TheraClear Acne Treatment

TheraClear Acne Treatment Review

Stubborn acne and embarrassing bumps, marks and scars can be a hassle to treat and seemingly impossible to get rid of. While there is no one-step fix to acne, there are reliable treatments that offer results.

TheraClear Acne Treatment is a multi-step treatment that provides lasting results. It is an acne treatment device that works with your skin by addressing multiple causes of acne in a single treatment.

Adult acne is a real issue and really difficult to treat, as it is usually a result of underlying excess sebum and environmental factors. Everyone deserves clear, beautiful looking skin and everyone should be able to achieve it with a little help and the right skin care regime.

How does it work?

The TheraClear Acne Treatment has two components that work together to clean and clear the skin: the vacuum and the broadband light. The vacuum deep cleans the pores by extracting sebum that is trapped in your pores. The broadband light works to reduce sebum production, reduce redness, even skin tone and clear acne.


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What does the TheraClear Acne System treat?

The TheraClear Acne System treats cystic acne and inflammatory acne. It helps treat and prevent future sebum from producing. It can also help treat inflammation, redness and hyperpigmentation.

What is sebum, exactly?

Sebum is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. It is usually what keeps our skin from drying out but an excess of sebum is what causes acne issues such as cysts. The most common problems when it comes to excess sebum, besides typical acne, is keratosis pilaris which are tiny, hard bumps on the skin. All in all, it is the root of the main issues we seek to clear from our skin!

How does TheraClear Acne System differ?

The TheraClear Acne System differs from other acne treatment systems because where the others may clean the sebum, TheraClear Acne System thoroughly cleans but also destroys the Acne bacteria.

What Do I Do?

The team at TheraClear Acne System recommend about 5 treatments for optimum results. The first couple of treatments prep the skin and begin to clean while the following treatments relieve the skin from any cysts, bumps and excess sebum, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

While using this treatment, you can also continue other acne treatments such as your skincare or oil you may use. You can also speak to someone from Advanced Dermatology about a skincare routine that suits you best!

Final Thoughts

Adult acne is the result of many factors, but is most likely caused by something that TheraClear Acne System can be the solution for. Remember to clean your face daily, but not too often as that can dry out the skin, be too abrasive and cause your skin to produce excess oil in order to combat the constant cleansing. Remove makeup at the end of the day and wash your face after being exposed to air pollutions as the air carries lots of dirt that can get trapped in your pores. Do not touch your face frequently as the oils and dirt from your hands can clog your pores as well. Continue using these tips on a daily basis while using the TheraClear Acne treatment and after the treatment has cleared your skin issues.

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