MACS Facelift

How a MACS Facelift Can Help You Achieve Your Beauty Goals

For starters, MACS is an acronym for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift. This is a mini facelift performed with a small incision. It lifts sagging skin using a less invasive technique than traditional facelifts.

Advantages of a MACS Facelift

Less Invasive Procedure

A traditional facelift requires hospital stay, general anesthesia, and more incisions. A MACS facelift can be performed as an outpatient procedure in many practices. Sedation can usually be done intravenously or using a local anesthetic. Vertical lifting is used to correct muscle issues that are causing sagging skin.

Shorter Recovery Time

Though there may be swelling and bruising after a MACS lift, these symptoms subside much faster than with a traditional facelift, which requires surgery and complete anesthesia. Patients of a MACS facelift can expect a full recovery within 1-2 weeks of the procedure.

Natural-Looking Results

Many patients who have received traditional facelifts may look as if their skin has been pulled back too tight. Though patients who receive a MACS lift will look younger, these results will look far more natural.


A regular facelift may require more anesthesia and possibly even a hospital stay—or a longer surgical period at the very least. Because a MACS lift requires less time overall, the costs will be significantly reduced.


Any surgery comes with its set of risks, even if the patient is in excellent health and in the most capable hands. A MACS lift is safer than the traditional facelift and carries less complications, which results in a safer procedure.

Less Scarring

Because a MACS lift requires less incisions, patients will have a lot less scarring than they would with a traditional facelift. This allows for more enjoyment of the end results and less chance of an infection post treatment.

Proven Results

Surgeons who administer the MACS lift undergo rigorous medical training. Data show that in some people, the results of this lift can last for years. It’s always a good idea to ask your skin specialist for before and after photos before going ahead with the treatment.

Cons of a MACS Facelift

Not Everyone is a Candidate

Those with excessive skin in the neck/chin area may not be ideal candidates for MACS lift because it would require a surgeon to remove more skin after the muscles of the face are lifted. Those who have excessive skin may benefit more from undergoing a traditional facelift.

Buyer Beware

We always recommend doing research prior to deciding which practicioner to choose. It’s important to find a surgon who is qualified to administer the MACS facelift. You can check Australian Soceity of Plastic Surgeons to read up on all the guidelines and hints when looking for a plastic surgeon.

A good plastic surgeon will not just do what they can to help customers look beautiful, but will also do so with the patient’s interests and health in mind. If someone says something that sounds too good to be true, it would be best to get a second opinion.

The Final Word

A MACS facelift is revolutionary in that it allows customers to get a facelift that is less invasive and painful than a traditional facelift. There are less risks and costs associated with this particular type of facelift and the techniques employed are constantly improved upon. Most people can expect a fairly quick recovery and less scarring. However, prospective patients of this procedure should ensure they employ a qualified plastic surgeon and beware of clinics that are too cheap or sound too good to be true. Unfortunately not everyone is a candidate for a MACS facelift, but those who are can expect results that last for some time.

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