How truSculpt Could Help Reduce Body Fat

TruSculpt is a treatment designed to help decrease body fat through the use of radiofrequency heat that enables the reduction of fat without the need for surgery. It is manufactured by Cutera, which works with leading experts to administer the treatment on a variety of patients.

Pros of truSculpt


No incisions are necessary with the use of truSculpt. Patients usually need a series of treatments in order to see results, which can be seen within 4-16 weeks of the sessions.

Fast Healing Time

The lack of incision also means that patients don’t require the use of anesthesia, which is necessary in traditional fat-reduction procedures. Since truSculpt is non-surgical, there is no risk of scarring. There are also minimal complications and thus, less risk. The procedure is also painless.

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Quick Procedure

A truSculpt procedure can take as little as 30 minutes to complete, but the results are generally visible quickly. The lack of pain resulting from the procedure means patients can go back to daily activities quickly.

Can be Used for Those Who Aren’t a Candidate of Traditional Surgeries

Fat-reduction surgeries typically require a certain amount of fat in order to be properly administered on certain people. Those who have a bit of extra fat but aren’t obese are usually not able to get a tummy tuck or liposuction because they don’t have enough fat. However, truSculpt can be used for small problem areas on people who are thin but struggling to lose weight in a certain spot.

Positive Reviews

Many of the truSculpt reviews found online are on the positive side. One reviewer said that although she was told she wouldn’t see results until three weeks later, she saw results on her upper arms within a week and was satisfied with her experience. Another truSculpt review was from a customer who was considering a procedure on her abdominal area. She ended up choosing truSculpt and enjoyed her results. This customer also felt that this was a better alternative to being cut in more areas.

Cons of truSculpt

Not for Everyone

Although truSculpt can help many who want to get rid of body fat, the procedure is mostly for those who have a moderate amount of body fat to get rid of. Patients who are larger may not be ideal candidates as the radiofrequency waves in truSculpt can heat fat only up 7-14mm beneath the skin.

Cost Might Still be an Issue

Even though truSculpt is a lower cost than a traditional procedure, it is still widely considered cosmetic. This means that insurance companies will not cover the procedure and all costs will be out of pocket for the customer.

The Final Word

Using surgery to help rid the body of fat is a decision anyone should consider carefully. Thanks to truSculpt, people who want to make minor corrections to their appearance now have an option. TruSculpt also does not require anesthesia or incisions, which not only decreases risks and speeds up healing time, but can make a big difference in costs.

Results for the procedure are positive and those who follow directions for after-care and make changes to their diet can expect to see desirable results. Some customers complain that their skin feels sunburnt after the procedure, which can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks shortly after their session is over. The equipment can also get relatively hot since the applicators generates heat that is necessary to burn the fat beneath the skin. Regardless, we found truSculp to be a safe treatment.



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