Marionette Lines

What are Marionette Lines?

Marionette lines are lines that run down from the corners of the mouth that often make an individual look unhappy or mad. They are called marionette lines as they resemble the lines that run on the face of a marionette. They are often a sign of natural ageing in the skin and are quite common. Symptoms of marionette lines include not only the long lines running downward from the corners of the mouth, but dry skin that can be dull looking and a loss of skin elasticity and firmness.

What are the causes of Marionette lines?

Factors that help form marionette lines include those that have the habit of pursing the lips together. Doing this motion can help to contribute to wrinkles that have formed around the mouth. Other causes include the skin losing moisture due to the natural ageing process, which happens when the skin loses the firmness and elasticity that it once had. Smoking and excessive sun exposure can also cause marionette lines. Genetics can play a part in an individual having marionette lines. Stress and anxiety have been known to make marionette lines more pronounced.

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How can Marionette lines be treated?

There are a number of treatments that can be used to treat marionette lines. These include:

  • ReFirme NXT® – This anti-ageing treatment is a fast treatment that will help with wrinkled skin. It is virtually pain free. This procedure helps give the individual rejuvenated skin with a youthful glow. It does not require any downtime for the patient. This FDA approved treatment is safe and effective for any skin type and works beautifully on sensitive skin. ReFirme NXT uses elos technology, which will heat the skin tissue to shrink collagen fibers that have aged while stimulating new collagen to be formed. After just one treatment, the skin will be smoother and more supple with a radiant glow.
  • The Sixty Minute Facelift – This FDA approved skin treatment is a non-surgical treatment that will tighten and renew collagen in all three layers of the skin (the dermis, the epidermis, and the subcutaneous layer) . It has long lasting effects without involving any needles. This procedure works on all skin types and colours, and requires no anesthetics. After the first treatment, skin will be not only tighter and smoother, but will be more elastic as well. After a series of treatments, results will continue to form for 6 months.
  • Injectable dermal fillers – Injectable dermal fillers add volume around the marionette lines, which essentially make the marionette lines disappear. An individual’s skin specialist will be able to suggest the best type of dermal filler to be used, as there are many on the market. The dermal filler will be injected around the marionette lines, which will create a fleshing out effect of the wrinkles. Injectable dermal fillers will last for several months, and the individual may choose to have repeated injections. Allergy testing may be required for certain types of fillers used.

The best treatment for marionette lines will vary from individual to individual. It is best to consult a skin specialist so he or she can examine the marionette lines to determine which treatment will be most effective.

How can Marionette lines be prevented?

Use a high quality sunscreen daily. The most effective sunscreens will be the ones that are labeled as broad spectrum, as they offer both UVA and UVB ray protection. Limit exposure in the sun, avoiding the sun’s rays from 10 am to 4 pm. Wear sun glasses with a broad rimmed hat if being out in the sun is must during the peak hours.

8 replies
  1. alex
    alex says:

    Ladies you really can treat marionette lines. I had them and felt the worst that I have ever felt. But I did the 60 minute facelift and was amazed by it. It took about an hour to do and I have never looked better. My dermatologist offered several sessions to me, which I did. My skin looked great! By the 3rd session, I was amazed at the effects. Even after the first session, my skin looked so much better. I am glad that I did it and I think that you will be as well.

  2. Jane
    Jane says:

    These marionette lines on my face make me so sad. I hate that I am getting older, but they make me look hideous. I resolve to do something about them now after reading this article. I will be headed to my dermatologist next week to see what solutions he has to offer me. I do hope that they offer the Refirme NXT. This sounds wonderful to me. I want something that is not going to hurt and will be beneficial to my skin. I hope to come back on here in a few weeks or months and let everyone know of the treatment that we collectively decided on, as well as what the results were.

  3. paige l
    paige l says:

    I had marionette lines form a few years ago. They drove me crazy so I took the plunge and have my dermatologist fix them. We decided that the Sixty Minute facelift was my best option since it treated all three layers of the skin. The process was relatively smooth and I am very happy with the effects. I still look great. It literally took years off my face. I actually quite enjoyed the process. It was relaxing to me. I would recommend it to anyone that wanted to correct issues with the face, such as the marionette lines. It is well worth the money and time and you will be amazed at the results that it gives.

  4. Nicola S.
    Nicola S. says:

    Interesting! I am planning in having the ReFirme NXT done. I love the fact that it is pain free. I am not easily able to tolerate pain. So this procedure would work excellent for me. Does anyone know how many of these treatments you have to have done to see results? And what the cost would be to get rid of marionette lines?

  5. Abbie gail
    Abbie gail says:

    I have had marionette lines and hated them as well. I was embarrassed because I always looked mad. I finally decided to do something about it and my dermatologist recommended that I have dermal fillers injected into the skin. I am impressed with them. I did not have to have any allergy testing done, but I do believe that this was because the product that was used did not contain bovine (cow). Anyways, the injections were the best thing that I had done. My dermatologist really explained the steps and how the injectable dermal fillers were going to work. I immediately noticed the results. I could not be happier and now I do not look so mad. I will be having a maintenance filler done soon just to keep up the appearance but I feel and look great.

  6. caitlin
    caitlin says:

    Excellent article on Marionette lines. I have them forming and must say that I am not a huge fan of them. They do not make me look happy, which I guess is because I am not. I hate the thought of having anything invasive done to me, but these three treatments listed above sound really good. I like that there is not any downtime with them, which is extremely important to me. I have a busy life and do not want to take out time to have my skin heal. I believe I will make an appointment with my dermatologist to see which treatment would be most effective to my skin.

  7. Anne Eharoshe
    Anne Eharoshe says:

    I have Marionette lines and I believe the only way to correct them is with fillers or surgery. The fillers have been working really well for me. I’m 39 years old and when the time comes that fillers no longer work, I will have a permanent correction done.


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