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Solta Medical is an aesthetics devices company involved in the research, manufacture, and marketing of various laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency machines to get rid of acne, wrinkles, and facilitate permanent hair removal. The company was founded in 1996, and was originally known as Thermage, Inc., the namesake of its first product. Since then, Solta Medical has developed a variety of devices, like Fraxel Restore, a non-ablative laser to treat large surface areas; Thermage NXT, an upgraded version of the first model; and Clear and Brilliant, a laser technology to stimulate collagen production and provide laser skin resurfacing. In addition to developing products, the company has also completed a number of acquisitions with such companies as Aesthera Corporation and Liposonix. Because of an expanding portfolio, the company changed its original name, Thermage, to Solta Medical, to place all brands under one umbrella and prevent consumer confusion.

Clear and Brilliant

One of Solta Medical’s best-known products is the Clear and Brilliant laser. According to the company, this device was created for gentler procedures that could be conducted on a regular basis. This is in contrast to more traditional laser facial procedures that are often followed by several days of swelling and pain at the treatment site. Solta Medical further suggests that treatments with this device are similar to a spa visit, and do not cause significant pain or discomfort during the procedure.

To leverage a more relaxed image for this device, the company positioned the Clear and Brilliant laser as a treatment for younger people, as opposed to a solution for skin tightening or to get rid of wrinkles. This could possibly have been a move by Solta Medical to take some of the stigma away from laser treatments being perceived as a corrective procedure for older individuals, and to differentiate themselves from competitor devices like Lumenis, Candela Laser, and Syneron.

However, although Clear and Brilliant is marketed as a gentler alternative, a significant number of counter indications make it prohibitive for many people. For example, this Solta Medical device is not recommended for those with melasma, scleroderma, or patients who have used retinoid cream within the two preceding weeks. The number of counter indications for the Clear and Brilliant laser is large, so avoid being dishonest with your physician if you choose this procedure, as permanent problems could occur if she doesn’t have your complete medical history.

Solta Medical’s Thermage

Thermage is Solta Medical’s flagship product and was its first push into the aesthetics devices market. Unlike Clear and Brilliant laser, Thermage utilizes radiofrequency waves to heat up collagen in the dermis which helps tighten skin. Collagen fibers are what give skin elasticity, but they tend to deteriorate with age. This Solta Medical device helps stimulate the natural collagen production in the body and slow the aging process. Thermage is most commonly used to treat wrinkles and sagging skin.

Fraxel Laser

The Fraxel laser in another device marketed by Solta Medical and focuses on treatment of the dermis and the epidermis at the same time. This fractional laser works in two different aspects; first, it can resurface top layers of skin to remove adult acne scars and pigmentation issues; second, the laser penetrates deep into the dermis to heat up collagen fibers and stimulate production of this protein.

Solta Medical suggests that this treatment may need to be repeated up to five times to see good results, with several weeks in between treatment. This is because the Fraxel laser causes micro damage in the skin, and you will need time to heal. However, because this Solta Medical laser is strong, it is important to find an experienced physician to perform the procedure in order to avoid potential skin damage.


Isolaz is a treatment designed to get rid of acne by destroying bacteria inside pores and loosening skin for better acne medication absorption. The device works by first suctioning small areas of skin into a small vacuum tip, and then shooting broadband light waves into the pores, eliminating bacteria. This Solta Medical device then loosens pores to help topical acne products penetrate deeper into the skin.

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