsible for adverse events as a result of your procedure.
  4. Australian medical travel agencies partner with hotels and hospitals in Thailand. They get kickbacks from doctors and hotels for promotions and offers. Keep this in mind when you are being “upsold” multiple procedures or add-ons. So is cosmetic surgery in Thailand really safe?

Is Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Safe?

Despite the above caveats, cosmetic surgery in Thailand is almost always as safe as it is in Australia. Thailand has earned the reputation for performing superior quality plastic surgery at inexpensive prices. Thailand is one of the leading locations in the world for delivering medical, surgical and cosmetic services. Physicians, surgeons and dentists in Thailand are well trained in gold standard procedures using state-of-the-art technology.

Consider the pros and cons, weigh the benefits and risks and make an informed choice. If you have tried non-surgical cosmetic alternatives and are still seeking cost-effective cosmetic surgery, Thailand may offer you an excellent option.

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  1. Kate M
    Kate M says:

    This is the perfect site for everyone who hopes to find out about this topic. You definitely put a new spin on a topic that has been discussed for decades. Wonderful stuff, just excellent!

  2. Debra L
    Debra L says:

    Ive heard some horror stories about people traveling overseas for cosmetic procedures. I personally would not even consider it.

  3. Grace
    Grace says:

    There are actually a surprising number of good surgeons in Thailand. Just like anywhere, you will come across those who are very bad, but I think it is always the minority we hear about in the media.

    There are agencies that organise everything for you. Including travel from Australia, accommodation in Thailand and the surgery. I haven’t used a service like this but I know people who have and they have come back looking great. The treatment they received was just as good as the treatment they would have received in Australia. The only difference was the price, they paid less than half of what they would have paid for the same treatment in Australia.


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