Debunking the Myths about Anti Wrinkle Injections

Despite their popularity, anti wrinkle injections have gotten plenty of notoriety as of late. Just as with most novel developments, the use of anti wrinkle injections for cosmetic purposes has given rise to much controversy. Both advocates and detractors have engaged in seemingly endless arguments whose main topic is either the alleged benefits or the apparent flaws of the method.

Regardless of what scientific research has got to say about the matter, the average customer brings into the doctor’s surgery a series of prejudices concerning the treatment. Here are the most popular beliefs surrounding the use of anti wrinkle injections.

Poison Hazard

There is a widespread assumption that, since these injections result from the development of a toxin – which is perhaps the most lethal- their use is potentially dangerous. Even if this information is true, the public should be made aware of the issue of dosage. To begin with, the amount of toxin injected for cosmetic purposes is so low that there is no risk involved in its use. Furthermore, research shows that even in cases of unwanted side effects due to excessive dosage, the symptoms have been temporary.

Loss of Facial Expression

Linked to the previous myth, this belief comes from the place where most freaky issues come from: the media. There is an ongoing trend to show close up pictures of celebrities who have gone overboard with their anti wrinkle treatments. Consequently, many people are now wondering whether this could not happen to them, too. Experience reveals that about only 1 out of 1,000 cases develop temporary stiffness, swelling, bruising or facial asymmetric features.

Treatments are Painful

Let’s face it, nobody likes getting shots, let alone on highly sensitive areas, such as eyelids, cheekbones or lips. This is why some potential patients get squeamish when injections are suggested. On top of that, tales of suffering appear online every now and then, boosting the myth. This thought is not only inaccurate but incredibly misleading. The syringes used for this type of treatment are so small that the stinging feeling is minimal. If it weren’t so, health professionals would use anaesthetics, which are seldom needed.

Anti-wrinkle Injections: Expression Lines Only

Another fallacy, yet: to believe that these treatments are only good for dealing with facial lines. Recent medical research has concluded that they are also effective in the treatment of several chronic or debilitating conditions, like fibromyalgia, migraine or back and neck pain. Scientifically speaking, the substance’s power to relax the muscle accounts for its efficiency in the treatment of these conditions.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

But perhaps the most common myth surrounding these aesthetic injections is that they will solve all types of facial wrinkles for good. Far from being real, this claim may be considered false advertising. Patients should know that the effect may last about 4 months, depending on each case. Once this time span is over, the nerves grow back and you start looking haggard once again. This is why re-applying is recommended.

All in all, getting facts right is a good starting point for those who are looking for different ways to tackle their ageing concerns, thus it is high time we unravelled the mysteries behind anti wrinkle injections.

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