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Anti aging has become the number one reason clients are opt in for a treatment at Advanced Dermatology. No one wants to age, and if they do, an individual would prefer to do so gracefully. Sometimes this is just not the case though. There are many factors that cause aging skin. Natural aging, or intrinsic aging, is when the body and its skin age in a natural way, without the help of any other components. Often times the skin will start to sag in the 20s, with collagen production slowing down. Many times these symptoms in intrinsic aging will not show up for decades to come. There will be a decrease in exfoliation, as well as thinning skin and a decrease in underlying fat. Other symptoms of intrinsic aging include dry skin that could itch and the inability to sweat to cool the skin and body. Extrinsic aging occurs for many reasons. The biggest concern for extrinsic aging is the sun. Exposure to too much sun is the number one cause of aging skin. Other factors that play into extrinsic aging include repeated facial expressions, smoking, alcohol consumption, and poor diets that are lacking in antioxidants that protect the skin. Excessive exercise, especially running, can cause the skin to sag, causing aging skin.  Sleeping positions could factor into aging skin, as resting the face on a pillow the same way every night can lead to wrinkles. Gravity plays a role by allowing the bridge of the nose to drop, the eyelids to droop, and jowls form.

Anti Aging Treatments

The good news is there are things that one can do to protect the skin and reverse the signs of aging. These anti aging treatments and products were designed to reduce the number of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, showing an improvement in the skin’s elasticity, increasing collagen production,as well as making wrinkles and lines less prominent.

There are many different treatments available that help the anti aging process. These  anti aging treatments are done at medical clinics and should be only done by trained professionals.

  • Fractional Laser treatment- This treatment is a procedure that uses radio frequency that is non-invasive. The individual’s own collagen is stimulated. There will be two different levels of results seen. After the skin is healed, the surface of the skin will be softer than it previously was and there will be a reduction in wrinkles. Over the next three to six months, additional results can be seen as the deeper skin layers are healed.
  • Sixty Minute Facelift- This non-invasive facelift will tighten the skin without any surgery. Wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin are corrected during this procedure that can be done on a lunch break. All three layers of skin are reached with this procedure. An improvement in tone, volume and texture will be seen and will continue to be seen for up to six months. Advantages of a sixty minute facelift include no recovery time, no injections, long lasting effects, removes brown spots, discoloration, and sun damage, plumps the skin, and renews dermal collagen production. It can be used on the entire face or it may be used on specific portions. The sixty minute facelift works on all skin types and colors and needs no anesthetic.
  • Gentlewaves- Gentlewaves is a procedure that utilises LED. Gentlewaves is the most advanced LED treatment on the market today. With this procedure there is no downtime, no pain, or any side effects. Within eight treatments, the skin will see visible results. It is safe and effective for all skin types and can be used in conjunction with other anti aging treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, IPS, facials and other laser treatments.
  • Anti wrinkle injections- Anti wrinkle injections are great for those with wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows, around the mouth, on the forehead, and other places on the face. An injection from a purified protein is injected into the skin. The protein will relax the muscles and the wrinkles will begin to soften. Within a couple of days, results can be seen, and after a month, will be completely seen, with results lasting three to four months. This is an effective and usually inexpensive treatment. It is one of the most common anti aging treatments.
  • Dermal fillers- These will restore youth and add volume to the face. This anti aging treatment is a non-invasive procedure that can plump up the lips, chin, cheeks, under the eyes, under the nose and the jawline. Tiny injections are placed into the skin, and will provide instant results. Dermal fillers contain a substance which is already naturally found in our bodies, making this a trusted procedure. A numbing cream will be applied about half an hour before the procedure to numb the area. There is little to no downtime with this treatment, and an individual can return to their normal activities right away. Dermal fillers last from six months to two years and are often used in conjunction with other treatments to further smooth out wrinkles and rejuvenate the face.
  • Refirme– Refirme is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that utilises Elos technology. There is no downtime with this treatment, and can take as little as twenty minutes to perform. Refirme will target saggy brow lines, sagginess under the eyes, jowl laxity, neck laxity, and nasolabial folds. This is a painless treatment that is very safe and considered one of the most effective anti aging solutions available on the market.
  • Liquid Facelift- A liquid facelift boosts youthfulness of the skin. The facelift is non-invasive and will restore the volume in the cheeks, remove wrinkles, and restore the structure of the face. Immediately after the procedure, results can often be seen. Healthier skin with fewer lines and wrinkles will be apparent.

Anti Aging Products and At Home Treatments

There are also many wonderful anti aging products on the market today. These products were designed to help diminish and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and deliver moisture to aging skin. Advanced Dermatology 90 Day Anti Aging Skincare Regimen Kit provides everything needed to keep aging at bay. The kit includes:

  • Daily Renewal Cleanser- This foaming cleanser provides a deep cleaning sensation without stripping the cells of moisture. Gives a healthy complexion while healing the skin from environmental elements. Stimulates cell regeneration to give a radiant glow.
  • Super Youth Serum- This serum is super hydrating, yet feels very light on the skin. Full of free radical fighting antioxidants, it will protect the skin from future aging. Skin is plumped up while it is repaired. Firming of the skin will take place, leaving the skin look flawless and luminous and feel soft.
  • Complete Age Defense (Day Cream)- This day cream combats signs of aging, leaving the skin have a youthful appearance.  Skin is protected against UV damage, oxidation, and glycation. Skin will look refined and feel balanced and hydrated. Skin will feel moisture without having a weighed down feel.
  • Deep Cellular Regeneration (Night Cream)- This night cream repairs and rebuilds collagen while replenishing moisture. Skin will feel renewed and look lifted. Elastins and essential proteins are rebuilt to help with a youthful appearance.
  • Anti-aging Firming Night Treatment- This treatment boosts cell renewal while targeting damage  that is caused by daily stresses. While you are sleeping, the night treatment works to reduce deep creases, smooth’s the skin, reduce discoloration and wrinkles, and give a luminous glow to the skin.


