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FACE LIFT SURGERY in Sydney: Thread Lift, Mini Lift; What Are My Options?

A complete facelift is a surgical process with the objective of tightening loose facial skin caused by ageing. Facelifts cover the entire region from the upper forehead through to the base of the neck. The target areas are usually the eyes, cheeks, jaw line, jowls and neck. Deep creases below the lower eyelids, wrinkles along the nose down to the corners of the mouth, displaced facial fat, jowls, excessive fatty deposits under the lower jaw and crows’ feet near the eye are all signs of ageing that can make our faces look older than we feel. Facelift surgery removes jowls and reduces wrinkles and sagging of the skin. The procedure involves an incision usually made near the ears, separation of the skin from deeper tissues, removal of excess skin and tissue and then tightening of theses areas with stitches. The potential risks involved with facelift surgery are bleeding, infection, damage to facial nerves, nausea and scars. Many believe these effects are temporary and will heal with time. However, the final results obtained with a facelift procedure are permanent and long lasting. Many of our patients are interested in the various Facelift Sydney options. Here are some important considerations.

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Should I Consider a Neck Lift Instead of a Facelift?

If the area around the eyes is the first place to show signs of ageing then the neck is definitely the next in line. Neck bands also known as platysmal bands appear when the platysma muscle becomes thick, leading to the appearance of vertical stripes and horizontal creases across the front neck. These changes can be unsightly and are common concerns for patients consulting with plastic surgeons. Excessive fat and loose skin around the neck can be corrected with a neck lift surgery. A combination of liposuction and removal of excess skin can help you get rid of the saggy neck skin. Neck lift is sometimes considered an alternative to a facelift. A neck lift alone is a procedure in which incision is made behind the ear and back into the hairline. This could benefit the neck, but the jowls are not affected as the incision ends at the earlobe. The face is not changed in this case. Unless your neck is ageing much more rapidly than the rest of your face, a neck lift alone may leave you with uneven or unsatisfactory results.

What Is a Mini Facelift and Am I a Candidate?

A mini facelift is a minor surgical procedure that helps reduce minor sagging around the cheeks, jaw line and neck. While a complete facelift surgery could take several hours, a mini facelift takes 40- 90 minutes depending on the scale of the surgery. The procedure involves three or more small incisions, removal of excessive fat and muscles and tightening of loose skin. Bandages are removed within 48 hours and stitches after a week. Mini lifts show instant results after the sutures are removed.  Patients can get back to work within a matter of 48 hours though most opt for a slightly longer recovery time. Potential risks of a mini facelift are bleeding, clotting, scars and swelling. In the mini facelift procedure incisions made behind the ear are short and the surgical process is less intensive than a full facelift. This means less impact on your body and less stress on your wallet.

What Is a Thread Lift and Am I a Candidate?

A thread lift is a unique procedure in non-surgical rejuvenation of the facial skin and the neck. Thread lifts tighten sagging tissues of the cheek and jaw line by using 4- 12 pointed sutures to lift the skin of your face. A modified suture thread is fed in under the skin and pulled up to lift the sagging area. The non- absorbable threads provide support and remain deep inside the tissues. Local anaesthesia is used for this procedure where the threads are put in with a suture needle. The thread used and the amount of pull required determines the final results of the lift. The thread lift rejuvenates the appearance of the face, restoring the youthful taut quality of the skin and reversing the signs of ageing. Jowls, upper neck, brow and cheeks are some areas where thread lift works well. Even though this procedure is considered minimally invasive, patients do report that there is some pain and discomfort associated with it. Some potential risks involved are creases showing where the stitch was pulled, visible thread through the skin and threads working their way through the skin. This technique is only recommended for a particularly mild lift; if an aggressive thread lift is attempted, the patient may be left with unsightly bunching beyond the lift area. This bunching may disappear without the removal of excessive skin but at the loss of significant lift. Moreover, the effects of a thread lift are not long lasting. Though a thread lift is not as effective as a facelift surgery, it can still give you the more youthful look you want with a smaller price tag and less downtime.

Costs Associated with Facelift Surgery

The cost of a facelift surgery can vary widely. The cost can be divided in the following categories: •    Surgeon’s fee •    Hospital facility cost •    Operating Room costs •    Anaesthesist’s fee •    Medication prescriptions required before and after surgery •    Pre-operative medical tests •    Post-surgical follow-up fees, (usually included in the surgeon’s fee) Many plastic surgeons today provide financing options and affordable payment plans to help cover the costs of a facelift surgery. This is one plastic surgery procedure that is almost never covered by health insurance. The average cost of a facelift varies from region to region. When comparing price quotes, be sure to know what you are comparing. Does your quote include hospital and other expenses? While those who get a minimal neck lift end up paying $4000- $7000, a complete facelift may be in the range of $7000- $15000. The approximate cost of a mini facelift procedure in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is $6500- $9500. The cost of thread lift procedure in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane could range from $2600- $5000.

