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Neck Lift Treatment

A neck lift is a type of procedure that will help to improve the appearance of the neck. There are many different types of neck lifts, ranging from surgical to non surgical neck lifts. A neck lift can improve the signs of ageing in a person, as well as remove excess fat and relax the skin that causes an individual to have jowls, improve loose excessive skin, improve muscle banding in the neck and also remove excess fatty deposits under the chin. The neck is the first place an individual will start to show signs of ageing, yet many neglect this area of the body. As the neck begins to age, there are many signs of ageing. These include excessive, sagging skin on the neck itself, having a “turkey gobbler”- muscles in the neck that have sagged and separate in the midline, and having too much fat in the neck, or even too little if the neck has been treated with too much liposuction.

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What is the difference between a non-surgical neck lift and a surgical neck lift?

A non-surgical neck lift is a non-invasive procedure that involves no cutting or needles. There are many different kinds of non-surgical neck lifts available. A skin specialist will be able to provide a complete list. A surgical neck lift, on the other hand, involves making incisions on the neck in various places to tighten up the neck.

What are the benefits of having a non-surgical neck lift versus a surgical neck lift?

There are many benefits to having a non-surgical neck lift rather than a traditional surgical neck lift. Those include:

Non-surgical Neck Lift

  • No downtime downtime needed from one to three weeks;
  • No cutting of the skin incisions are made into the neck to lift it up;
  • No needles skin can become lumpy;
  • Activities may be resumed that same day neck tightness can occur;
  • Results appear after one treatment Seroma(fluid under the skin) can occur;
  • Areas can be retreated if need be Deep Vein thrombosis (DVT) can occur;
  • No scarring scars are left where the skin was cut into;

Surgical Neck Lift

  • Downtime needed from one to three weeks
  • Incisions are made into the neck to lift it up
  • Skin can become lumpy
  • Neck tightness can occur
  • Seroma(fluid under the skin) can occur
  • Deep Vein thrombosis (DVT) can occur
  • Scars are left where the skin was cut into

Other advantages that non surgical neck lifts have is an improvement in skin tone and texture as well as wrinkle reduction.

Refirme Skin Tightening for Neck Lift

A non-surgical neck lift procedure that is worth looking into is Refirme Skin Tightening. This FDA skin cleared treatment utilizes Elos technology to achieve a more youthful appearance to the neck area. Elos technology will help to protect the epidermis while precisely targeting areas of the neck that have been preheated by the optimal energy. Cooling of the skin will provide comfort and safety for the individual experiencing the procedure.

Refirme is a painless treatment that has no downtime needed. A combination of bi-polar radio frequencies and light energies heat the dermal tissue in the neck to stimulate collagen. The stimulated collagen will produce a firming effect for the skin. The texture of the skin is smoother, toned, and more luminous as wrinkles are reduced.

When looking for a skin specialist to perform a neck lift, keep in mind that an individual has the right to ask questions about the surgery and who will be performing it. Ask what training the skin specialist has received, as well as what the typical outcome is for the neck lift that was selected. Ask if there are any foreseen complications, and always ask to see a portfolio of previous work done by the skin specialist. Share your complete medical history with your skin specialist as well to be certain that you are a good candidate for the neck lift procedure chosen.

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5 replies
  1. meee
    meee says:

    My neck is starting to sag a bit. I really feel that I should have a non-surgical neck lift now to correct the issue before it gets out of hand. I have tried a few creams that were suppose to tighten up the skin in my neck, and while it may work a bit, it is not the results that I am after. I suppose I should contact my dermatologist to set up an appointment to discuss if a non-invasive neck lift is right for me.

  2. great!
    great! says:

    I am very excited to say a few weeks ago I did Refirme at my local dermatologist office. Granted, mine was not for a neck lift, but for another issue with my aging skin, however, all the same, it was fantastic. It did not take too long and was comfortable for me and I know that the results will be well worth it. If one is looking for a great technology to use, then by all means, look into Elos. I feel that Refirme was so worth it for me and I am sure that others will feel this way as well if they use it for a neck lift.

  3. busy mom
    busy mom says:

    I have really enjoyed reading about neck lifts. I have been weighing my options lately as to what I wish to do for my neck. I am aging, and I had a face lift about a year ago. Very pleased with the results, so much that I want to do something for my neck. I have teetered and tottered back and forth about which neck lift I want to do. I am now leaning towards the non-invasive one. I feel that it has some really good positives about it, such as no downtime and no needles or incisions, which is a huge plus. I need something done for my neck, and this article reassures me that something such as Refirme could work for me.

  4. fe
    fe says:

    I have had a neck lift before. Mine was about 3 years ago and I did the actual surgery. I guess at the time I never knew that non-invasive ones existed. I wish I would have know. Not that the surgery was bad or anything because honestly it was not. But I was scared to go through with it as I have never had surgery before. I do feel that if I had known about non-surgical methods I would have been more apt to try them out. I wonder though if down the road I would be able to do a non-surgical method like Refirme for my neck? I do not need it right now as my neck still looks great from the surgery that I have had. But does anyone know if a few years down the road, my neck starts to sag again, can I have a non-surgical treatment done?

  5. merrry
    merrry says:

    I have the worst neck ever. I do feel like a turkey, with a waddle! I have never wanted to do surgery on my neck though as I am scared of it leaving scars and of the whole process itself. I never knew that there was such as thing as a non-surgical neck lift. I am ecstatic right now. I am going to look into this as I feel that this is what I need. My neck is something that did start to show right away on my aging body. I cover it up by wearing sweaters with high necklines or scarves. But I am glad to say that I might not have to do that anymore if I do something like the Refirme treatment. How exciting for me!


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