Lip Fillers And Lip Augmentation – The Basics You NEED To Know

  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Jessica Alba
  • Angelina Jolie

What do these celebrities have in common? Two words: GREAT LIPS.

Unfortunately, not many of us are born with lips that are pouty and attractive enough for inclusion in the list. The good news, however, is that advancement in lip augmentation procedures along with the arrival of newer and better lip fillers mean that adding more zing to those lips has become easier than ever. 

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Today’s Lip Fillers – The Advantages

While we have seen doctors and surgeons use collagen to augment lips for many years, the substance injection substance has been surpassed by newer technologies which are naturally-occuring acids (unfortunately the TGA doesn’t allow us to name these substances). Its present in the human body – found in the highest concentrations in eye- and joint-fluids.

Also referred to as “Fountain Of Youth,” this same substance found in new lip fillers have been (and continues to be) used to heal the skin’s wounds, burns, and skin ulcers; minimise wrinkles; and lessen joint pain. Here are some of the reasons why this naturally-occuring fillers trump older dermal fillers (like collagen and fat injections) when it comes to lip enhancement:

  • Better Control And Precision – Since the amount of lip fillers can be controlled, the doctor or surgeon can also control the amount of volume added to your lips with greater precision.
  • You Can Take Your Sweet Time – While it’s possible to perform the whole procedure in one session,you can choose to get the injections gradually through different appointments. It allows you to  get the results you desire while keeping a gradual pace.
  • Bumps Even Out Easily – After the procedure, movement of your lips can lead to lumps and bumps that spoil the fun. But worry not as these dissolve easily even without your intervention.
  • Less Bruising – As mentioned earlier, newer lip-augmenting gels are even to help the skin recover from injuries and as a moisturizer. Thanks to these properties, patients can expect significantly less swelling and bruising compared to older dermal filles.
  • Satisfactory And Lasting Results – When it comes to enhancing your lips, lip fillers don’t provide permanent results. The results delivered, however, are reasonably long lasting. It can improve the appearance of your lips by adding volume and evening out its shape and structure, and the effects usually last for up to 6 months. From there, you need more lip fillers and injections to maintain the volume and appearance of your lips.
  • Possibilities Of Allergic Reactions Are Remote – Sincemodern-day gel lip fillers uses substances that are very similar to those that the body naturally produces, the risk of triggering an allergic reaction is very minimal. However, that’s not an excuse to skip full disclosure. Whatever surgery you’re about to undergo – cosmetic or otherwise, always inform your chosen surgeon or doctor if you’re allergic to any substance.

The Doctor Is In: What To Expect During A Lip Augmentation Procedure

Lip enhancement procedures that use injectable lip fillers can be carried out in your surgeon’s office while keeping downtime to a minimum. This is one of the reasons why modern lip fillers have almost completely overtaken fat injection (another lip augmentation method) as the latter requires a small area of liposuction – removing from one part of the patient’s body to inject into the lips.

Before injecting the lip filler, your doctor might apply a topical numbing agent to lessen discomfort. In some cases, the surgeon gives injections – like those anesthetic injections you get from the dentist – to completely numb the lips before performing the procedure.

Once the areas to be injected have been carefully marked, the doctor uses extremely fine needles to inject lip fillers into your lips. Following that, ice may be applied to the treated area to further minimise discomfort and keep the swelling down.

Just remember: Do NOT apply firm pressure or use lip products like lip stick after the procedure. Once your lips feel natural again and have completely healed, you’re good to go.

Are You Ready To Get Those Attractive, Celebrity Lips?

There are several qualified practitioner who can perform lip augmentation with dermal fillers. Our practitioners are renowned for achieving only the most natural lip filler looks. You can book your appointment today by calling Advanced Dermatology on 1300 788 800.

However, finding the right professional to perform the procedure is only half of the battle. There are numerous concerns and issues that could get in the way like previous cases of cold sore and blood-clotting problems; allergic reaction to certain substances; medications you might be taking; and the list goes on and on.

You want someone who can carefully and objectively weigh the PROs and CONs. Lip augmentation / lip filler treatment poses real risks, and you want to come out on top of things.

If you’re in Sydney please give us a call or a visit. We’ll be more than happy sit down, talk about your concerns about lip augmentation, and give the best possible advice for your specific situation.

