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The Gold Standard In Tattoo Removal: Why Q-switched Laser Treatments Work

PLEASE NOTE: Advanced Dermatology does not provide tattoo removal treatments. This article is for education and information purposes only.

There aren’t many decisions you have to live with for life, don’t let an impulse tattoo be one of them. Is it a partner’s name? A teenage best friend’s tattoo? A sleeve with no meaning? Whatever your past inking mistakes may be, don’t let them define you. Especially when a simple Q-switched laser treatment plan can give you the power to decide.

What Is a Tattoo?

It’s a simple question but understanding what your tattoo is, will help you decide on an effective tattoo removal treatment. When you get inked, a tattoo pen uses a needle to lay ink into the deeper layers of your skin – the dermis. The tattoo pen’s needle goes through many layers of your skin to make sure your chosen ink colours do not shed away in 30 days (the normal renewal period of your skin’s top layers).

After adding a new tattoo to your collection it’s your skin’s immune response which ensures tattoos can become lifelong friends. When activated by the initial trauma, immune responding cells soak up the tattoo colours becoming persistent in your skin to this day.

An effective tattoo removal such as the gold standard Q-switched laser breakup these immune collected hordes of dye to allow your skin’s normal drainage system to sweep them away.

What Is a Q-switched Laser Treatment?

Q-switched laser treatments use laser light to breakdown the dye of your tattoo. The magic is in the type of light used, selected so that only the dye of your tattoo absorbs it. Your skin is kept safe while your tattoo is broken down.

Q-switched laser treatments are considered the gold standard in tattoo removal because they can selectively target all the types of light needed to breakdown even the hardest to remove tattoo colours. Dark tattoos can now be removed and bright colour vanished without scarring. Q-switched laser treatments target the right type of light, for the right amount of time with the right amount of power. Bottom line: Q-switched laser tattoo removal works.

How Does a Q-switched Laser Remove Tattoos?

Imagine freshly painted nails (men allowed too). Each nail has an even and glossy coating of polish. If you painted your nails and kept them locked in a glass cabinet, your polish would last a very long time. Effective but impractical. Now, imagine what happens in real life… daily knocks, showers and impacts gradually cause your nail polish to flake away.

This is how a Q-switched laser tattoo removal treatment works. Your tattoo is like varnished nails locked behind a glass screen. It requires a few metaphorical knocks and impacts to break it down letting your body’s lymph system drain it away.

How Quick Is Tattoo Removal?

When you visit our clinic for your tattoo removal, the time we will treat you with the q-switched laser will be brief… but your results will not be instant. This is important to know. While Q-switched laser technology breaks down the dye of your tattoos, it’s your immune system which acts to carry it away. This can take weeks to show you before and after results. It’s also likely you will need a course of Q-switched laser treatments for gold-standard results, it’s the best way to ensure the health of your skin.

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