How Do I Know I Am Making the Right Choice?

Ultimately, the decision to undergo a facelift Sydney procedure is yours alone. However, it is important to make an informed choice. Visit several plastic surgeons, asking them a set of identical questions about their credentials, board certifications, and experience. Request before and after photos of their patients, and ask them about worst-case scenarios. Ask them what they recommend as the right option for someone with your age, skin-type, and medical history. Ensure you select the right procedure under proper medical supervision and you will have the best chance of amazing rejuvenating results.

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  1. Alice
    Alice says:

    At 36, I have always felt very confident, but of course it is about that time where I started to have some concerns with the ageing of my face and I work in a very “young” industry. This article has really helped me learning about the different facelift sydney options.

    I think the mini face lift surgery in Sydney is particularly helpful for early to moderate age changes, repositioning the facial skin and tightening the jowls. It is possible to consider a further mini face lift or even a full face lift at a later stage. Non surgical face lift that is done in a single treatment, is among the most painful of the options but is especially effective for sagging necklines and jowls.

  2. Yasmin
    Yasmin says:

    I am 60 years old, and as you might guess, my neckline doesn’t look as young as it used to> I needed a lower face lift, something that will make my skin look tighter and not that droopy. I didn’t opt for nothing invasive, I am quite scared of getting surgery at this age. I heard about a thread lift that can be done in a Sydney cosmetic clinic, which is a less invasive option. It does cause a bit of discomfort, but it did give me the results that I needed. I wanted a more tightened neckline that didn’t sag so much, and show off my age so obviously. It wasn’t an extreme change, but just enough so that I am a bit rejuvenated. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to get under the knife, for whatever reason that may be. I personally don’t want to recover for days just because I wanted to look a bit younger, that’s why I chose this method.

  3. Callie
    Callie says:

    I am a 52 year old female, my main fear when considering a facelift was that I would no longer look like myself as before surgery. I would never regret this surgery despite the cost and uncomfortable nature of the recovery. But while the surgery changed my entire look in terms of how old and how refreshed I looked, I was very happy with how naturally the facelift resulted. My skin is more fresh and tighten, my neck less saggy and my eyes are more open but its still me! Recovery was pretty scary at first as my daughters had trouble looking at me for the first couple of days! I healed pretty quickly and saw amazing results within 6 or 7 weeks, I looked more awake and much more happier! I had great experience and well worth the money.

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    Facelift surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at to remove facial wrinkles, signs of aging, excess facial skin to look younger and improve the overall facial appearance for both men and women. The result of a face lift surgery or rhytidectomy lasts for a long time and normally it involves minimal pain and discomfort as I have personal experience with it. To get the best result, there are few other supporting methods such as necklift, removal of buccal, forhead lift, malar and chin implants. To choose a cosmetic surgeon, it is important to know that the surgeon is a board certified and qualified from a reputed medical college. Two years ago, I found the best cosmetic surgeon in Sydney, who specialises in plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Joseph runs a cosmetic surgery clinic in the heart of Sydney. He thoroughly examined my skin and specific conditions that caused the ageing effects on my face. After the facelift surgery, there was a huge difference in my appearing and I am very happy with the results.

  5. Nancy T
    Nancy T says:

    My name is Nancy and I wanted to share my personal experience of facelift surgery with the readers of this blog. Nine months ago, I underwent a facelift Sydney surgery and I achieved great results with it. I had scars, wrinkles and apparent ageing effects on my face but I was lucky enough to find one of the best plastic surgeons in Sydney. It is important to fund a good surgeon who is well-qualified, talented and board certified surgeon in Sydney. He is specialised in most of the Face-lift procedures and he has a specialised team with him. My surgeon thoroughly examined my skin and I had 3-4 prior consultations with him before I underwent the surgery. After my surgery, I felt a little pain, swelling and bruising but it left only for a few days. My scars and wrinkles are almost invisible and I am very happy with the results. My face is lifted, my neck is smooth and I feel very good with my new look and appearance. I got natural care at a good price.

  6. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    Ever since the early ages of my life, I started to notice sagging skin. It’s even worse than wrinkles in my opinion. There is no concealer that can cover up the bags under my eyes, or the loose skin on my face. Luckily, there are procedures like this to make your skin tighter again. I searched for a good Sydney facelift clinic, which would be up to all my standards. They have to have quality equipment and great specialists in order for me to give them my face to work on. It might sound a little selfish, but it is a big deal for me. I know that facelift cost in Sydney can vary depending on the procedures that you wish to do, but no price is too big for me, as long as I can get rid of those nasty under eye bags.