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Restore youth and volume to your Lips with our incredible prices on Dermal Fillers. Learn more about our best prices.
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Consultations are subject to our standard terms & conditions which you can read here.
10 replies
  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Is there a way to get permanent lip fillers? Injected, and with minimal downtime? I’m no really into all this stuff, I don’t know a lot about it. I love the whole idea, but the non-long-lasting part doesn’t really make me thrilled, you know? Who’d want to go into clinic couple of months a year, that’s torture…

  2. Kissable Lips
    Kissable Lips says:

    Hello. I just have a short question. Is there anything special you need to do to prepare, like, before and after lip fillers? I’ve never had an work done, I’m not allergic to any medicine. Should I take some painkillers before or after? Do I put some kind of an ointment? I have terribly dry lips, and I can’t go one day without lip balm, I wouldn’t want them to crack or something like that.

  3. New Lips
    New Lips says:

    I am so ready to get new lips. It didn’t bother me when I was younger because it wasn’t that bad back then, but now all I can see on my face are two little lines. I’m single, and that’s not attractive. Lip fillers seem like a dream come true to me. Lip filler Sydney experts recommend are great for my confidence, and overall look, and as I can see the only potential dangers are allergic reactions, but I guess you can take a test before with a smaller amount to see if you’re allergic. If you do it in multiple sessions, you can try out and see if it has a bad effect on you. If It doesn’t then go again and see if something has changed. It’s a safe method overall, and I can’t wait to go to my first appointment later in the week!

  4. Sparklesss
    Sparklesss says:

    I don’t understand why people can’t be happy with what you already have. You have it for a reason. Lip enhancement is just to fake for me. Those lips don’t even look seductive, and that’s the basic reason women get bigger lips. For men, to look more attractive. Those lip dermal fillers make the lips look plump, bloated, fake, like they’re going to explode anytime! I would never kiss a girl with those.

  5. Thumbs up
    Thumbs up says:

    Lip fillers cost is not that high, but it’s worth it even if it was, that’s my opinion. It’s not fake at all, it’s so advanced these days it makes lips natural and nobody even guessed that I had lip injections Sydney clinic had done for me!

  6. Beauty Junkie
    Beauty Junkie says:

    The only downside to this as I know it is the lasting. The procedure makes the lip plumper and it does look natural. But it’s not really long lasting, that’s a hassle sometimes. Worrying when you have to go again, you don’t want them to look beautiful for months, and then go back to the old ways. I always have to check with my doctor, and constantly look in the mirror to see if there’s a difference. I can’t risk looking like a clown with it. One day I have them, the other day I don’t. Lip augmentation otherwise is awesome. It’s not that shocking procedure, it’s actually quite fast, and not that harsh. I did feel a little irritation after it around my lips, and sort of an uncomfortable feeling inside of them. I didn’t put make up, I didn’t even get out of the house for two days. I was a little bit more cautious, but it was worth it, they looked stunning. I didn’t have any bruising either! I guess I am a lucky girl!

  7. sanya
    sanya says:

    I am one who thinks fillers are a good deal. It’s not that horrible and it’s really worth every penny. You get lip injections, and if you can handle botox you can handle this. Lips are sensitive, but not that much, so for those who are creating a panic and wondering how people get through the pain, bruising and swelling, get over it. It’s not that bad… It’s a regular procedure, and all these claims in the article are true and no far-fetched at all. Just be real, and don’t be scared. They will provide a numbing cream, and it won’t actually complicate. Think positive and everything will end positive, thinking negatively will just create nervousness, and that will reflect on your doctor and your outcome as well. Well, that’s how life goes. It’s not a biggie ladies.

  8. Photos online
    Photos online says:

    After I saw the lip filler before and after photos online, I would really be careful about getting those. Do you have the right doctor and the right thing to do it? I saw some catastrophic jobs done out there, which can’t be fixed that easily.

  9. Cost
    Cost says:

    If I were to say get 3 treatment, how much do the lip fillers cost? Does it cost more than when you get just treatment? The reason why I’m asking is, additional costs. Are there any additional costs beside the procedure itself? If there were, I’d handle the filler overload all at once. If not, I’d like to separate the procedure into three parts at least. Why put up with pain if I don’t have to.

  10. sally
    sally says:

    Just make sure that if you do decide to get lip augmentation, to think about what your lips will look after you stopped getting it. You probably, like many people won’t be going to get lip fillers for the rest of your life, or to the old age, so think about the aftermath, how your lips and skin are going to look like, and whether you are going to happy with your looks then. It’s not just about having great looks in the present, people never stop for a minute to think if they are going to look normal after years and years of getting their lips augmented.


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