What is Bellaplex and how does it work?

Bellaplex is a non-prescription moisturiser that was designed to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles while promoting new collagen production to create skin that is radiant and younger looking. It has been dubbed as “The Fountain of Youth” and can be used by both men and women. The ingredients will quickly deliver moisture to the skin, which will increase skin hydration while also softening the wrinkles, crow’s feet, and facial lines. Bellaplex has been proven to scientifically reduce wrinkle reduction in forehead lines, frown and brow lines, under eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, and cheek wrinkles while adding extra moisture to the mouth and lip lines, chin creases and neck.

What are the ingredients in Bellaplex?

Bellaplex contains four substances that deliver real results. While many products on the market today may only contain one or two of these ingredients, Bellaplex incorporates all four into the facial cream. These four substances are:

  • Matrixyl 3000- This ingredient will help to promote collagen in the skin. This is the key ingredient in Bellaplex, as it will help with decreasing the appearance of wrinkle density by 33%, the depth of appearance of the wrinkles by 20%, and the appearance of volume of the wrinkles by 23%.
  • Real collagen- Collagen helps to keep the skin young in appearance, soft and fresh. This is what gives skin the firmness. Collagen is a protein that is found in the body that is the most abundant. This substance is what holds the entire body together. As our skin ages, collagen levels in the skin drop, which increases the appearance of wrinkles. The skin will begin to loose the elasticity that was once there, and the skin will begin to sag, creating wrinkles. When new collagen is added to the skin, the ageing process is slowed down. The body creates collagen until about the age of 40, at which time the production begins to decline.
  • Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide -3) – This powerful combination of amino acids helps to relax facial muscles. This ingredient will help to reduce the existing wrinkles, as well as stopping future development of wrinkles. Wrinkle reduction will be seen within just 4 weeks of use.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- Hyaluronic acid (HA) helps to hydrate the skin from within by helping the skin retain more water then any other substance. HA will also help to soften the appearance of existing wrinkles while increasing the smoothness of the skin.

The benefits of using Bellaplex?

Bellaplex has many benefits. Those include no surgery, no injections, no chemicals, no blades, no lasers, and no risks. Skin will be enhanced to give a healthy, radiant glow, while deep conditioning the skin to replenish it. Bellaplex provides a cost effective way to treat the skin with no pain or dangerous side effects. This dermatology tested skin cream will hydrate and nourish while helping protect the skin against ageing, and help prevent new wrinkles from forming. It was created using innovative science with extensive research, technology and formulation.

Bellaplex is a serum that should be spread over the face. The face should be cleansed and toned prior to use. It should be used morning and evening. Using your fingertips, the serum should be applied to the face and neck in upward strokes using a gentle touch until all the serum has been absorbed into the skin. The serum will be absorbed by the outer layers of skin all the way down to help the skin’s cells open up. This will allow for oxygen to be absorbed into the skin. Contact with the eyes should be avoided. Bellaplex is completely safe to use if it is used as directed.

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