Mederma for Skin Improvement: Could this be the answer to reducing the look of skin scarring?

Mederma skin care, from Frankfurt, Germany, has been using a bioflavonoid from onions as the main ingredient in their line of skin products with the aim of reducing the appearance of scars, stretch marks and other unsightly skin conditions. Available in cream and gel forms, Mederma claims to develop skin products that will significantly decrease the visibility of scars and stretch marks and leave clients’ skin feeling softer and smoother. The Mederma website is full of testimonials from satisfied clients with impressive results but this review is designed to educate potential users about the two main products Mederma sells for skin improvement.

Mederma Scar Gel and Cream

Recommended by doctors and pharmacists, Mederma claims their scar creams and gels dramatically improve the look of scars and have been clinically proven to be successful.

The product is most successful when it is applied as soon as a scar forms and should be rubbed into scars once a day for eight to twelve weeks. The brand encourages users to be patient as change takes time with scarring. Additionally, users that develop flaky or dry skin should apply less of the product. Only a thin layer of the gel or cream needs to be applied for best results.

Scars are susceptible to sun damage and, as such, Mederma has produced a scar cream with SPF to protect scars from further damage. Scars plagued by the sun often inflame or even break which increases the negative appearance.

The product claims to use Allum Cepa, found in onions, for improving the look of scars by enhancing malignant cells. In 1999, a clinical study found dramatic improvements from this ingredient but in 2006, another study was less successful.

According to many Mederma reviews, using this cream to improve the appearance of acne scars shows impressive results. Unfortunately, reviewers hoping to improve deeper scars from cuts or stitches were less enthusiastic. Most of the Mederma reviews claimed that results take at least a few weeks and they saw at least some fading of scars, if not dramatic decrease in the appearance. The most successful users were applying to smaller scars immediately after the scar formed but there were some that saw improvements to older scars, as well.

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

According to Mederma, 76% of mothers in a clinical study saw improvement to the appearance of stretch marks as a result of applying the Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy cream.

This paraben-free cream can be applied during pregnancy starting in the second trimester. It is a topical cream that is safe to use daily throughout pregnancy and after birth to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The cream can be massaged onto skin twice daily. If applying to older stretch marks, expect to use for a longer amount of time for results. Some reviewers indicated they applied daily for 12 weeks before they saw dramatic changes to their stretch marks.

The product improves stretch marks by increasing the moisture and elasticity. A 2010 study saw significant improvement to stretch marks through the use of this product and the Mederma scar cream.

Mederma warns that some users can be sensitive to the cream and all users should consult a doctor if redness or other negative reactions occur.

Mederma guarantees all their products if users are willing to apply the cream daily for at least 12 weeks. Reviewers’ results have been significantly mixed with this product. Some reviewers were thrilled with the improvement and others reported barely any noticeable change. All reviewers indicated a significant amount of usage over several weeks to see improvement. There were many reviewers who indicated they saw significant change in old stretch marks that they’d lived with for years.

The Mederma brand is diligently working to be your trusted name in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks but improvement relies on your commitment to application and, in some cases, your skin condition. Remember to apply as recommended and expect to wait for best results.



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