TriLipo: Does It Work?

TriLipo promises many great things. Fat reduction, cellulite improvement and instant, non-invasive results. For a 20 to 30 minute treatment the before and after results sound too good to be true. Does TriLipo work? If you invest in a TriLipo treatment how quickly will you see results? What is TriLipo?

We Investigate…

What Is Trilipo?

Gone are the days when your only option for fat removal was liposuction. Anaesthetic was needed, a surgical team would be involved and there’d be significant bruising and pain afterwards. It made the decision to better your self-confidence a hard one to make.

After all, a general anaesthetic comes with risk.

TriLipo treatments erase this. No anaesthetic is needed and no surgical team need be present.

Instead TriLipo delivers fat killing energy through your skin, breaking it down to allow your body’s drainage system to whisk it away.

How Does TriLipo Work?

Effective fat removal requires a combination of 3 things. Destruction of fat cells, removal of fat cells and tightening of your skin. It’s easy to forget this third necessity, but obvious once you read it. Without skin tightening, cellulite dimples may still be obvious and skin sagging encouraged. One devil is exchanged for another.

TriLipo treatments tackle all 3 necessities of fat removal.

Radio frequency energy increases your body’s fat metabolism leading to fat destruction.

Dynamic Muscle Activation lifts and lowers layers of skin to stimulate your body’s natural fat drainage system (you may know this as your lymphatic system).

Dermal reaching RF energy immediately tightens existing collagen fibres while accelerating their regeneration for long term skin tightening.

Tick. Tick and tick. TriLipo if delivered in an effective and tailored treatment plan may be exactly the non-invasive fat removal treatment you’ve been waiting for.

Who Would Benefit from a TriLipo Treatment?

Have you lost weight to now find yourself plagued by pockets of belly fat? Did you quickly see dieting results only to be greeted by under-arm/under-bra rolls? Do you eat well and exercise regularly to see no effect on left-over areas of your pre-health kick body?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, TriLipo treatments are your solution.

They’re also exponentially more kind on your post health kick-body. TriLipo offers a fat removal solution with minimal health risk. No anaesthetic. No post-surgery antibiotics. No invasive wounds to heal away.

Does TriLipo Work?

You won’t be waiting long to see TriLipo before and after results because TriLipo fat reduction is visible from the very first treatment. The dual combination of RF technology and Dynamic Muscle Activation ensures both instant and long-lasting results.

The one difference between traditional liposuction and non-invasive TriLipo is in your treatment plan. Where liposuction hits hard in one surgery, TriLipo is gentler and requires a treatment plan of on average 6 appointments. Gradual and building results which work with your body to ensure an effective outcome.

Want to learn more about TriLipo treatments? Interested to understand how many would be needed for your left-over, stubborn areas of body fat? Contact our team of friendly clinicians today on 1300 199 916 to discuss.


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