Microhydrabrasion: Is this the new skin clearing treatment that actually works?

It seems like there is always a new technology, procedure or product claiming to soften and purify skin. From injections to surgeries and creams, there are a myriad of options for cleansing and anti-ageing and with each new option, the costs seem to increase, as well. As a skin-purifying consumer, it’s imperative to know the facts about procedures and products before you try them for your skin improvement. This review is putting the magnifying glass on Microhydrabrasion to better understanding the hype and the results.

What is Microhydrabrasion?

Microhydrabrasion is a procedure that provides resurfacing of facial skin through exfoliation using a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion tool. Clinics’ providing the service claim the diamond is more effective and less harsh than other crystal-based tools. The Microhydrabrasion system uses a system of water and aloe vera to maximise the effect of the treatment. Water cleans and hydrates whilst aloe vera provides contact cooling and instant soothing, making the treatment much less aggressive than Microdermabrasion treatments.

The procedure is expected to clear and cleanse skin while removing the look of discolouration, sunspots, scarring and fine lines or wrinkles.

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Microhydrabrasion Considerations

First of all, it is important to note that not everyone is applicable for this Microhydrabrasion procedure. Candidates with deep scarring or other ailments are not recommended for this procedure as it can cause further damage, so for cases such as these it is advisable to look for alternative treatments. The procedure can be done as a one-time visit but most clinics recommend that clients receive the service multiple times in 4-6 week intervals. Most clinics claim the recovery time for this procedure is minimal but reviews indicate that the recovery time is highly variable and not everyone will heal at the same rate.

This procedure resurfaces skin and leaves it more susceptive to difficulty with exposure. If you partake in microhydrabrasion treatments, expect a higher amount of sensitivity and plan to apply an increased amount of sun protection for about a week after the treatment if you want to avoid side effects such as redness and itching.

What are reviewers experiencing with Microhydrabrasion?:

As with any skin treatment service, the results vary depending on the users. The most successful microhydrabrasion users claim their skin was clearer and glowing after the exfoliation procedure. Some reviewers claim to have significant decreases in the signs of ageing or scarring after multiple treatments. Additionally, clients claimed the positive improvements continued after the procedure as they saw a decrease in skin breakouts and improved pores and minimal blackheads in trouble areas.

Unfortunately, some reviewers were less enthusiastic about their results after a microhydrabrasion treatment. Some felt the results were minimal for the price and others felt the price of the irritation caused by the treatment wasn’t worth the improvements. Negative reviewers also experienced several side effects such as redness, dryness and itchiness for a few days after the procedure.

The Alternative: Microdermabrasion

A similar but unique treatment that many reviewers prefer to microhydrabrasion is Microdermabrasion. At Advanced Dermatology we provide a medical grade Microdermabrasion which is ideal peeling and stimulating treatment to improve texture (scarring) and luminosity of the skin, reducing fine lines and pigmentation caused by sun damage, also assists in stimulation of cellular renewal. Results are visible after just one treatment.

Both microdermabrasion and microhydrabrasion are non-invasive procedures with limited recovery time and passionate fans with incredible results in improving skin condition.

Micordermabrasion has been around longer than microhydrabrasion and continues to garner attention from reviewers because the reliably beautiful and transformative improvement to skin this procedure develops. Additionally, reviewers claim that the results from microdermabrasion continue to improve over time and their skin sees less sensitivity after multiple procedures. Another thing worth noticing is that reviewers with acne issues and deep acne scarring are significant fans of this procedure and claim incredible results.

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