  7. Chelsey Noel
    Chelsey Noel says:

    Last year I turned 52 and my friend Natasha referred me to one of the best plastic surgeons in Sydney, Dr. Smith. I knew of few people who had their facelift procedures at Dr. Smith’s medical facility in Sydney. From my first visit in January 2013 till my Surgery in June 2013, I found Dr. Smith very talented and a professional surgeon. He is a board certified surgeon and specialized in most of the facelift and other cosmetic surgical procedures. While my stay at Dr. Smith’s medical center in Sydney, I had great care in a beautiful private room. Dr. Smith visited me daily to see the progress of my facelift surgery. The whole process of my facelift surgery was painless and I had amazing results in less time than we expected. Me and my husband are very happy with my quick recovery and surprising results of my facelift surgery. I must say that Dr. Smith is the best cosmetic surgeon in Sydney.

  8. Jess
    Jess says:

    To me, it was extremely import to have a follow up with my doctor, to keep every treatment under control, plus to get the maximum out of my treatments. I don’t like the idea of mini face lifts, just because I don’t like the idea of cutting my skin, but I am sure many can relate to that. Skin threading to me is not an option, because I don’t have severe problems with skin sagging, since I am in my thirties. Maybe that will be an option later. For now, I chose to do a liquid facelift in Sydney. It’s close, it’ efficient and I found a wonderful expert who suggested all the options for me out there that are less aggressive. Like the Vampire facelift. The Vampire facelift is popular in Sydney and it’s a procedure that takes your blood in order to process it, inject it in your face, and make your face more radiant and young. Helped a lot, and I will not hesitate to go again.

  9. Ellie
    Ellie says:

    Is a vampire facelift the same as vampire facial? I’ve read a lot of articles about this and the only difference that I have learnt is that the “Facelift” treatment is deeper and stronger. But TBH it’s very confusing. My doctor is in Melbourne but you don’t seem to have an office there. I wish you did.

  10. Danielle Ferguson
    Danielle Ferguson says:

    Loving the article, lots of useful information all in one place. Thanks! I have to share my experiences because I feel like it can help someone, whoever, it doesn’t matter. If I help at least one person with making the right decision, I will be a happy person. I had thermage done, which is a non surgical method to get a face lift. I had two treatments, and it has done nothing for me. Absolutely nothing, and I am not exaggerating. I am 37 and I cannot afford wasting money on something that doesn’t work, I mean, who has the money? Then, I got the courage to get into the real deal. I got a facelift Sydney clinics said is the best option there is. I am talking about the mini face lift. It takes less to recover, the incisions behind my ears are so small, and not noticeable, and I went back to work after 4 days, which is a pretty big deal. For mini face lift Sydney is the best place, and I say that because I had a wonderful time at my clinic, but Sydney is a big city and has lots and lots of experts at hand that can do this facelift for you.

  11. Eddy
    Eddy says:

    My wife needs a good recommendation, and she is looking for the best plastic surgeon Sydney has on its hands! She is going to have her first procedure done. I’m scared, because I don’t want someone to ruin my wife’s beautiful face. But if she’s doing the facelift surgery in Sydney, I might as well ask around for recommendations!

  12. Karen
    Karen says:

    I think in Sydney plastic surgery is so over, but it’s pretty much over all around. Who does that anymore when you have treatments like a vampire facelift, or thermage, or other non invasive treatments… I am a frequent visitor of cosmetic clinics, and I would never in my life cut myself with a knife to be beautiful.

  13. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    I have to admit that Sydney cosmetic surgery is so advanced, but I am so angry and I just don’t know where to complain and take the anger out. So, I decided a couple of months back to get with the programme and just try out one of the treatments. I read a lot about thermage, ultherapy, and all sorts of different non invasive treatments, but they didn’t appeal to me, because I felt like they wouldn’t provide results. So I read about face lift Sydney has and clinics and hospitals that can do this, and after careful research, or at least I thought so I chose my clinic.

    There are no words that can describe how they ripped me off. My face still looks the same and it’s been four months, I was waiting for results which just aren’t coming, plus I had bills coming in, and they still are! I paid for hospital expenses already 5 times! I don’t know what to do!

  14. Mata
    Mata says:

    Once, my friend got eyelid surgery, because her eyelids were sagging and it was really sad to see her like that. She was in such terrible pain, and the surgery cost a lot. It was done at a Sydney cosmetic clinic that had a good reputation, but I don’t think that it was done properly. She paid less, she didn’t have some of the additional costs. Personally, I’d be scared to tamper around with finances when it comes to my own body.

  15. JKwan
    JKwan says:

    I spoke to one of the highly esteemed plastic surgeons Sydney has, on the topic of a mini lift. He gave me lots of insight into the whole process, and the financial background behind it. Since I decided not to do a mini lift, because I don’t like the invasive procedure, I looked into ultherapy. Now, I know it’s a non surgical face lift treatment, and you do have to repeat it several times. This is what I’m asking.

    I know that hospitals sometimes make it easier for you to pay, like in different parts, not all at once… But since ultherapy is not really done in all hospitals, how is payment regulated there? Can I pay in parts, or do I have to fork over the cash right away?


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