Snail Cream

Snail Cream: Benefits, Treatments and Side Effects

Snail cream is a cream that is made from snail extracts. Snails are very well known for their healing properties. Many do not realise that snails never have skin infections or inflammations. European cosmetic companies have marketed snail cream for many years. Ancient Greeks have been known to use the cream years ago. Hippocrates, who was one of the first to advocate that snails are excellent in skin care, documented that crushed snails and milk mixed together was used in 400 BC for redness of the skin. It can leave the skin looking and feeling younger and keep the skin in tip top shape. Using snail extract was found by accident Greeks when those handling snails on snail farms noticed that the hands healed quickly when injured, with no scars.

Part of what makes snail cream so amazing is that there are so many skin elements that are shared by people and snails. The matrix of the skin in humans is almost equal to that of a snail.

What is snail cream?

Snail cream is made by extracting a thick fluid from snails. This thick fluid is released from the snail when it becomes aggravated as a means to protect themselves. The slime helps to protect the snail from rocks, twigs, UV rays, rough surfaces, and any infection. When the slime is produced by the snail, it heals itself at an extremely fast pace. This slimy fluid contains hyaluronic acids, proteoglycans, copper peptides, antimicrobial peptides, and glycoprotein enzymes. The snail extract also contains trace elements of zinc, copper, and iron. The snail extract has regenerative properties, and can help to restore damaged tissues on the skin as well as help replenish moisture in the skin. Snail cream can also help to relieve skin redness and irritated skin.

Why snail cream? What are the benefits of using it?

There are many benefits to using snail cream. Snail cream, or snail slime as it is often referred to, helps the skin produce collagen and elastin. It is thought to increase fibronectin protein production, and help to increase the production of proliferation of fibroblasts. Snail cream can also effectively treat acne, keep the skin clear, reduce pigmentation, treat scarring of the skin, and make wrinkles less noticeable. It can help to brighten the skin, smooth the skin, and help protect the skin from environmental damage.

Snail cream applied to the skin helps promote a natural healing process of the skin. If the skin is damaged due to the sun, snail cream will help to repair the skin so the burn heals faster. Snail cream applied to the skin will help to kill microbes on the skin while emitting antimicrobials. This skin cream will also help develop water holding molecules within the skin. Snail cream can be essential to use when the skin has been traumatized for any reason, as it will help to promote recovery.

Should an individual decide to use snail cream, one must remember that the skin could possibly be allergic to it. It should be applied in small doses, and on a small patch of skin. This will ensure that the individual will be able to see if any allergies are developed with the use of the snail cream. When applying to the skin, the skin should be properly cleansed first to ensure that snail cream can fully be absorbed into the skin.

Snail cream is effective in treating so many different issues an individual may face. Using snail cream will allow the skin to heal faster because the snail cream will make the skin cells regenerate faster.

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  1. thank you
    thank you says:

    All I have to say is that Snail cream is phenomenal. It helped my skin out so much. My face feels softer and smoother, and my acne has taken a backseat finally. I just feel that I finally did something right for my skin. I would have never guessed that snail cream could do wonders for the skin like it did for me, but it did! It is not super expensive and a jar goes a long ways. I would even be willing to pay more for snail cream. Just take the challenge to use it for a few months and you will see that it can transform the face. If snails never have any infections or inflammations, that should tell you something right there.

  2. help?
    help? says:

    I have always faced the battle with acne. No matter what I try, nothing really helps me. I have used face washes, toners, mask. Natural remedies. Extra vitamins and minerals. But nothing has helped. I would love to try snail cream for my acne. My face is always red too. I long for the day to have clear skin. Can I get snail cream at my dermatologist office? Or is it better to order it from a particular place? And will snail cream make my skin oily since it is known to moisturize the skin?

  3. beatrice
    beatrice says:

    Snail cream is an amazing product. I have been using it for about a year now after my friend showed up at my house looking amazing last summer. I asked her what she used, and she was honest with me and said that snail cream was giving her remarkable results. At first I was very skeptical. How could a cream really make the skin look younger, with less wrinkles and less redness. And to have a face that still has a good deal of collagen production going on. Well I bit the bullet and ordered the snail cream and have been using it faithfully for the past year. It works and it works well. Try it and give it a month or so to kick in. You will see that you can have remarkable results!

  4. interesting!
    interesting! says:

    Very interesting article. I have never heard of snail cream before. But it sounds like it can be a miracle cream. I am interested in trying it out. I believe that my skin can look the best it can with this snail cream. And if Hippocrates used it and believed in it, then that makes me feel better. I like using skin remedies that are tried and true. I will be sure to look for a snail cream soon. How long do most people use it before seeing results? It says that snail cream works fast, but how fast will it work on most skin?

  5. works great!!
    works great!! says:

    I have used snail cream and it is amazing. I have used it on stretch marks and it works like a charm. I have tried many different remedies for my stretch marks, and nothing works. But this, this snail cream is like a miracle in a jar. I highly recommend it. It sounds like an odd solution, but it truly works.

  6. Haley
    Haley says:

    As weird as it sounds, I love snail cream. I read a while back that Katie Holmes used it, and she looks fantastic. I wanted skin that is not going to show my age. I have a few wrinkles showing, but I think that since I have started using snail cream, the wrinkles have greatly reduced. I am excited to see what next year will bring as I continue to use this great and wonderful product.


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