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Guide to Lip Injections Sydney

As one ages, lips have the tendency to lose the natural fullness and plumpness they might have once had. Lip injections Sydney can help to relieve the thinning from lips, giving them a fullness and vitality. As many woman age, they will see drooping in the corners of the lips, with the upper lip elongating and the lower lip drooping. Lip injections Sydney can help to make the lips fuller, which many ageing woman find helpful in creating a youthful appearance. For those individuals that have always had thin lips, ageing might mean even thinner lips, due to the decrease in collagen and natural fats, both of which keep the lips plump. For most individuals, lip injections will be needed once every nine to twelve months.

Lip injections are a non-surgical procedure. A small needle, usually 30 to 31 gauge (the same thickness as twelve human hairs) is used to inject a substance into the lips. Other names for lip injections include dermal fillers, lip augmentation, and lip fillers.

Why have lip injections done?

There are many reasons as to why individuals would want to have lip injections in Sydney done. Lip injections can create a “cupid’s bow” (the curve of the lip that is between the nasolabial folds) that is enhanced. Fuller lips that have a poutier appearance can be gained from having a dermal filler done on the lips. Softened vertical upper lip lines can be seen when the lip filler is injected into this area. A stronger vermilion border (the border around the lips that is slightly darker around the edge of the lips) could also be seen with lip injections.

There are many benefits that lip injections have. A more defined smile can be seen. An enhanced pout will be seen. The individual can have the corners of the mouth turned up to create a happier expression.  Having lip injections can create a younger looking individual. They may also help prevent lipstick bleeding.

How do lip injections work?

Lip injections Sydney work by being injected into the lips, just below the skin with a very fine needle, to add volume to the lips. The procedure will be performed with the same tools that are used for filling in wrinkles on the face. The procedure can be done at a cosmetic clinic and should be performed by a registered medical practitioner. At Advanced Dermatology our lip injections procedures are performed ONLY by practitioners and it can be done in a short amount of time.  Little or no down time will be needed. A biocompatible substance will be injected into various spots of the lips, determined by the cosmetic practitioner to achieve the desired lip shape.

An individual will first speak to their cosmetic practitioner to discuss medical history and background. The individual will discuss how they would like the lips to look, and the cosmetic practitioner will create a plan to create the look that is desired. At the lip injection appointment, the lips will have either a cream applied or an injection to numb the area.  As this is working on numbing the area, the lips will be mapped out to how they are to be treated. Lip injections will then be given, and afterward cold compresses will be applied. There may be some pain associated with dermal lip fillers, as the lips have many nerve endings, but with the use of local anesthesia, the pain is greatly diminished.

Lip Injections Side Effects

There are some minor risks associated with lip injections. There might be some bruising and swelling with redness at the injection site. The bruising can last anywhere from two to ten days. It is important to choose a cosmetic practitioner that is skilled in performing lip injections. Those that opt for a non-skilled cosmetic practitioner to perform lip injections may see lumps in the lips, uneven lips or disproportioned lips. Infection could also set in. Stiffening of the lip, scarring and ulceration could be a result of utilising a non-skilled doctor to perform a lip injection. Those who suffer from cold sores, severe hypertension or a facial nerve disorder will want to discuss with their skin practitioner if lip injections are right for them. Those with lupus, diabetes, blood clotting problems or an infection like oral herpes are not good candidates for lip fillers. If you are interested in lip injections in Sydney, you can get in touch with one of our skin practitioners by filling the form below or by calling us on 1300 788 800.

The Cost of Lip Injections Sydney

The cost of lip injections will vary based on who is doing the injection (the experience of the cosmetic practitioner), the type of dermal filler used, and where the individual chooses to have the procedure done.  Usually only one to two syringes of the material injected will be needed. The cost could be anywhere from $600 to $2,000. Most insurance plans will not cover the cost of lip injections.

Types of Lip Injections Sydney

There are many different kind of lip injections. Some of which include:

  • Collagen- Collagen was once the most used dermal filler. It comes in two forms, human based and bovine based (cow). The human collagen can come from the individual’s body or from a deceased  human donor. There is a 3% chance of allergic reaction to bovine based collagen and will require an allergy test be done prior to the injection. Collagen injections usually last anywhere from two and a half months to four months.
  • Calcium hydroxylapatile- This is the heaviest of any of the dermal fillers. No skin testing is required as it is biosynthetically produced (no animal products are used). The side effects of this dermal filler are minimal, and it produces very natural results. This dermal filler will also not migrate.
  • Fat injections- The body’s own fat will be used to inject into the lips. Fat will be removed from the patient’s own body, usually on the thigh or abdomen. Rejection or allergic reactions rarely occur with fat injections.
  • For information on what type of fillers Advanced Dermatology uses we recommend contacting us.

Lip Injections Before and After

Are there any pre-procedure instructions to follow for lip injections?

Before undergoing lip injections, always follow the instructions given by the cosmetic practitioner. Instructions for those that are having a fat transfer might include stopping taking certain medications, herbs, and vitamins a few weeks prior to the procedure. The individual may need to plan on having a ride home if pain medication that could impair driving will be needed.

What can one expect after a lip injection?

After the lips have been injected with a filler, one can expect to see results in about a week. The lips will appear to be swollen after the injection, and the new shape of the lips will be seen in about seven days. For twenty four hours after the procedure is done, it is best to avoid all strenuous exercise and alcohol. For two weeks after the procedure, limit amount of time out in the sun, and avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures. Exposure to the sun and extreme hot and cold can cause swelling, redness and itching at the injection site.

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  1. Shandra
    Shandra says:

    I am very interested in doing lip injections. I have been doing my research online and am glad that I found this article. I want to enhance my lips as I am starting to age, and I feel that my lips were once the best asset on my face. I have yet to meet with my dermatologist about it, but do feel that a collagen injection would be nice to have. I do not want to do any extra testing if I do not have to. I would rather just have the injection given to me and not have to wait to see if I am allergic to the product or not.

  2. Kissable Lips
    Kissable Lips says:

    I am wanting to have my lips injected. I have for some time. I see there is no downtime for this. I wonder would I be able to have an injection in my lips on my lunch hour? Would this allow me enough time to get the procedure done? Then will I be able to return to work? I work in an office, usually doing computer work and answering phone calls. I do not have much contact with people other than those that I work with. Would I be able to return to work the day of the procedure? I just want to have either a collagen injection or some other injection. Nothing that needs to be harvested from my own body. I would also like to know if there are issues with my lips, such as being too full or lumpy, if there is a way to fix this?

  3. Lorely
    Lorely says:

    I have had a lip injection before and loved the results. I used the calcium hydroxylatptite injections. My dermatologist told me this is a very safe injection and so that was partly the reason I went with it. The calcium hydroxylaptite contains small particles. These particles will then act like a scaffold, in which your own collagen will grow on it. The particles will eventually dissolve into calcium and phosphate ions during a normal metabolic process. I do recommend this lip injection. I was able to see results in about a week, and so far I have not had to have another injection. Granted I had my first injection about 8 months ago.


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