Fat Cavitation

Fat Cavitation – How to Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

Are you one of those people who only need to look at chocolate cake to pile on the kilos? Truth is until you reduce the number of fat cells you have, your body will be pre-dispositioned to hoarding and storing fat. The more fat cells you have the more efficient your body is at storing fat.

Which is your problem area? Your arms? Tummy? Thighs?

Fat cavitation can help. Fat cavitation is an effective treatment aimed at confronting the cause of stubborn body fat ultimately reducing the number of fat cells and therefore making it harder for your body to stockpile chocolate cake calories.

How Does Fat Cavitation Work?

Choose fat cavitation as the solution for your stubborn areas of body fat and you will be benefiting from a non-invasive, sound based therapy. Fat cavitation treatments use a type of sound wave called ultrasonic – a high energy, low frequency sound wave which is mostly un-hearable by humans.

Ultrasound procedures carried out during pregnancy use a very similar technology and in fact fat cavitation procedures look, feel and are performed almost identically.

When fat cells are exposed to ultrasonic energy of the right frequency, they become energised with heat and vibration ultimately absorbing enough energy to cause their destruction. Once fat cells expire your body is able to naturally flush them away using lymphatic drainage.

The Benefits

Fat cavitation treatments are able to not only reduce the number of fat cells your body carries, but also tighten skin in the areas left behind. A vitally important benefit for optimum results. All fat cavitation treatments can;

  • Tighten skin
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Contour
  • Reduce body size i.e. circumference of treated area

How Long Does Fat Cavitation Take to Work?

Fat cavitation treatments begin to work on a biological level from your very first procedure with some results even being visible. Optimum and good results are most commonly seen after 5 to 8 sessions with circumference reduction being showing by your 5thfat cavitation procedure. Up to 12 sessions may be used for best results.

The number of treatments you require will depend on the body part being treated in addition to your age, weight and lifestyle.

Fat Cavitation Side Effects

Opting for a fat cavitation treatment means you benefit from the safety of non-invasive fat removal with no downtime and no associated pain. In fact the only sensations you’re likely to experience are the cool feeling of the gel used to glide the fat cavitation applicator and a slight buzzing in your ears or teeth. Facts which enable all fat cavitation treatments to have minimal to no side effects.

Fat Cavitation Before and After

A tailored treatment plan can lead to significant Fat cavitation results – centimetres of circumference can be lost in a series of fat cavitation treatments, leading to noticeable before and after results.

The benefits of fat cavitation can also be enhanced with a healthy diet and lifestyle in-between treatments. Specifically staying well hydrated and maintaining a consistent exercise plan. Maintaining this approach after treatment will ensure your results are long lasting.

Is Fat Cavitation the Right Treatment For Me?

Fat cavitation is able to be used on all body parts making it a helpful fat removal tool for all body types. If you’ve recently lost weight but find healthy diet and lifestyle is unable to touch stubborn areas of body fat – fat cavitation treatments are right for you. If you want to kick-start your healthy diet and lifestyle with a partnering fat reduction treatment – fat cavitation might be right for you.

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