Retinol Cream

What is Retinol?

Retinol cream is a form of vitamin A. It helps to improve skin that is aging by reducing the fine lines and wrinkles that can set in as one ages.Vitamin A has the power to do so much for the skin. It can unclog pores, boosts the collagen so fewer lines and wrinkles are seen, and even speed up the cell turnover so the skin is smoothed and evened out.

The truth about Retinol Creams:

Retinol cream can be used at home on a daily basis to deliver softer, clearer skin. Within 10 to 12 weeks of using a retinol cream, results can usually be seen, however in some cases, it does take longer. Many are leery of using retinol cream from the myths that they have heard. Retinol cream is often said to make the skin sun sensitive. However, it is the ingredient in the cream that is sensitive to the sun. Applying the cream at night is the best way to use retinol cream.

Another huge myth about retinol cream is that one should apply it to dry skin. However, there is no research stating that if you apply it to damp skin, it will lose its effectiveness. Or that it will exacerbate sensitivity.

A third myth that we will discuss about retinol cream is that they exfoliate the skin. Retinol cream will not make the dead skin cells vanish. The retinol cream will however work at smoothing the skin, balancing out pigmentation and enhance collagen production.

How does it work?

When applying retinol cream, one should work gradually up the recommended amount. This could be using only twice a week for the first week and then building up on that until the retinol cream is being used daily.

What are the Retinol side effects?

Retinol creams can produce dry skin, redness and flaking. To prevent dryness, use only a pea sized amount for the entire face. After the retinol cream has sank into the skin for a few minutes, a good moisturiser can be applied to help with the dryness. Other side effects include swelling, peeling, blistering or crusting of the skin. To help minimise all these risks, one should avoid the sun ,wear sunscreen daily, and use only the recommended amount on the skin. Do note that increasing the usage will only up the side effects, and it will have no impact on the effectiveness of the product.

There are some don’ts when thinking of using a retinol cream. Never use retinol creams with anything that contains benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids. Not only will this dry out the skin tremendously, but it will also impact the effectiveness of the retinol cream. Do note that if you become pregnant, or are breast feeding, you will need to discontinue use of retinol cream. Using a sunscreen is a must for those that are using retinol cream. And when applying retinol cream, at all costs avoid the eye area, as using retinol cream on this skin will thin it.

What are the benefits of using Retinol creams?

Retinol creams do an excellent job at treating signs of visible ageing. Age spots can be diminished significantly using a retinol cream. Acne can be treated. Retinol cream can undo sun damage done to the skin. It also works as an antioxidant, and prevents free radicals. Retinol creams work well for those with psoriasis. The cream will help to slow the growth of the skin cells. Usually retinol creams work in conjunction with a steroid treatment.

The good news about retinol creams is that most people are able to handle them on the skin. Only a very small percentage of people cannot tolerate them. It is available over the counter, so anyone can have access to it.  There are also prescription retinol creams, for those that have extreme needs.  However, it is best to start with an over the counter cream to see if you skin can handle it.

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  1. Maya
    Maya says:

    I can understand why those that are breastfeeding should not use retinol creams as they could possibly get into the milk. Why are pregnant woman not suppose to use retinol creams? What damage could be done to the baby if it is used during this time? (I would not take it if I were pregnant if I was told not to, but am interested in knowing what would happen if one did).

  2. Catie
    Catie says:

    Very nice article here. I have been toying with the idea of using a retinol cream, after hearing about retinol side effects and some bad stories about people who have used them, I must admit I was not too keen to test it out but now I’m really swayed now to use one. I think that I will start off with an over the counter one, and see how I like that, is there much of a difference between over the counter one and a prescription retinol cream? I want to smooth out my skin, and reduce my pore size as well. Plus I have a few lines around my mouth that are driving me crazy. I am really hoping that a good retinol cream would help with those. I look forward to trying a cream and knowing that come fall, I could see some impressive results.

  3. Ann
    Ann says:

    I have been using a retinol for a few years now and would never go back to not using the product.
    I use SkinCeuticals retinol refining night cream which has worked great for me. I had severe acne when I was younger and it just stayed with me, getting better, but I have never had a clear face. Well now I do. My face has improved so much since using my retinol cream. If you have acne or acne scarring problems, retinol cream for acne works wonders. Not only that but I have noticed that my face has smaller pores, there is no acne and it just feels soft to the touch. My pores were never clogged by it, and it did a wonderful job at giving me my self confidence back. If you are looking for the best retinol cream, I would suggest going with SkinCeuticals.

  4. Sylvia
    Sylvia says:

    I am a huge fan of retinol creams. I really and truly feel it is a wonder cream. I have been using retinol products for a while and my skin looks and feels fantastic. I only use a small pea sized drop. It does not seem like a lot for the entire face, but trust me, this goes really far. Since I have started using the retinol cream, I have had fewer lines and wrinkles. My face is super soft to the touch and I just look younger or I feel I do anyway. I even got a compliment the other day stating how young I look!


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