The Perfect Lip

Lip enhancement is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of cosmetic therapy you can get. The reason being is that full lips just look lush and lovely. They are a youthful way to change up your entire look in one simple procedure. Most of the time the perfect lip is achieved through a combination of dermal fillers. This type of filler is usually based on a naturally occurring substance in the body, which we cannot name due to government regulations. There are a number of popular brand names that this type of procedure falls under.

You do have to be realistic with the goals you want to achieve in lip fillers though. People of all ages are submitting to this form of cosmetic therapy. In older people this helps to naturally replace volume loss in thinning lips. Younger people just like the look and cache of fuller lips.

In any age group, it’s vital to have a balance on the top and bottom lip that doesn’t look grossly overfilled. You want it to remain natural looking, yet enhanced to leave you with a result you love. The perfect lip is all about naturally voluminous results that don’t look plastic or fake. Beautifully full lips through lip enhancement dermal fillers is achievable in just one visit. They do need to be maintained because dermal fillers gradually break down over time. Regular maintenance is usually required every 6-12 months.

Products Used For Lip Enhancement Or Augmentation

The main ingredient in most of the dermal fillers used at Advanced Dermatology is ***** (we cannot name due to government regulations). It is used to add shape, structure and volume to the lips. It can even add that perfect “cupid’s bow” that is so attractive in the lip area.

In the old days of lip augmentation, collagen was mainly used to fill in the lip area, but that had more side effects and sometimes didn’t appear as natural. Moving on to using dermal fillers for the perfect lip became a better option that most skin specialists and cosmetic surgeons recommend today.

During The Procedure

The procedure should take about 30 minutes to an hour. It involves injections directly into the lip line. Some of the dermal fillers also contain topical anaesthesia to numb the lip area. If you are wary of needles, a topical numbing agent can also be applied beforehand to make the procedure more comfortable.

A skilled practitioner can make the experience go by rather quickly with injections in quick succession, so you aren’t in the chair for very long.

Potential Side Effects Of Lip Injections

The after effects of lip injections can be redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. This is temporary and usually goes away after 24-48 hours. Sometimes people will have allergic reaction to the ingredients in the dermal fillers, but this is very rare.

A severe allergic reaction can cause granulomas to form, or other infections to occur of a bacterial nature. If you suspect you are having a reaction with intense swelling, bothersome itchiness, or pain, call your doctor immediately. In any case, this is usually a very rare reaction and most people tolerate lip injections very well, without any problems at all.

The Results You Want For Fuller Lips

The perfect lip is such an attainable goal that it’s rise in popularity is unprecedented. More and more people are enjoying the attention they get from having fuller lips. If you feel like this form of cosmetic enhancement may be for you, talk to someone about how smile therapy for fuller lips with dermal fillers can help you achieve your dream lips.

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