Leg Veins

Leg Veins: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment with Advanced Dermatology

Leg veins can develop many issues, some of which can be serious to the health. Others pose a threat to the individual because they are not that attractive to look at. Many times leg veins are caused due to heredity, obesity, occupations in which standing is expected much of the time (think nursing, hairdressers), pregnancy, menopause, puberty and other hormonal influences, birth control pill usage, a history of blood clots, tumors in the abdomen, and other factors that cause pressure in the abdomen. Exposure to ultraviolet rays, previous vein surgeries, and trauma or injury to the skin have also been noted to cause leg veins. Lack of movement can also cause issues with leg veins, as can increasing age. As an individual ages, the leg veins may weaken, thus not working as well.

What are some of the issues that leg veins may possess? How many risks are associated with leg veins?

Varicose veins and spider veins are often seen in the legs. Leg veins of this nature are most commonly seen in woman. It is estimated that 30 to 60% of adults will have either type of leg veins. Fifty to fifty five percent of woman will see some type of leg veins problem in their life, while forty to forty five percent of men will have issues with leg veins.

What are the symptoms of leg veins?

Many times, those that suffer with leg veins will say that they hurt. Many have reported that they feel aching and cramps in the legs. The legs may feel restless, tingle, or throb. A heavy feeling may also be felt in the legs. At times, the leg veins may feel like they are burning. Often times, the leg veins will stop hurting if the legs have been elevated or if support hose are worn. Many times woman will notice that during the menstrual cycle, these symptoms for leg veins are much worse. Some individuals may see blood clots that have inflammation in them if they have problems with their leg veins. Other less common symptoms of leg veins include darkening of the skin, particularly in the ankle region, ulcers and swelling.

How can leg veins be treated?

Leg veins may be treated using Syneron LV applicator. Leg veins that are smaller in size may be treated using the Syneron LV applicator. This applicator will treat leg veins that are up to 4mm in size. Syneron LV applicator uses a combination of light energies with radio frequencies (RF).

Good candidates for treating leg veins with this procedure include those that are not a fan of needles, those that do not want an invasive procedure, and those that have adverse effects to Sclerotherapy. This procedure for leg veins is well tolerated by many individuals, as there can be a cooling gel or a topical anesthetic cream that can be used to numb any pain. The hand held device also has a cooling device that is built in to ensure that side effects are not seen.

There are generally no side effects seen when using Syneron LV applicator for leg veins. Rarely, crusting, pigment changes, or blistering can be seen. However, there is not any permanent damage done to the skin and these issues will be resolved in a very short time.

How many treatments will be needed to treat leg veins with Syneron LV applicator?

Typically, leg veins can be treated in one to three sessions using Syneron LV applicator. However, sometimes leg veins are more difficult and could possibly require more treatments. Typically, treatments are spaced out every six to eight weeks. Once treated, the leg veins will fade. Treatments can be continued until the individual is satisfied with the end results.


4 replies
  1. jasmine l.
    jasmine l. says:

    My grandmother and mother have really bad leg veins. I worry that I will get them as well. Plus, I am standing on my feet for hours at a time, as I am a teacher. I do not want to get the ugly leg veins. This has always bothered me. I know that beauty is only skin deep and no matter what, I will always be the person that I am right now. But, I like to wear dresses for my job, and I would feel that I would not be able to if I had the ugly leg veins that are prevalent in my family. I could always cover them up with tights but in the summer and spring, I like to just wear panty hose. I am glad that I have an option to fall back on if I would happen to see the leg veins starting to take over my legs.

  2. Alice from neverland
    Alice from neverland says:

    I suffer from really bad leg veins. I have severe issues with them. I have limited mobility and so that is most likely why my leg veins bother me like they do. I often feel like my legs are heavy and restless and I find that at night when I am laying in bed, they feel the worst. I always have aching in my legs as I sit for long periods of the day. I would like to have the leg veins fixed, so I feel better so I can start moving again. It is sort of a double knife for me. I need to have the leg veins fixed to start feeling better but also need to get moving to have the pain stop. I am going to look into the Syneron LV applicator. This process seems relatively easy, and I like the fact that there is no surgery involved. I would like to ask if there is any downtime associated with this treatment. Not that it matters for me since I have limited mobility right now, but I thought that others who are mobile might want to know.

  3. chel
    chel says:

    Ladies and even men, if you suffer from leg veins that are unsightly and you can not stand them, then I urge you to use the treatment listed above. I had it done and I am very satisfied with the results! I had four sessions done. The pain….not painful at all! I had a numbing cream applied and I feel that it greatly helped. My leg veins are not noticeable to me anymore. I look and feel better and even am more confident that I have started to wear shorts in the summer when before I only limited myself to capris. It feels pretty good to say that my legs look better and I am sure that a treatment or two would help someone who has ugly leg veins.

  4. Courtney
    Courtney says:

    My legs have never been my favorite part of my body but with the ugly leg veins that I have, they just make my legs look worse. I have been wanting to do some sort of leg treatment for a while now, so I am glad that I found this article. I like the sounds of the Syneron LV applicator. It sounds like my leg veins could be treated in a few sessions. I have never liked going through extreme measures, so this treatment would be essential for me. I am definitely going to look into it!


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