With the combined use of a good anti aging skin care line and treatments that help with the anti aging process, we can all look younger and see dramatic results over time.

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  1. Mini face lift
    Mini face lift says:

    I am interested in the sixty minute facelift. I have felt that my skin needs something, and was leaning towards having a facelift done. I like the idea of not having surgery though, so this really peaks my interest. I want tighter skin! I love there is not any downtime, nor any numbing creams are used. And the fact that it works on all skin types and colors means it would be for me. I have a few deeper wrinkles that I would love to see eliminated, as well as a few fine lines. Plus my texture is not very good and my pores….well let us just say that at my age I thought pore size would go down! I am making an appointment do have a sixty minute facelift done as it sounds like it could be what really could help me out.

  2. Chantelle
    Chantelle says:

    I have had the Fractional Laser treatment done and it did wonders for my face. I look younger and have much more confidence then I did before the procedure. I decided on this treatment because my cousin did the same treatment and had excellent results with it. The procedure only took about half an hour for my entire face and I had to have five treatments done. A numbing cream was first applied to my face, and left to soak in for about forty five minutes, then it was removed. A gliding gel was applied to my face, and a robotic tool was glided over my skin. I felt very little due to the numbing cream. A cooling device was also used to help keep me comfortable. I had a bit of swelling after the treatment but it only lasted a day or so, and my skin was pink in color for about three days. My treatments were one month apart, so within five months, my skin really was improving. I would say I noticed results within three months. The results are slow to form, and some may not like that, but really, the results that are shown are impeccable.

  3. Refirme is awesome!!
    Refirme is awesome!! says:

    I have used the Refirme treatment and the results that I got were pretty amazing. My husband loves how I look too as I have much younger looking skin. My skin is lifted, looks
    more youthful, and there was very little downtime! It was virtually pain free, which really helped me make the decision to get it done. I wanted an anti-aging procedure that was not going to hurt.

  4. Senior
    Senior says:

    I am 65 years old and people mistake me for a 45 year old. I have always taken excellent care of my skin. I wear sunscreen daily, and protect my face and skin from the sun with hats, sunglasses and light long sleeved clothing. I have never smoked and only drink an occasional glass of wine. I believe that a good skin care regime will get one far in life. I have moisturized my skin on a daily basis, usually twice a day. I invest in a skincare line that does cost more than a drug store brand but it is well worth it. I have had several procedures done on my face as well, from facials to microdermabrasion. I did a liquid facelift last year and loved the results. A few years ago I had some dermal fillers injected too. The results of each for me were amazing. I am happy to say that I have never felt younger nor have I ever looked better.

  5. Ageing is natural
    Ageing is natural says:

    I am ageing quite a bit and I do not much care for it. I have only used drug store brands, but they just do not work for me. I believe that I need something that is better in quality. I am also interested in trying out some sort of treatment to make my wrinkles and fine lines go away. I would be fine with a few but mine are getting deeper each and every day. Does anyone have a recommendation as to which treatment would be the best one to treat my deep wrinkles?

  6. Shanella
    Shanella says:

    I have issues with ageing skin. I am fine with getting older and getting a few wrinkles, but I feel that at 38, I should not have as many wrinkles and lines as I do. I also have some discoloration that I assume is from years spent at the pool when I was younger without sunscreen. I must say that I wear sunscreen now, and do not smoke and very rarely drink. I have a good diet, so I am sure that this premature ageing that I am seeing is from all the damage that I did to my skin when I was younger. I am going to check out Advanced Dermatology’s 90 Day Anti-aging skincare regime kit. I need something that is going to undo the damage to my skin from all the previous years. I do feel like I could use a treatment as well. Gentlewaves sounds like a good treatment for me. I would love to see visible results within a short time period.

  7. Soraya
    Soraya says:

    I am always trying different creams and lines to make wrinkles of mine go away. I have never heard of Advanced Dermatology but it is a line that I want to try. I am up for the 90 day challenge. I want to see softer skin, smoother skin, skin that is radiant and luxurious that glows. I want fewer lines and wrinkles. The line seems easy enough to use, with only a few products, which I like. I do not want a line that has so many products that I need to keep track of them all.

  8. Middle aged
    Middle aged says:

    My skin has a few wrinkles on it but nothing major. I am only 42 years old. I would like to know which treatment above would be good for someone that only has a few wrinkles, does
    not want an invasive procedure done, and has little downtime. I need to just give my skin a refresher to make the wrinkles less pronounced.


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